3D Printed AR-10 Lower Receiver

Remember the 3D printed SIG P250 frame we posted recently from PrintedFirearm? They have another project they posted recently that’s also pretty interesting, an AR-10 (CM901/LE901) lower receiver. They even test fired it.


Just like with their SIG P250 frame their AR-10 lower receiver was printed on a XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer, a pretty affordable printer that sells for $499 on Amazon.

This is the FIRST EVER 3d Printed AR-10 (CM901/LE901) lower receiver by JT! OH YES WE DID!!!!!!! Yes people its pure awesome sauce and it has been tested, fired with little to no issues. JT and the gang continue to perfect this design and you are CRAZY not to expect MOAR AR-10 from Fosscad on the reg. #MOARGUNS!

If you have been following my blog you already know that JT uses the same da vinci 1.0 printer as I have and was able to create this awesome lower.





Ray I.

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  • Hokum

    That looks horrible! I mean look at all those shells all over the place! )

  • jeff k

    +1 for ghost guns

    • T. Royce

      *assault rifle ghost guns with the shoulder thing that goes up.

      • Alucard

        Don’t forget your 30 magazine clips.

  • Christopher Armour

    Bring on the MarkForged version!!!!

    EDIT: Holy crap, the printer that made this is only $500! Home manufacturing is getting mighty interesting.

  • echelon

    +1 for Freedom and Liberty

  • Paladin

    MOAR GUNZ, now there’s a sentiment I can agree with.

  • John Bear Ross

    This makes me happy.
    Now to design the AR-15 upper adapter, and a millable 901 stripped upper.

  • Alucard

    That thing looks really iffy,I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the one shooting .308 or 7.62×51 nato out of that.

  • patrickiv

    They were smart to reinforce the receiver tower and those other places. A lot of the first attempts from others used the same geometry as an aluminum upper, and those failed. These guys should have printed it laying on its side. I predict that this one will delaminate at the pins.

    • patrickiv

      Actually in the first photo it looks like it’s already delaminating at the front pivot pin.

      • Marcus D.

        Looks more like a reflection off the bolt faces.

    • noob

      maybe they were worried about having to clean all the support out of the trigger group cavity (I’m not sure what that space is called where you put the fire control group)

  • jojo

    where are the plans to download this?