Andrew sent us a photo of his girlfriend;s Beretta Model 20 …

My girlfriend’s Beretta model 20 in .25 acp she got from her grandfather. For the longest time it had no magazine but I happened to find a magazine for it in the drawer of a fellow officers desk. A pill bottle of .25 ammo from the evidence custodian and she ran like a champ. Anemic but still a very pretty gun. They produced these for a few years as a trial prior to producing the model 21 series handguns.

Like Andrew says, these are neat little guns, but I would not put my life in the hands of .25 ACP. Out of a short barreled pistol, and average (ie. not hot) .25 ACP gives about 66 ft lbs of muzzle energy …. a lot less than a standard velocity .22 LR!




  • Jack Morris

    I’ve always thought these were neat little pistols. There’s just something cool and intriguing about the 25acp. It’s ballistics are garbage, but it’s so tiny and intricate for a centerfire cartridge. I’ve always wanted to handload some.

    • Wayneregina

      I had a little tip barrel Beretta in .22 short. A box of ammo weighed more than the gun. I managed to shoot a gopher with it once, from about 10 feet away, and had to walk over and shoot it a second time to put it down. It was a cute little thing but useless for SD if you were more than a couple of feet away

      • hikerguy

        I had a buddy who kept one in .22 short in his tackle box. Often during our forays into the wilderness I would take the gun and make a can dance around just for the fun of it. It was really the only use I could find for the .22 short version. The .25 version was probably more practical, but not much more.

  • Anon

    I have one that I would sell if someone was interested.

  • Greg Thompson

    25 cal Beretta was the original James Bond gun before he switched to the Walther PPK in Dr No

    • Blake

      Not sure .32ACP is “a brick through a plate glass window” but it certainly beats .25…

      • Guest

        Not sure .32ACP is “a brick through a plate glass window” but it certainly beats .25.

  • john

    Carried one for about a year 25 years ago. It served its purpose and made me feel better than carrying pepper spray…but just barely.

  • Mike

    Underpowered? Ever check the penetration of .25acp loads? Most meet the FBI minimum penetration of 12 inches of ballistic gel.

  • mosinman

    I wonder. if.25 could be loaded to become legit SD ammo. hollow point tech has gotten very good these years

    • Giolli Joker

      Based on shootingthebull410 quest to find the best .380 defensive round, I’d go for a similar solution: Lehigh XP bullets – good permanent cavity and more penetration than comparable expanding bullets.
      (They do not offer a .25 ACP load, though)

  • Fruitbat44

    Well if it was good enough for 007 . . .

    Mind you a .25ACP, while it has been described (Col. Cooper?) as, “Being armed with a deadly weapon, but unable to effectively defend oneself,” is still a gun in your hand when a bad guy shows up. At the end of the day nobody wants to get shot. Even with a .25ACP. Especially if as a would be mugger and/or rapist they have the Plan B option of *running away.*

    • Didn’t James Bond precisely switch to a PPK because the teensy .25 ACP nearly got him killed?

      Not even Bond would want to go back to that…

  • Patrick K Martin

    I’ve been toying with the idea of necking down a .32 to hold a .25 bullet, for a bit more power.

    • Martin Frank

      They have that its called .25naa

      • SirOliverHumperdink

        You beat me to it- bravo, Sir.