Slow Mo: Russian PSM Pistol

There is something strangely beautiful about ultra high-speed videos of firearms. In this video Larry Vickers shoots a Russian PSM (Pistolet Samozaryadny Malogabaritny) while being filmed by a high speed camera. It is well worth watching.

Steve Johnson

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  • vanaheym

    This pistol have enough power to shoot yourself just in the head.

  • Jack Morris

    Cool little pistol! There’s just something so interesting about little bottleneck pistol cartridges, even if this one in particular leaves a lot to be desired in the power factor.

  • Lance

    Its such a cute pistol based on the Makarov. Seems the PPM was based on the Walther PP and this is based on the PPK. Cool pistol too bad ATF wont let us import them.

    • It would be a disservice to call both “based on” PP/PPK. They have a lot of original engineering solutions, and are connected to Walther PP only in barrel/return spring configuration + takedown trigger guard. PM is very economical in its engineering, if you compare it to the Walther.

      But more to the point, PSM is a highly specialized design, not directly connected to PM (e.g. Popenker’s site says its competitor WAS a scaled-down Makarov, but PSM wasn’t). And it’s still one of the thinnest pistols around (about 17 mm wide). Not that it’s very useful.

  • sam

    Strangely beautiful, yes… except for glocks. Slowed video of them cycling looks like a floppy train wreck.

  • I like how in normal speed, it sounds like the weakest pistol ever made, but in slow-mo, it sounds like the most mechanically STRONG gun ever conceived by man.