Tim sent us this photo of his range bench …

The end to a “quiet” day at the range..
– Benelli M4 w/Salvo
– Sig P229 w/9mm Osprey
– Ruger SR22 w/Sparrow
– AAC 9″ 300 upper w/762-SDN-6, shadow ops lower, Trijicon TA31-C-100411
– Generic black friday 556 upper w/TA31RCO-M4CP
– Celestron spotting scope (great inexpensive spotting scope)
– Mags galore

Very nice collection there Tim, the Salvo is a lot of fun isn’t it? Thanks for sending the photo in to us.



  • thedonn007

    A shadowops lower? He must be one of the lucky few to actually get his lower.

    Oh, and nice collection by the way.

    • Tim

      It was a long ordeal with many emails, facebook messages, text messages and phone calls but yeah actually got three of the lowers (not gloating). I never sent any thing mean I’m guessing that was helped me getting mine. Until your message I hadn’t given the company a second thought but just had a look, apparently they went belly up (no surprise) and peoples lowers went to auction?


  • Evan

    when is TFB going to get a hold of a Salvo?

    • Getting NFA stuff for testing is very hard.

  • Dat 12 gauge suppressor. Isn’t it the one from SilencerCo? I hear it’s actually pretty effective.

    • 1leggeddog

      From the videos i’ve seen, it is. And its a LOT quieter. And the shift in POI is very small.

  • Brandon

    Is that Honey Island?

    • James

      Yeah it is! I saw these guys out there a few weeks ago.

    • Brandon

      Problem w/ shooting suppressed at a range is that no one else is and kinda ruins it.

  • Looks like a nice start.