SoloDallas writes …

The name of my image is “‘Murica”. My name is Fil SoloDallas, Texas born, Italy raised and now, finally, back to the USA for life. I am so happy of the freedom here (gun-related, too, compared to Europe) that I am taking a number of pictures like this, these days. These are two of my AR15s, plus a few of my handguns.

Great photo! Thanks Solo’


  • Alucard

    I’d personally replace the first AR-15 with an AK,replace the Second AR-15 with PTR 91 or DSA 58(Fal),replace the tan H&K with a stainless 1911,replace the black H&K with a CZ 75B,and replace the M&P with a Sig P220.

    • Anonymoose

      That’s not American enough! I’d go with a .308 AR or M14/M1A, lose the CZ75, and make sure that P220 and AK are American-made.

      • ShootingFromTheHip

        No CZ75s in there.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Really sick of this “murica” meme. It’s disrespectful of the country and those it mocks.

    • Mister Thomas

      Agreed. Just about every single time I see it (‘Murica!) mentioned in social media, it is with an insulting intent.

    • Vitsaus

      Finally. Yes. Its insulting and to my knowledge, it originated with the very people that are making fun of those of us that enjoy being American and the values that past Americans were raised with.

    • Grindstone50k

      Are you sick of people who self-describe themselves as “redneck” too?

      Lighten up, Francis.

      From your own post in the IRA thing: you DO NOT have a right to not be offended.

    • Bman

      I like how everyone is, “Ow muh feelins'” on this, but blowing up Steve’s apology post with, “YOU DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED!!!”
      Leave the being offended to the anti-gunners fellows.

    • America is great. Murica sucks. America can be tricky to find, but murica can be found in your local Walmart.

    • Morgan Collins


    • hipointguy69

      Much butt hurt.

    • dave

      ask any veteran, ‘murica is a celebration of our culture and it’s supposed to be goofy and tongue in cheek. get over yourself

      • Phillip Cooper

        I AM a veteran. Get over yourself.

    • Alter_Ego

      It’s disrespectful only for you, which is fine but it’s a personal / political issue so yes, get over it or cry with Steve in private.
      I can understand not everybody has sense of humour, or even understands fully that concept of Freedom that makes (made?) the USA effectively better than many other countries.
      But you don’t have the right to be offended. Comment the guns next time (some of which were immigrants, uh oh).

  • Filippo F. Olivieri

    I do apologize. This is Fil “SoloDallas”, and I do apologize for the wrong meaning of ‘Murica. See, it came to me from a positive perception, not a negative one. I truly meant it as positively as possible, which is why I named this little composition of mine “‘Murica”. I just got here – which thing though it’s not an excuse and which is why, I apologise to those I offended – though – I’ll say it again, it really was meant as “America, Land of The Free”. I just wasn’t aware of its negative meaning (online or offline). I want to be a good American. I am a new American, despite the fact that I was born here, I never lived here. My children will, however, and we’ll be good Americans. Good classic Americans. Fil “SoloDallas”.

    • Alter_Ego

      Don’t apologize for somebody’s else faults, like Phillip’s lack of sense of humour! You are American like that Phillip Cooper guy if not even more, as the essence of being American is loving freedom and you probably had to do much more than him to be where you are now!
      Fantastic guns by the way, even if I think they betray your European heritage 🙂
      Ciao ed alla prossima 🙂

      • Filippo F. Olivieri

        Grazie AE, thanks for your support and explanation!

    • M.M.D.C.

      “‘Murica,” as it is bandied about on gun blogs and forums, is co-opted from the anti-American culture and so it has negative connotations but usually isn’t meant that way. When I saw the photo and caption I took it as a pro-American sentiment.

      Confusing cultural undercurrents aside and as a wise friend of mine once said: “some people just like to complain” and there’s not much you can do right in their eyes.

      All this is to say, don’t worry about it, you haven’t done wrong.

      And welcome to ‘Murica!

