Weatherby Shotgun Recall

weatherby recall

Weatherby Inc. announced a recall of certain SA-08 28 gauge shotguns due to reports of accidental discharges. According to the company, some customers have reported the gun will fire when the bolt closes and chambers a live shot shell. Obviously, this is a problem.

Weatherby states the affected guns are the 28 gauge models with a serial number ranging from AN00001 to AN02802. Weatherby encourages anyone with one of these guns to cease use of it immediately and contact them for repair information.

Contact Weatherby for additional information by clicking here or by calling them at (805) 227-2600.

Richard Johnson

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  • anon

    Anyone know about the new weatherbys? saw one in a shop and it looked and felt pretty good for the price

    • Peter Magnus

      I own a PA-08, it works just fine. The only potential problem is the lack of aftermarked parts if you are into that kind of thing.
      I havnt tried their semi-autos, but their rifles are rebranded Howa, and they have a stellar reputation themselves.