Bird of Prey Compensator

The Bird of Prey Compensator is quite a different design from normal muzzle devices. Rather than being CNC lathed, this is made with milled out plates. The plates are stacked and provide more surface area for the muzzle blast to interact with.

Bird of prey muzzle


Bird of prey muzzle 2



Mark Miller of the Loadout Room got his hands on one. Here is his article.

Pushing gas up at 60 degrees on the sides and straight down, the Bird of Prey virtually eliminates muzzle rise. Gas hitting the front of the compensator  greatly reduces recoil. The surprising thing is the lack of muzzle blast and concussion. The numerous small ports on the three sides divert the gases and disrupts the blast wave.

The bird of prey comp retails for $124.99 can can be purchased here.

I would like to try this and see how it does on full auto.

Nicholas C

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  • dan citizen

    I’m intrigued. It looks promising, and easy to cobble up in a home workshop.

    • bull

      yeah. loads of washers and a drill press then you could do something similar 🙂

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    I am slightly dubious about the phrase “the Bird of Prey virtually eliminates muzzle rise”, due to the fact that the slots are equally spaced around a triangle meaning that the gasses are spread in all directions rather than just upwards. An idea could be triangular slices that only had slots on two sides that only had slots on two sides (not the bottom) which I think would do a much better job at keeping the muzzle down. You could even mix and match the 3 slotted ones with the 2 slotted ones to tune exactly how much compensation you want.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yeah, the picture doesn’t show it well. But reading the website it said to put the closed side down.

      • Dracon1201

        It’s confusing as hell because in this ad it mentions the gas going in all directions including “straight down” it makes impossible to know where it actually goes.

        • sam

          Hmm, yep. Conflicting info about the bottom holes. Seems like if
          they’re present and equal in, erm, cross section to the top holes (which I tend to believe, based on the video and that pic, at least in some version of the product) the net effect would have no action against muzzle rise. Either way they dropped the ball on explaining the product, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Kyle_D

        “Pushing gas up at 60 degrees on the sides and straight down”

        Says it right there in this article

    • Andrew

      Pretty much all comps/brakes make that claim. (Virtually eliminates…..blahblablah)

    • DIR911911 .

      key advertising word of the day “virtually”

    • Daniel Jaquish

      The slots are actually not equal, the breakdown on the video is not correct.

  • VolkCNC

    My biggest concern would be maintaining bore concentricity. If the animation is accurate, the only thing aligning the wafers is the bolts.

  • Bill

    There isn’t enough Loc-tite in the world………..I can just imagine the coroner’s report reading “along with jacketing and core material consistent with the rounds used in the officer’s duty rifle, several triangular metal plates were found in the decedent’s upper torso and skull.”

    EVERY compensator should be clearly marked for either competition use only, or suitable for duty. There also needs to be a metric developed for measuring obnoxiousness, for lack of a better term, other than “That’s loud.”

    • Cymond

      I’d love to see some metrics developed for muzzle brakes.

      I’m constantly amazed by the market for muzzle brakes and flash hiders. It seems that nearly every other aspect of firearms are widely tested and compared, such as suppressors and ballistics. By comparison, muzzle brakes performance claims are ambiguous that they’re almost mystical.

      The muzzle device market seems to be almost completely devoid of any objective analysis. When comparisons do happen, it’s usually one 2-3 devices. Vuurwapen blog has the most comprehensive comparison I’ve ever seen and it’s still far from complete.

      • Bill

        Excellent points. Not being a competitive shooter, I have to think that their actual effectiveness on semi-auto, small caliber rifles is minuscule at best. A .50 BMG Barrett is another story……and I’ll tolerate muzzle blast in exchange for not having an old hairline fracture in my shoulder aggravated.

    • ThomasD

      Look a the size of those “bolts.” They are better called pins, and given the forces involved – both tension and torsion – the manner in which they are secured is not going to matter. Those little suckers are going to fail.

      • Tothe

        That depends on what they are made from. Not all bolts are created equal. And it is possible the price is affected by the chosen materials and components.

        Or you could be right, and it’s a hazard. But without closer inspection, it’s hard to say.

  • DClan

    Oh look, it’s a super-trapp muffler for your AR…vroom vroom.

  • mig1nc

    Still has a nasty flash. The last plate in the stack should have some flash hider prongs on it.

  • Will P.

    Tig weld them together or something, screws/bolts come loose and even high temp locktite isn’t rated for that. But, they just gave me a great idea for a form 1 suppressor!

    • nova3930

      I was just sitting here considering whether you could make a suppressor mount from one….

    • Abba Dabba Doo

      Need to take any compensator apart to clean ’em, as they get REALLY dirty real quick.

      • Will P.

        Tell me any other compensator you can take apart? Besides with sonic cleaning technology, just pull it off and drop it in for 10mins and ding jobs done.

  • Dave

    It’d kick up a wicked dust signature if firing from prone, methinks.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    That is the tackiest Ad I have ever seen. 125 bucks? Are they insane?

  • spotr

    I originally thought they would have the bottom blocked. It’s hard to see until you look at it frame by frame. In slo-mo, 2/3 gets vented UP at 120 degrees and 1/3 gets drilled straight DOWN. This is probably not a good choice for prone shooting over dirt/sand.

    • gunsandrockets

      Yeah, for prone shooting a brake orientation rotated 180 degrees from the setup demonstrated would probably be superior. But with that kind of porting any orientation is a problem for the prone position.

    • The BoP has 3 slots open on the bottom, 6 on the left, and 7 on the right… FWIW

  • Sam Deeley-Crane

    the name and the design are pretty star trekkkie

    • Nicholas Chen

      I want to know if it can still fire when cloaked? LOL

  • Cymond

    It’s a cool idea, and I’d like to see how it performs.

    However, it’s a stack of metal plates held together by bolts. I’m sure it’s machined very well, but maybe it’s a bit … overbuilt?
    Once the idea spreads, It’s only a matter of time before someone else makes a version that works 90% as well for 1/3 the price.

    • gunsandrockets

      1/3 the price is right. When I first read the description of the construction I thought the primary advantage of such a design would be reduced cost.

  • Fluffy Assaultbunny


  • Geraldo


  • Esh325

    There are hundreds of those “one handed tests” out there. Besides, he got pushed back by the recoil, and this brake is suppose to be so effective.

  • Don Zevchek

    I don’t like the “loose part” design of the individual wafers
    (apparently just bolted on). Certainly if the bolts loosen, you can get
    a type of baffle strike from a bullet, causing havoc and destruction.
    Seems to make a good case for a properly machined one-piece part.

    Also, I wonder how the assembly “aligns” after tightening up again the barrel (so the flat section is always at the bottom)?

    The stuff people come up with… Most AR15 parts just seem designed to sell, not be any good.

  • Dan

    Well at least it looks different than all the other options out there.

  • 1911a145acp

    At Comic Con 2015 they called it the Klingon eye brow shaver……