Tactical Walls Clock and Tissue Box

Tactical Walls showed off two of their latest products. A wall clock and a tissue box.

TW Box


Here is a video by VSO Gun Channel showing how they work. However no word on when they will be available or how much. My only concern is that these products do not have any security at all. The clock does not seem to be that big of an issue as I do not forsee many people touching a big wall clock for any reason. The tissue box though is an item that many people would reach for or pass around to others. Not really an issue if you live a solitary life and do not have people over your house or apartment.

Nicholas C

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  • anon

    Tactical tissues…

    I want off the ride

    • Cal S.

      I’ll see that and raise you a tactical sammich…

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        With some Tactical Bacon!

  • RickH

    Seriously? I can make my own hiding place using a more discreet clock. However, it might not be”tactical” enough.

  • Alan

    I like the tactical camera work too

  • dan citizen

    Sir, your tissue box is unusually heavy, and a pistol fell out of it.

  • dan citizen

    What time is it?
    Tactical Time!

    • Don Ward

      I’ve found that it is important to always have a catch-phrase before reaching for a weapon.

      • Smokey_the_Bear

        Your Time Has Just Ran Out! BOOOOOM!

      • sam

        It’s 40* o’clock.

        *or some other, you know, nominal caliber.

  • kbroughton77

    Still not as covert and cool as the tactical freezer

    • Giolli Joker

      Definitely cooler!

    • billyoblivion

      You do know that one thing most thieves do is check the fridge and help themselves, right?

      Lock that thing up.

      • kbroughton77

        Not mine. I agree keeping your long guns unlocked in your garage/shop is a bad idea

  • Jackybadman

    Its not even april the first yet. Oh well, the tissue bibox will be just the thing for mall ninjas to keep next to their Mac, for the next overexciting moment when someone releases a 6.8×37 “solution” with accompanying astonishing ballistics chart. Spurt. Glock. Spurt. Glock. Bliss.

  • Cymond

    The wall clock is *huge* and very recognizable to anyone who’s watched this video. However, it’s still more discreet that openly mounting a handgun to the wall. Yes, visitors may touch the tissue box, but the big & heavy appearance might discourage people from picking it up. Maybe.

    The clock is a little tempting for me. My bedroom arrangement doesn’t have many good places for a pistol.

    • kipy

      Oh this is a robbery? Can you hold on a moment as I set my clocks forward for daylight savings time….

  • USMC03Vet

    This is a joke. Right?

  • vanaheym

    Guys, are you really ready to order that another tacticool $hit?

  • Don Ward

    The question I guess is whether I can make one out of an old pallet that I’ve found…

  • For God’s sake.

  • sam

    So, how big is the space inside those wooden box urns for ashes of deceased people?…

  • Grindstone50k

    One of the problems I have with it is that OPSEC is blown. Anybody can see the design of the clock and associate it with the hidden gun feature.

  • jeff k

    what happens when someone uses the last tissue and throws your glock away? lol