Taurus Curve Video Review

Youtuber Andrew @ GY6vids reviews the Taurus Curve pistol. It is hard to see in the video, but as you can see in the phtoo above, the “curve is not the curvey profile, but the fact that the entire frame has a concurve shape, designed to curve around your upper thigh and, in theory, print slightly less.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andrew

    I’m pretty sure that trigger is the same trigger from my nightmares. The one where a bad guy is running toward you, but no matter how far or how hard you pull it, the gun never goes off.

    • Anthony

      I’ve had that same dream, but in mine the trigger turns in mush and I always end up freaking out and throwing the gun at them.

      • DW

        Classic Tediore reload

        • Should’ve used a Jakobs.

          • Jared Vynn

            If it took more than one shot…

    • Jack

      Oh god, that’s exactly what I dream about.

      • mig1nc

        I’ve had that dream too! What does it mean?

        • Frank

          something bad about your mother probably

    • kipy

      Holy crap I have that dream too! My Kahr trigger is heavy to the point that I can’t even fire. Then I wake up and remember its buttery smooth and all is well.

      • Jake Peterson

        This would be more believable if you hadn’t said Kahr.

        • kipy

          Hey I said buttery smooth, not short travel lol

      • Sulaco

        Had the SAME dream last night but for some unk reason was shooting a black power muzzie at 300 yards, or actually trying to never could get the trigger pulled back far or hard enough to break.

        • billyoblivion

          They make muslims out of black powder?

          ‘splains why they keep blowin up.

          • Sulaco


    • SCW

      This must be a recurring dream with people who carry everyday. I have dreams like this multiple times a year. That mile long, 2 ton, trigger gets me killed every time. Reminds me of a High Point trigger.

      I recently had a dream where I smoked an active shooter. I closed the distance and hit him before he even knew what happened….it was just a dream though.

    • Alucard

      Strange I have a similar dream where I had to shoot a bad guy,but in my dream the gun went off,however each trigger pull was 30lbs like on my Detonics Pocket 9.

  • Jolly

    My local shop got one of these in Sunday and I had a chance to handle it. I must say it felt very cheaply made almost like a toy gun. The laser light combo was a joke, the light on my cell phone is 10x better. Not to mention it was a pain in the a$$ to activate the light. Don’t wast your time with this. I especially wouldn’t buy this for my wife or anyone to trust their life with.

  • PedroMDK

    Oil it up and put it on the back shelf. In a hundred years, it will be a collectible NFA.

  • Sulaco

    Interest in this one has mostly come and gone in our shop on this one…

  • Ko I

    And people will still hate it because it’s not good for 100yd shooting.

  • The problem with asymmetry

    Wonder if they’ll sell enough of these to justify making a lefty version.

    • Andrew

      As stated in the manual, it’s ambidextrous. If you’re a lefty, you just carry it with the barrel pointing up.

  • dan citizen

    I don’t get why he’s hating on the magazine disconnect. This is not a gun you will be using to shoot a bad guy halfway through a tactical reload.

    I want one.

    • spotr

      My guess is that the hatred is mostly due to the lack of merit of building a gun to the “lowest common denominator” of restrictive states.

      They could probably figure out a clever way to have a removable part that would satisfy both situations. In the sane states it would be (legally) removable. In the others it would be illegal to remove.

      • dan citizen

        I used to dislike mag disconnects, mostly because they screwed up trigger pull. But with this particular gun, trigger pull is already a mess.

        I just can’t see why it’s necessary to be able to fire this particular gun sans magazine.

        • Andrew

          Forget tactical reloads. Let’s say the mag wasn’t fully seated the last time you inserted it, or you bump the mag release while drawing the gun, or during a struggle the gun, the mag release is pressed or the magazine is damaged or jarred loose. Without a mag disconnect, you would’ve at least had 1 shot. But now you have 0.

          • dan citizen

            You do have a good point, though considering the unusual mag latch of the curve, it getting accidentally released is unlikely.

          • Exactly. How hard would it be to safely disable that you think?

  • Don Ward

    Seems like a solution in search of a problem. Are you expected to wear this without a holster?

    • SM

      Probably pocket carry.

