JohnInBlackHawk sent us a photo of this awesome¬†commemorative piece he made. He writes …

As a retired gunsmith and digital arts and photography teacher, I found the perfect combination for my crafts! Guns and photos. This is a commemorative piece I did for my late wife’s father – a retired Denver Police Captain. This display contains his .38 Colt service revolver, call box key, badge, whistle, eyeglasses and buttons from his uniform. The photo is of his grandfather who was also a Denver officer. It hangs, proudly, in my shop.

Great work John!



  • This is probably my favorite POTD yet. Well done John.

  • anon

    Great job. Looks really nice.

  • Rich Guy

    Looks like it still shoots well.

  • Swiss Rat

    I do own .38 colt along a .41lc 1889 and those are gorgeous revolvers, even by today standards, if you reload it is not as expensive to shoot (especially BP loads ).
    I love how only one of them is not having a moustache he must have felt very unique… or ashamed not to be able to grow one :^)

    • Chase Buchanan

      Perhaps that one was actually a woman who disguised herself as a man in order to become a police officer.

  • Grindstone50k

    Superbly created.

  • “The Stranger”

    Awesome…so I’m an artist, but would like to learn gunsmithing…LOL..

  • claymore

    Real nice work.

  • hami

    Those mustaches!