Huntertown Arms Dolos QD Rail

Huntertown Arms is the maker of the Dolos. The Dolos is a quick detach barrel device. We posted an article about the Dolos here.

Well Huntertown Arms showed off their new Dolos at the Big 3 East. They had modified their Dolos with a locking mechanism and a quad rail. No word on release date or the price. But as soon as we find out we will let you know.

Nicholas C

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  • M

    Cool, one of the first things i thought was that it needed a way to lock it in place

  • RealitiCzech

    Finally! Its prior incarnation wasn’t terrible, but just didn’t answer my purposes.
    I might actually get another AR now. I like the idea of being able to assemble an upper without a vise, and a quad rail is mandatory for my project.

  • Stephen

    Make it a keymod and then I’ll be interested. Quad rails are so inefficient.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yeah there was talk from VSO Gun Channel, if they could adapt this new style to skinnier handguards like the Geissele rail. The rep didnt seem to optimistic about it.

  • So now it has a Free Float Rail that’s not Free Floated o.O
    So to change caliber or barrels you need another hanguard, right?
    I guess it’s the tradeoff for this kind of QD.

    • Nicholas Chen

      You know, I’m not entirely sure. When I had the barrel removed, I could not figure out why the whole thing just didn’t slide out of the free float.

  • noob

    Hmm. Could you use a Dolos quick change barrel system or something similar with a piston operating system?

    One of the criticisms of the M27 IAR the USMC uses is that the fixed barrel will heat up when it is being used in its intended role of point suppression.

    Granted the accuracy of the IAR will require fewer rounds per minute to be fired in sustained fire than suppressing with the M249, and the M249 may even be present in the same fireteam for area suppression while the IAR is used to suppress specific targets, But the A in the IAR name means that some automatic fire is expected from the weapon.

    With a quick change barrel (or even a spare upper!) you could preserve the life of the IAR barrel by swapping it out before it gets too hot.

    • mechamaster

      IMO, maybe some M27 alternative like Ares Shrike with capability to quick-change barrel is more appropriate than carrying spare barrel + quad-rail.

      Well, I remember Tim from MAC reviewed 1st gen Dolos and it’s easy to getting heat build-up and he tell us it’s not designed for prolonged shooting session.

      and for gas piston-support for Dolos, maybe we should ask the representative to get more precise information.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Does it also explode apart for easy cleaning?

    • mechamaster

      maybe It’s more easy to clear the squib-load. lol.

  • CommonCents

    I just don’t see how the cost of production and the proprietary elements of such a system could beat spending less than $100 for an extra upper receiver and building another upper. It’s only two pins people.

    • noob

      maybe people are annoyed by having to detach and reattach all their accessories?

  • Rudy

    Plus, you have to take into account that its coming from THE. WORST. FIREARMS. MANUFACTURER. EVER. Huntertown Arms is just absolutely horrible when it comes to customer service. Won’t answer the phone, won’t take emails. If you order ANYTHING off their site and pay for it online, you. will. never. receive. it.