The PKK Fighters in the Sinjar

The video embedded below is a documentary about the Kurdish PPK troops fighting the ISIS forces which had surrounded Mount Sinjar in late 2014. Before the siege, now know as the Sinjar Massacre, was broken, ISIS had managed to kill 5,000 Yazidi civilians. Its interesting to see what weapons the Kurdish militias are using. I even spotted a H&K G36 (pictured above).

I must point out that the PPK are officially classified by the USA, Turkey and a number of other countries as a terrorist organization. In most Western countries (and I am sure non-Western countries as well) joining a terrorist organization is a very serious crime. If any TFB readers are looking to join the fight against ISIS, don’t join the PPK.

Thanks to Jay for the link.

Steve Johnson

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  • Guest

    Although this is the firearm blog, it’s PKK not PPK 🙂

    • Burt Maclin

      Yep, Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê (Kurdistan Worker’s Party)

      Fighting for the right to have their rights taken away by a centralized Marxist state 🙂

      • Red_Hornet

        The PKK are more anarchist than anything, they used to be Marxist-Leninists but they changed their ideology to what they call Democratic Confederalism.

        • UCSPanther

          I wonder if that started when their “Dear Leader” was captured by the Turks.

          • Paul Epstein

            That same dear leader appears to have convinced them, from prison, that they need to cease fighting and obtain recognition through democratic processes. Hard to criticize that regardless of the source or the source’s personal history.

        • John Yossarian

          So you’re saying that these people are philosophers? They look more like followers to me.

          • Red_Hornet

            They didn’t invent the ideology, much of it is adapted from the works of anarchist Murray Bookchin.

        • DonDrapersAcidTrip

          Like I’m going to let that stop me from repeating pat american capitalist platitudes criticizing anything remotely socialist sounding to me! cause I’m a rugged individualist libertarian whose never gotten a job from knowing anyone or benefited in anyway from civilization’s previous work or anyone else ever. I live in a log cabin I built and grow my own food I discovered myself and drive the car I invented myself on roads I paved myself! Everything I have I worked for! When I was a preborn soul I worked real hard to float into the fetus of a rich white woman!

          • Red_Hornet

            I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here

          • Sulaco

            Its in his name: AcidTrip

      • Anonymous

        ¿Did you know that the chinese population was armed to the teeth in the times of Mao? ¿Did you even know that arming the population to form a sea of armed people is a principle of marxism since the very start of it? You should read a book before entering the internet.

  • Burt Maclin

    So will this article be taken down if someone from ISIS claims it is offensive? 😉

    • Dan

      Well since they are terrorists I am officially offended please pull this article

      • Ahmad ibn Cuckoo al Jihadi

        I concur. As a terrorist I demand to pull all the articles about all other terrorists or else I will be terrorizing with ultimate terror. This is an official message form USIS: Unislamic State Of Ignorance and Sexism.

      • Karl Marx

        Ja, Ja! Ze terrostische articles est strictly verboten in mein book. Zat ist very bad! Komrades von KapitalistischeMarktwirtschaftUmweltNazionalVolksArbeitPartei give kein approbationen fur zis article.

      • Charles Windsore

        I find this article to be very, very naughty. Her Majesty was so upset, she refused to drink Her customary cup of Earl Grey. Earl Grey committed suicide shortly after that, poor chap just could not stand the humiliation. All this puts the whole Commonwealth in jeopardy. Also, one of our poodles, Georgiana, just got sick on my lap. By Jove, my good man, just pull this sodding article!

        Charles, Prince of Whales, Duke of Cornywall

    • sigh … what you guys don’t understand is sometimes I have to make a call one way or the other … and sometimes the lines are blurred … its not easy but I do my best.

      • Don Ward

        You made the right call.

        • Dan

          How so? the previous article was about a gun with bits and pieces of IRA mixed in, this has zero information about guns other than when the briefly mention who supplied them with rockets. Complete hypocrisy.

          • Don Ward

            The issue is that trolls were using the story to discuss something completely unrelated to the story. Sort of like trolls here using this as a way to discuss something completely different from what the story was about. See the point? Add to the fact that it WAS on St. Patrick’s Day which was the tipping point.

          • Dan

            Such a b.s excuse for rolling over. Oh it was St pattys day blah blah blah. Pusswad couldnt stomach the story then became even more butthurt reading the comments section. A terrorist is a terrorist doesn’t matter which day of the year they kill on.

      • Tassiebush

        Anyone would think that showing sensitivity is a character flaw.

      • John L. Swift

        In your defense, I’m surprised anyone is offended that you didn’t censor this celebration of terrorists. The people in the video are brown and don’t even speak English, so why care?

    • Don Ward

      Only if one equates ISIS with Great Britain.

  • Mike C

    A G36 in terrorist hands? Shut down HK for weapons proliferation! says the German govt.

    • Patrick Mingle

      The German government supplied small arms to militants battling ISIS. While I can’t obviously confirm they directly supported PKK they have sent weapons to the region

      • Mike C

        Surprising, considering the German governments enthusiasm for investigating HK for “weapons proliferation” from the end-users to secondary parties via illegitimate means.
        “Do as I say, not as I do” I guess…

        • John

          The TFB actually wrote a few pieces on how HK got… through… the proliferation rules and delivered arms to Kurdish forces. A significant part of the delivery were G36 rifles, with a mix of G3 rifles, ammo and portable rocket launchers included.

  • Seburo

    The PKK are only still classified as terrorists to appease Erdogan and his Neo Ottomans.

  • Alex Nicolin

    That’s the proper way to #removekebab

  • Ben

    So they can get G36s, but we still can’t get ahold of one in America? WHY CANT WE HAVE NICE THINGS TOO

    • Grindstone50k

      Become a terrorist? They get all the cool toys.

    • Tassiebush

      Meanwhile here in Oz we gaze longingly across the internet 🙁

    • highhammer

      hey there were some dudes in Libya with stg.44’s. Nothin really surprises me anymore.

  • micmac80

    German military supplied and trained the kurds so they now have anything from Mg3 to Milan ATGMs

  • John Yossarian

    The strategies of Bookchin’s “libertarian municipalism” or the PKK’s “Democratic Confederalism” clearly describe a government.

    Please do not create any confusion between these thinkers and the philosophy of anarchism, which describes absolute freedom.

    • Red_Hornet

      A government does not necessarily mean a state.

      • John Yossarian

        “If they finally do succeed in escaping from one state to another they are immediately subjected to the jurisdiction of the new state.”

        And that’s the same problem with what Bookchin was proposing, in going from one municipality to another. At least – in the municipalities which conform to his thinking – one would be under the dictate of a government.

        Anarchism, in practice, would be much like our world today. We would just have replaced every function done by government with multiple private entities competing in a free-market. The quality of services would be improved and delivered at a fair market rate.

        Choice = Freedom. And as you stated yourself, the choice of a ruler isn’t a choice all. Being able to stay in one place and make any choice: What to have for dinner, which car to drive, etc. is the hallmark of freedom.

        When you can add the choice of which dispute arbitration organization to select in your contractual agreement – rather than being directed to the municipal Court – then you’re closer to anarchism. You gain freedom. When you can select which security firm will defend you in case of home invasion, civil uprising, etc. – and whom will capture the perpetrator of crimes against you – then you gain freedom over being directed to the county sheriff’s office or to the municipal police.

        Any other philosophy cannot be called anarchism, unless it is centered on Choice. Government is the epitome and the genesis of monopoly. Many monopolies still leave one without the option of exiting a monopoly.