BCMGUNFIGHTER Light Mounts for The KeyMod Platform

BCM is introducing three new KeyMod mounts for lights: 1913 KeyMod, Scout KeyMod, and One Inch KeyMod.

BCMGUNFIGHTER Light Mounts for the KeyMod platform deliver a full ambidextrous light mount precision machined from solid billet aluminum with a low-profile and snag-free design.

Engineered to mount flush or cantilevered off either the left or right side of a rail system, the light mounts interface with the KeyMod slots via a patent pending anchoring system.



1913 KeyMod


Compatible with most common 1913-rail pistol/weapon light systems, the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1913 Modular Light Mount is optimized to interface with a KeyMod rail system at the 3 or 9 o’clock rail positions. With optional high and low mounting positions for the 1913 rail section, the light mount features multiple mounting points for ideal placement by the end user.

Scout KeyMod


Designed for use with the Surefire® line of Scout Lights and Mini Scout Lights, the BCMGUNFIGHTER Scout Modular Light Mount is optimized to interface with a KeyMod rail system at the 3 or 9 o’clock rail positions and run the light in the offset position. This light mount is engineered to enable multiple mounting points for ideal ergonomic placement by the end user.

One Inch KeyMod


Built to interface with the majority of popular 1-inch round body tactical light systems, the BCMGUNFIGHTER One Inch Modular KeyMod Light Mount is designed to mount the standard and offset positions.


  • 1913:  $44.95
  • Scout:  $44.95
  • One Inch:  $44.95

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  • RK Harm24

    Just received my 1913 Keymod rail today in the mail, along with the short keymod forward grip. Ordered the 18th from BCM and received in Texas the 20th. Fast
    Inforce WML will be attached to the rail piece.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Fwiw, I hated my X300 at 12 oclock but really like (so far) the WML there. I was using the Haley mount that angled the light, this one appears to set it normal to the top rail.

  • Vhyrus

    Um, yeah… can I get one that doesn’t cost twice as much as a 2 inch rail piece and a rail light mount TOGETHER cost?

  • x15

    I’d like to see a kmr like handguard from BCM in M-lok. Too bad it will never happen.
    They get to milk the Keymod standard and will never make one in m-lok. 🙁

    Too bad for them.

    • Doc Rader

      I wish we could seen into the future and know who wins the accessory mount system fight.

  • Funny Punny

    This article was very illuminating!

    • Doc Rader

      This may be the brightest comment here. 🙂