Tresna JAG9 9mm Carbine

Tresna Defense has a 9mm carbine that comes in S&W M&P magazine platform. They already have a Glock version out and is available now as a rifle or pistol. If you are Law Enforcement, they make a full auto SMG.

Jose Jaureguizar, the CEO of Tresna, brought out his new JAG9MP for us to shoot at the Big 3 East last week. We used Promag 32 rd M&P9 mags through the SMG. Tresna does advertise that the bolt does stay open on the last round. However on this prototype, the bolt would lock open on the second to last round fired, leaving the last round in the magazine. We chalked this up to the fact that it was a Promag magazine. I did not try it with a standard 17rd S&W M&P magazine to see if the problem was isolated to the Promag hicaps.

Tresler 9mm S&W M&P SMG

The JAG9G BU rifle retails for $1199.95 and the pistol retails for $1299.95. The increase is due to the handguard, according to Jose.

The Jag9 carbines will work with hicaps all the way down to the subcompact magazines like the Glock 26/27. I do not know if the M&P variant will work with M&P9C mags but I suspect it can if the Glock version can use the 26 magazine.

The lower receiver is a milled billet dedicated lower and sports a flared mag well. For more information check out their website.

Nicholas C

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  • Teecia Lexus III

    Are these carbines just bullet hoses, or did you shoot them at any targets?

  • David S

    Huh, why not run it with an actual S&W magazine to see if it functions properly?

    • Nicholas Chen

      Didn’t have one handy to try.

  • echelon

    It’s obvious by going to their website that the “LE/Military” version is the bread and butter version.

    I don’t see why any mere “civilian” would want to purchase one of these products. I hope they get some lucrative .gov contracts or state/local PD contracts to make ends meet. Seems that’s what they’re really after anyway.

  • noguncontrol

    That handguard look heavy. but it is a nice looking smg.

  • Shevchenko

    The bolt stays open on the second to last round? Sounds like a brilliant design choice, why not keep it for the retail version? In a firefight, you could fool an enemy into thinking your magazine is empty, then BAM, get him when he pops out of cover!

  • noob

    Say you and your exact clone are the last two people alive on earth and have taken it into your heads to kill each other. You meet in a rural area somewhere in your home state initially separated by about 1000m, with identical gear except for one difference: You have a Tresna in glock magazine format and your evil clone has a Kel-Tec Sub2000 in glock magazine format in identical caliber to your weapon.

    Say the Tresna is $1199.95 and your clone got the Kel-Tec for $569.00. Will you be $630.95 more alive at the end of the encounter?