JPX4: Enhanced OC Firepower


Quad barrel handguns are nothing new, nor are pepper spray (aka oleoresin capsicum, or OC) dispensers shaped like a pistol. However, the Swiss company Piexon has now blended the two to make a four barrel pepper pistol called the JPX4.

The JPX4 operates in a manner similar to a firearm, having the same shape as a pistol and using a trigger to dispense the pepper. A pull of the trigger will cause OC to jet out of one of the barrels. Another pull will activate the next barrel and so forth.

Four OC cartridges are used to charge the gun. Each cartridge has a primer that activates a plunger. The plunger then forces the OC out of the cartridge and toward the target. According to the company, the JPX4 has been determined not to be a firearm by the ATF.

The effective range of the OC is about 7 meters. According to the company, the minimum safe distance for deployment is 1.5 meters. Piexon OC comes in two 10% formulations with net Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) ratings of 400,000 and 500,000 respectively.

The company also makes a double barrel version of this pistol, and a compact version of the quad barrel.

Richard Johnson

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  • jeff k

    why are they looking for a problem that doesn’t exist? a simple can of oc spray works fine so what does this do? you only get 4 shots. where with a can you get multiple and you dont have to be precise like with this

    • Kovacs Jeno

      It is not a spray, but a high pressure JET stream!

      It IS a solution in case of heavy wind, or if you have to use the pepperspray in enclosed area (prisons, shopping malls, hospitals) or in a big crowd.

      If you fired the JP4 or JPX you will be a believer:-) It is not a “pepperspray”, 9 mm centerfire blanks shoot out the payload with cca. 300 fps, with considerably force. In CQB you can use it as a traumatic weapon, too.

      The OC in it is a dense liquid, with very low diffusion/cross contamination effect.

    • Bal256

      If you shoot anyone in the face with spray 4 times and it isn’t enough, I dont know what effect you’d expect the 5th shot to have. Plus it seems harder to point a gun-shaped object at yourself than it is to point a symmetrical or cylindrical object in a stressful situation.

      • Kovacs Jeno

        + no pressurized container-type spray will shoot to 7 meters.

        • spotr

          Most of the big police canisters and bear sprays will project further than 21 feet. However I do understand the desirable factor that this one is less affected by wind.

          • Kovacs Jeno

            If it isn’t photoshop, even the big “fire extinguisher” sprays rarely spray 5+ meters in the reality. Effective use above 5 meteres is usually pure luck, especially in the slightest crosswind.

          • spotr

            Hmm.. I think you are right.

            They claim 30-32 feet for the bear spray, but when I looked at a video of actual spray (from the same website this picture came from), it spread out into a large cloud that does not appear to be anywhere near 30 feet (but it’s hard to tell from the video angle). They also “claim” 36 feet for their police model.

            Are you from the company that makes the JPX4? If so, can you do a side-by-side shoot-off video with some of the cannister competitors that claim 20+ feet. Upwind, downwind, crosswind variables would probably be interesting.

            This would be a good marketing demonstration and would enhance the “buy decision”.

          • Kovacs Jeno

            “Are you from the company that makes the JPX4?”

            No I am not, I am from Hungary, they are from Switzerland. I have a JPX and a Guardian Angel, too.

        • mur

          + less depressurization concerns, due to it being primer based.

  • mechamaster

    slightly longer distance and intimidating look pepper-spray. I think some bad guy shocked and thinking he got aimed with 4 barrel derringer. lol.

  • bull

    500.000 SHU?! thts nothing! i got a hot sauce stronger than that. about 3x stronger.

    • MemorableC

      try putting some in your eyes and get back to us.

      • Bull

        Yeah .. Ive done it by mistake. It sure hurts but i wasnt incapacitated…

    • guest

      Technically speaking above 1M SHU is not a sauce, but an extract and/or concentrate. And I doubt very much anyone uses that as “sauce”, except for certain youtube freaks who consume pure chili pepper resin and what not for the “thrill” of doing so rather than any gastronomic enjoyment.

