X Products Can Cannon Net Launcher and Grappling Hook Prototypes

The folks over at X Products posted a sneak peak on their Facebook page of something they’ve been working on, a Net Launcher attachment for their popular Can Cannon.



They also posted a picture of a grappling hook prototype on their Instagram page a few weeks back that they’re actually planning to release in a few months. Was X Products recently bought out by Wayne Enterprises and tasked to make new gadgets for Batman?

Not the finished product but close to what the production grappling hook should look like for the Can Cannon. Here’s some details, made entirely from billet aluminum. Smallest wall thickness is .25″, Weight (estimated through solid works) 12 oz, arms are spring loaded with pressure activated cam locking system, 4 Hooks, total surface expansion with extended hooks 11″. It will fit beneath the surface of the tube. Trajectory, with M200 blanks: 100 yards without a rope, 40 yard horizontal, and 25 yards vertical with rope attached. We will have more information once we test higher pressure loads and get final results….#batmanwatchout estimated availability: 10-13 weeks


Ray I.

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  • kipy

    Now they need to come up with some kind of rail mounted power winch so my Batman fantasies can finally come true!

    • Giolli Joker

      In one episode of Mythbusters Jamie built a handheld device capable of raising his body weight quite easily… they just need to watch the episode, get the same winch, paint it black, make it rail/keymod/m-lock compatible and call it with whatever name goes well with the attribute “Tactical”.

      • Vitsaus

        You mean paint it flat dark earth. Black is sooooo 2002.

  • brian

    I think the net launcher would be the perfect non-lethal way to bring down those pesky low flying drones trespassing on my airspace 😉

    • Matt Shermer

      Just like the Iranians, why shoot it down when you can make it land and keep it for yourself…I feel like I need to wash my hands after saying that

  • Jack Morris

    Woah, is it April 1st already?

    • M

      Too many websites don’t know the difference between a good joke and a believable (but not funny) lie. This has resulted in the TRUST NOTHING mentality

      • Cymond

        Yup. I hate this day. I’m part of the ‘trust nothing’ group today. Worse, the believable lies mean we have to check the publication date an announcements year-round.

  • Ratcraft

    To the bat cave!

  • Jsim

    this is 100% useless for just about anybody to own but…. I still want one

  • patrickiv

    Would it be possible to make all of these things as a QD muzzle device? Not much sense dedicating a whole upper to it.

  • Southpaw89

    Next article; “Police to Be Issued Net Cannons As Non-Lethal Alternative”

  • mechamaster

    Hopefully they add “potato-launcher adapter” in the future. lol

  • J

    Durn. I was hoping I could finally build a water cooled AR.