Next Gen Home Defense Light

The people who came up with the “New Weapon Lighting System” have gone live. They have a website now.

You can order their light system for your threaded handguard. They come in 4 different sizes: 0.75, 0.925, 0.936, and 1.050.The size is based on your barrel size. They range from $99.99 to $159.99 depending on what size you order and if you want the integrated red laser.

The Weapon Light runs off a 3xAAA battery pack. And the battery housing is mounted on the bottom rail. From the video below it looks like he is using a ladder rail cover as his method of attaching the battery pack.

They address the beam vs flood issue I had mentioned in my earlier article.

At closer ranges, beam style lights only cover small areas, and also give off very minimal ambient light.  Plus, the narrow beam would need to be directly shined in to the subjects face to cause disabling temporary blindness.  Beam style lights can also take the user significantly longer to clear a room.  This is because of the smaller area the light covers at closer ranges.   Instead of a beam, our “End Cap Light System” is a compact flood light for your AR-15!  Turn it on, and see everything in a large room at the speed of light.  This system makes clearing large rooms quick, and easy when seconds count.  When turned on, our light also delivers a retina searing effect that can visually stun the intruder or suspect.

Retina searing does not work well with flood lights because the light is diffused and not concentrated. One of the benefits to a light beam designed with throw. A good light balances throw (beam) and flood. A  hot spot is the tight pattern of light that is considered throw. The light is manipulated by a reflector to constrict the light into a tight grouping so it can be thrown down range. A decent reflector will also create a corona around the hot spot giving the user some amount of flood. Sort of like peripheral vision, the corona will illuminate object outside of the hot spot allowing for situational awareness.

At the end of the video, he says “you would not have a bulky 8 oz flashlight on the side of your weapon” and while that is true it is not entirely accurate. A popular weapon light is the SureFire X300U. With 500 lumens it only weighs 4 oz and puts out a good shaped beam with 500 lumens. However this weapon light system is unique. The price is that of other weapon lights like the Inforce WMLs. You can find a SureFire X300U on sale on occasion around $150. Hopefully we will see some reviews from some people and see how well this weapon lighting system holds up.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • AmericanMan

    Really innovative,

    But with the size/bulk of the battery compartment i dont think it really is any sleeker than more traditionally mounted lights.

    That being said, if technology advances to the point were the batteries can be hidden inside the rail, that would be awesome.

    Could you imagine a laser on the light bar too.

  • jeff k

    lol if i have to mount a big ass battery pack on the rail, why not just mount a light there and save the money? this thing does not solve a problem and thats rule number one in marketing!!

    • Nicholas Chen

      I agree about the bulky backpack but you arent really saving much money. Good weapon lights will cost about the same amount of money.

    • ivn

      1. Eliminate Barrel Shadow
      2. Centralized Weight
      3. Restore balance to rifle.
      4 finally a Light off the rails
      5. Anti-Snag
      Solves enough for me, I’m getting 1…maybe 2.

      • All the Raindrops

        1 – there isn’t a ton of shadow when mounting a regular light at the front of a FF handguard. This Is not much different.
        2 – can mount a regular light to top or bottom
        3 – lights aren’t that heavy. And you still need batt pack for this, so moot point.
        4- and a battery pack as big as a streamlight TLR onto them!
        6- so are other better options.

        So looks like a weird gimmick to me.

        • All the Clouds

          Lol… I looked at their specs. TLR just seems ineffective at close range. I think a wider beam which this has for closer range is not a gimmick. sounds like an advancement in that industry to me. Not to mention they are pushing 850 or more lumens in a 3 and a half ounce package w/ batteries, and its about the same length… sounds like this place has many supporters of this new concept especially since its for a rifle and not a pistol…

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Surefire does a TON of work on their patterns. If you ever use one you’ll notice the defined split between the flood and hotspot. This isn’t an accident. With proper low light use you’ll put that hot spot on eyes and still be able to see hands, or vise versa, you’ll be able to light objects without spilling into mirrors or windows, you have a portion of a beam that gets distance, etc.

    With no reflector on multiple lamps these will just have a mess of a beam. They know this and so the most important aspect of the light (the beam) is never shown. Or they don’t know it, which is worse. This is a goofball product.

    • Chris Kuntz

      you are a goofball closed minded person

  • aka_mythos

    That’s an oversized battery compartment. It’s 3-AAA batteries. This should be a 3 battery long pinky diameter tube tucked inside a hollow lower rail.

    • ivn

      For this much Power? Thw othera use a Reflector, with 1 LED. These guys are pushing 8-10 LEDs. Seems to be very much high powered. Waiting for reviews butthink the company is onto something here.

  • DrewN

    Man, I’ve seen garage builds with pretty much this same design but much better thought out, w/ laser modules and built in rechargeable batteries. The guy who was showing it to me said he still needed to do alot of work on the beam and come up with a way to make it easy to maintain. He was looking at strictly gamer usage though.

  • sianmink

    You’d think, that with 10 LED elements, they could set 6 floods an 4 spots and have the best of both worlds.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Very difficult with how little space there is for the LEDs. There is just not enough room for a proper reflector even if he was able to make TIR lenses like Surefire.

    • ivn

      There is Balance. People Should do research before assuming.

      • All the Raindrops

        How is that balance? Looks like a Keychain light pattern.

        • All the Clouds

          What department of surefire do you work in?

  • s

    Neat idea but I don’t think its ready for market – need more work the beam vs flood. Then there is the GIGANTIC batter pack that simply ‘pops’ on and off. Looks like any hard bump would knock it off. Need a good flood, beam, laser and slimline battery pack.

    Keep trying

    • ivn

      How is this for balance?

    • ivn

      God, people beating a dead horse. Research, use your brains.more than 10%, you may find what you need to make an educated comment.

    • Chris Kuntz

      you keep trying in life, dont be jealous that they have a life changing idea that you didnt

      • All the Raindrops

        Lol is this your design, you takin’ things a little serious here.

        Life altering…. lmao

        • All the Clouds

          Whoever design it is was, it seems pretty cool to me. Maybe we should support a potential new innovation rather than judge it by its cover.

  • zcktomcat

    April fools?

    • ivn

      Is your name April?

  • ivn

    I see some Idiotic commenting in here. Some of which, Obviously don’t know a thing about how technology works, which is what Ii assume would be the cause for so much negativity. A bunch of Haters is what i see. I actually think this is ” Thinking outside of the Box” to say the Least. I’ve done my research, have you? Talking about mess of a beam etc. Is this guy stupid or something? Resources arw there for you to see and use before making an uneducated statement. Tired of the bashing in our gun community, should be ashamed of yourself. But, i think the people have shown that they aren’t backing down and I see the reason Why. Website starts at $99 Shipped/ No Taxes. A bunch of stuff out there on this. You see 1 pictures and now you’re an expert? I like these guys, thinkin outside the box and 1.1k Lumens for under $129 is Rare.
    I give him credit, not a bunch of bullshit.

  • ivn

    X300u – This Light
    500 Lumens. – 850- 1.1K Lumens
    4 Ounces – 3.5 Ounces
    1.5 Hours Run. – 3.5 Hours
    Msrp $300+ – $99-$150’s

    No Brainer to Me !!. For half the Cost
    better Value for the money imho.
    Are people even awake? Or Reading ?