  • I like the idea for areas that do not allow CCW. My concern is, given the difficulty of making a headshot with a compact pistol, how easy it would be to make a shot to the eyes with this. This offers far superior range to a can of pepper spray, but pepper spray lets you hose down the target, making the chances of reaching the eyes much higher.

    Any idea of what the trigger pull is on this?

    • Kovacs Jeno

      DAO, like on a revolver, not so light at all.

  • CommonSense23

    Well this seems like a good way to blind someone permanently.

    • Kovacs Jeno

      Tens of thousands of the JPX (2-shot) are sold in the last 8 years in Europe to citizens without any licence, and no such incident was reported.

      • CommonSense23

        Right, how many were used. I have a lot of experience with OC sprays. Regular OC can permanently damage the eyes from a shot distance. There have already been permanent blinding in the US from using similar products.

        • Kovacs Jeno

          No such device is totally without any danger, being it a normal pepperspray, police baton, tear gas grenade, Taser or rubber bullet.
          Statistically I think the JPX is not the most dangerous.

        • sianmink

          Still less likely to cause permanent damage than a baton, and probably less likely to cause a cardiac event than a taser. It has its place, I think.

          • dan citizen

            Nobody I’ve pepper sprayed would rather to have been shot.

        • lol

          Yes because if someone is actively trying to kill me I am so worried I might blind him *eyeroll*

          • CommonSense23

            Well in the states, pepper spray, falls into one of those less than lethal areas, where they are typically used due to not needing to use lethal force. Using a device that can destroy the eyes easily, which is designed to be aimed at the eyes, has some issues.

          • Cymond

            Pepper spray and other low cost less lethal devices are also sold as an alternative to firearms. They’re widely used by people who don’t have access to lethal force, sometimes in situations that would justify lethal force.

  • OR213

    JPX2’s used to be sold in the US via Kimber on license from Piexon. I did an eval of them before, as part of a project looking at alternatives to tasers (dept. politics).

    They were no replacement for a taser, but…. they were awesome. Nearly instant delivery of OC with pretty minimal indirect exposure. Speaking as someone who’s gotten hit in the face a few times on arrests by overeager officers, I appreciated the second part a lot. We didn’t adopt them for patrol in the end. They were a blast to “evaluate” though, it was one of the hardest OC hits I’ve ever taken. According to the company, the velocity at which the OC gel hits the face makes up for the “low” SHU rating. I’ve never been a believer in SHU that much, the % of active OC is way more important, and I think Piexon is on to something when they say that a lower grade of OC is more effective if its delivered at such a velocity that it embeds in facial pores.

    4 is better than 2 I guess….

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I came here expecting most to not have any idea what the JPX is or why it’s a unique and useful tool, was not surprised below your post. But yea, you nailed it. I mulled around the 2 barrel version a lot, never could commit because I would just carry a gun, but this one, I’ll buy.

    • Dave

      >We didn’t adopt them for patrol in the end.

      Why not, if I can ask?

  • dan citizen

    Neat write up on an unconventional device.

    Now if only we could fill it with a gelled flammable liquid instead of OC…

  • James

    I’d be more interested if they made and over/under version with just two. I feel that would be easier to conceal in my county that won’t issue CCW to the non-connected.

    • Josh Baker

      Look up the Kimber pepper blaster

  • Cerberus440

    If this is a plunger driven product, I wonder if it then solves the issue of OC canisters “going off” after about 6 months, whereby they lose pressurization and just kind of dribble.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Awesome video. And it’s really a very effective product, but same as other sprays, what they don’t show is that dude could still impart some serious damage before he is out of the game. This is not a fire and watch for effect, it’s fire and MOVE.

    I had the chance to get sprayed and declined because I had a dinner to be at that night, but I watched a couple guys get hit and they were fully capable for 20-30-45 seconds.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    Isn’t it easier to make the bad guy try to swallow a teaspoon of cynamon?

  • Anon. E Maus

    That’s a pretty clever design.
    Shame I could never hope to even get one of these, because pepper spray is literally an illegal weapon in my country. Lord forbid someone should have any equipment conducive to defending yourself.