  • JULZ

    ***LOL*** All you people that complain of a LONG HEAVY DAO trigger pull, really need to keep practicing with it. When you master shooting with a long heavy DAO trigger, everything else you pick up and shoot will be so much easier and you will be much more accurate because of it. That is why so many of the old shooting revolver guys are really good. Add a revolver or a semi-auto with a long heavy DAO to practice with and your shooting will improve guaranteed !!!

  • And here I thought 15 minutes of repeating himself would be enough. Guess not.

    1. If you’re at 20 effing yards you’ve got options other than shooting.
    2. Choose your gloves accordingly. I wasn’t born with gloves, I hardly ever wear them anyway. To me that complaint is reaching.
    3. Revolvers are that way too, and if you’re under stress you’ll have adrenaline going for you. Long hard trigger pull is a feature imo because I feel totally safe about it being in my pocket, and if I ever do have to use it I’, less likely to empty the mag into the guy at light speed and risk a manslaughter conviction just because muscle memory took over.

    4. See #3. I’m not going to be reloading. This isn’t a duty pistol.
    5. So take the batteries out, problem solved.

    Sounds like you need to just open carry an ar15 across your back.

    • nobody

      >If you’re at 20 effing yards you’ve got options other than shooting.

      You don’t get to pick and choose the situations where you need a gun. If someone starts shooting at you are you just going to get behind various concealment and hope they just waste their ammo and walk away instead of just shooting you through it because you can’t shoot your gun at longer distances?

      >I wasn’t born with gloves, I hardly ever wear them anyway. To me that complaint is reaching.

      That’s nice, I live in a state where it regularly gets below 0, sometimes below -10 during the winter.

      >Revolvers are that way too

      Someone hasn’t shot a revolver before, there is much more to a good trigger pull than weight, and according to the video this trigger isn’t shitty just because of the weight. I’ve felt great triggers that were 8-10 lbs and shit triggers that were 5 lbs.

      >because I feel totally safe about it being in my pocket

      If you actually carry a loaded gun in your pocket without any type of pocket holster you are retarded.

      >See #3. I’m not going to be reloading. This isn’t a duty pistol.

      You don’t get to choose your engagements, say you get attacked by 2 people and 7 rounds isn’t enough to stop both, are you just going to give up and let them kill you?

      >So take the batteries out, problem solved.

      If it doesn’t work well then what is the point of even including it and bringing up the price of the gun?

      >Sounds like you need to just open carry an ar15 across your back.

      As I said in my first post, I carry an M&P Bodyguard .380 and feel confident with it because it doesn’t have “features” that make the gun shit.

  • I want one. I actually skip carrying far more than I should because of issues this gun completely obviates. And in doing so I’m risking my life an the lives of those around me by being less able to protect them. The problems created by this design are totally offset by the advantages imo.

  • captain obvious

    Good review. Interesting pistol that will become a novelty in the future. People will write about that weird little pistol Taurus made during the pocket pistol craze of the mid 20-teens.

  • SM

    I really want this to sell well. Thinking outside the box is something that’s sorely needed in a sea of polymer Glock competitors.

  • Cknarf

    It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. I plan on buying one for that reason alone.

  • Alter_Ego

    Hum the reviewer is unhappy to have the gun designed around more restrictive laws… why having more choice and being able to carry would be a disadvantage?
    If the idea is to put pressure on the legislator for changing a restrictive law, then I believe there are more effective ways to do so than NOT producing complying items.
    A part from that, the Curve seems a really interesting idea and the review acknowledges that.
    Too bad for the ‘merica hat, which some people could find offensive.

    • _”why having more choice and being able to carry would be a disadvantage?”_

      The reason some take that sort of attitude is because of a specific set of Horatio Alger life assumptions.

      Essentially, they believe that everyone in anti gun states are either lazy (which in their mind explains why they can’t afford to move to texas) or deserve to be killed (for not choosing to live in texas and therefore being socialists or whatever).

      I have a cdwl not only to defend myself but expressly to defend others that can’t or won’t.

      Can you think of a better way to get your foot in the door with someone on the gun debate than saving their life with one? 🙂

      My enjoyment of vindication does not extend to a vindictive desire to
      watch others die for failing to agree with me on the gun issue.

      I wish I could say the same for the entire pro-gun community.

      I completely agree that this gun is a gun that needs to be made, and making it comply with restrictive laws to get the foot in the door is ethical and wise.

  • Frank

    Grooves on the front of a rail aren’t to make it look sexy. They are to aid in facilitating an efficient, safe chamber check.