ALG Defense 6 Second Mount Holster from Off Grid Concepts

ALG Defense debuted their new 6 Second Mount at the 2015 SHOT Show, which actually is available now for $250. If you were planning on picking one up Off Grid Concepts recently released their new ADR MKVI holster for Glocks with the ALG Defense 6 Second mount. They’re available for the Glock 17, 17L and 34 with various weapons light configurations. They retail for $85 at

Introducing the latest offering from OTGHEX: ADR MKVI for Glocks equipped with the ALG DEFENSE 6 Second Mount.

The MKVI Offers the user the flexibility to choose between the ever popular Way Of The Gun Proctor Offset Belt loop mount available in 4 sizes, or the possibility to use the ALS bolt pattern from Safariland.

The WOTG mount offsets the gun in line with the top of your belt line.

The MKVI has an adjustable tension bar to customize fitment, it’s designed with a thicker heavier duty Kydex for durability and an open top design for speed.


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  • West

    Will this fit a Glock 21 SF? If not can somebody recommend one?

  • Nicks87

    I still would like to know what counter terrorism unit requested the ALG 6-second mount. Or is it just a marketing ploy aimed at Mall ninjas and tacti-tools? I have an RMR mounted to a Glock 17 and have exerienced no issues what so ever and the gun rides around in my range bag with only a kydex holster and a lens cover to protect it.

  • SirSarcasm

    $335 or both the mount and holster, I can’t afford not to purchase this!