      • Filippo F. Olivieri

        MMDC, “thanks from the heart”. Fil “SoloDallas” Olivieri

    • Mister Thomas

      SoloDallas that’s a wonderful photo – and more importantly, I am glad to see you here, enjoying this land and the opportunities such as the shooting sports have to offer. Please know, when Phillip and I mentioned that we didn’t like them mention of ” ‘Murica ” it was the word – not you. Obviously you had no negative intent. But when the Anti-Americans in this country use this word as an insult – especially to patriotic Americans, gun owners, Republicans or conservatives from the south.

      If you go to the website called “urbandictionary” the most popular definition is: “The way un-educated Americans (generally rednecks, hicks, republicans, or very patriotic people) say America.” also:

      “The term “murica” is the way how many people with extremely thick,
      American accents, pronounce “America”. The term is used to denote
      extreme, extreme nationalism and patriotism, but not necessarily facism.
      It is generally seen as a derogatory yet humorous way to describe most
      Americans: fat, lazy, gunwielding, war loving, horse riding, saloon
      fighting, beer drinking, sex wanting or etc.”

      This website allows users to define words and people vote on the submissions. If you ever wonder what obscure word or phrase means, you can see a definition. Such as “sick” can mean “crazy, cool or insane”, but generally in a compliment.

      As you can see here, most people reject the negative connotation for ‘Murica. I’m sorry that we mentioned we didn’t like this word and you felt you needed to apologize.

      • Filippo F. Olivieri

        Thank you so much MT, it means to me. I still have to learn much about this country that I have been loving – and not secretly – for my entire life, since I was born in Dallas, TX almost 47 years ago. I still can’t believe I live and work here. Bless you, Fil

    • Guest

      Don’t apologize. Jesus freakin christ I’m sick of the apologies on TFB! Stop being a buch of babies!

      • Filippo F. Olivieri

        Well, thanks for caring but I need to still learn many things. Better to apologise in a civilised way (me thinks) and “earn” my place here than arrogantly (and most likely, as an ignorant who “does not know”) presume I know everything; I did not truly know of the alternate (or even original) meaning of “‘Murica”. Now I do. You know, an apology is just a sign of understanding. Then we move on. Nothing lost, really. Thanks, Fil Olivieri

    • Giolli Joker

      Ciao, dove hai vissuto in Italia?
      (dubito che siamo parenti, ma abbiamo il medesimo cognome, non è raro, ma nemmeno così comune…)
      Nice shot and cool guns, BTW.

      • Filippo F. Olivieri

        Ciao(!), will reply in English to make sure they all understand (if interested); was born in TX, grew up in Rome, IT. We “fled” Rome months ago. It’s a disaster. Italy is going down into a spiral, I can’t see it stopping. Center-south is gone, gone for good (never made it to even a decent level but now I am pretty sure it will remain undeveloped for at least 50 more years). North is striving to survive, but it has seen a lot of decline in the past few years. It’s just in the Italian DNA, I fear; in the at least most common DNA. There are always exceptions but it seems we – the ones abroad – are that exception in many cases. Be well, Fil

        • Giolli Joker

          We would be way out of topic discussing here foreign politics…- giollijoker @ fastwebnet . it – If you’d like to discuss the issue.
          BTW, I’m from Genova, currently in the UAE.

  • jpcmt

    lol at the butthurt of using ‘merica! Makes me want to insult the hell out of you pansies and wussified PC police. I have proudly taught my kids, by example, to yell ‘Merica! when something cool happens that is uniquely American or even remotely American, and maybe a little redneckish like blowing up an old Chevy Impala on blocks in order to cut the grass underneath it. If you think its negative because that’s how its portrayed in the media that way, then grow a pair and peel yourself away from Huffington Post and MSN articles and comments.

  • Uniform223

    No 1911? Not Murica enough! haha nice pic

  • Y-man

    Hello Solo! I have followed you from the very beginning on the “militaryphotos dot net > Lets-see-the-firearm-collection” forum on which I have been lurking for YEARS!

    Great one Solo! Glad to see you can enjoy your rights now…

    Guys – I ASSURE you these guns here are barely 10% of the LOVELY, “wikked” and “baddest” guns that Solo has…

    Best wishes, and welcome to TFB!

    Y-man – An admirer from Nigeria!

    • Filippo F. Olivieri

      Warm and Kind regards to you Y-man my friend. Solo.