Inside the FBI’s massive gun vault

The BBC reports on the FBI gun collection held at Quantico, Virginia where 7,000 guns are stored for forensic purposes.

Thanks to Blake for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • FrenchKiss

    I don’t believe they need 7000 guns to do forensic work. It doesn’t past the smell test. So they really need 80 to 100 year old guns to solve crimes? Nah, I doubt it. I think its just a way to store untraceable guns for the government to carry out targeted assassinations.

    • Cal.Bar

      Sure – so when “enemies” of the government start turning up dead with GSW wounds from 100 old guns no one would ever suspect the ATF! Maybe they’ll just start using the death rays found on the aliens at area 51!

      • FrenchKiss

        There’s no aliens at area 51, silly. They’re kept in the vault under the Capitol.

      • Gun shot wound wounds?
        Is that like, a special super wound? Is this why “gun violence” is more special than good old regular acceptable “violence”?


        • Yeah, and when they kill you, it doesn’t just make you dead, they make you “Super-Dead”

    • anon

      I don’t believe they need 7000 guns to do targeted assassinations. It doesn’t pass the smell test. So they really need 80 to 100 year old guns for targeted assassinations? Nah, I doubt it. I think its just a way to store untraceable guns for the government to carry out forensic work.

      • FrenchKiss

        That’s not very original. At least mine was funny.

    • hami

      This guy is cracking me up!

      • FrenchKiss

        I was just pretending to be one of those gun nuts that sees government conspiracies everywhere. You know, like “gun confiscation” by the government knocking on your door at 2am? BOO!

    • Lol!

    • MR

      Nah, they’re using 3d printed “Ghost Guns” for that. Have been since the ’70s when they went back in time and “offed” Alexander Hamilton.

  • PXN

    Dat gold luger mmmm

    • Blake

      Did you see the Thompson cut down to pistol size by Baby Face Nelson?

      That thing alone is probably responsible for the current SBR law…

      • Joe Russels

        Lol yeah. That’s actually a 1911A1 machine-pistol in 38 Super. It does have an actual Thompson fore-grip and Cutt’s compensator attached however

        Bonus fact:
        Prohibition outlaws much preffered the 38 Super (over the 45 ACP) because it could pierce car doors, and the body armor worn by law enforcement officers of that era, much more effectively

  • Orion Quach

    Lmao, take off the freaking tin foil. If agencies wanted to do assination work, I highly doubt they will use something from this vault and more likely procure it from a manufacture without the serial and if anything just deserialize a gun.

    • FrenchKiss

      Nah. They really do want to solve 100 year old crimes. The idea is to make a TV show and get the FBI some good exposure, possibly even some large amounts of cash. They’re probably hoping to sell the show in low IQ gun-toting redneck states like, the South.

      • Yellow Devil

        “The idea is to make a TV show and get the FBI some good exposure,”

        The FBI could care less about good exposure as long as they can just get a mandate.

        “possibly even some large amounts of cash.”

        What? It’s a federal agency, they don’t get “large amount of cash” the same way a civilian organization or regular business gets with a TV show.

        ” sell the show in low IQ gun-toting redneck states like, the South.”
        Tada, your ignorance in full glory. That didn’t even take long.

        • FrenchKiss

          Hey, check out the big brain on Yellow Devil! Nothing gets by you. No siree!

      • Biggus Dickus

        French kiss, you sir seem to be the one with the low “IQ”. Redneck is a term that is offensive as that other racial stereotypes that are tossed easily and frequently by individuals such as yourself. The Southern way of life has changed drastically and for the better. The low attempt of your crude remark has failed and your ignorance has been shown to the world. We have much better firearms than those and the fact that any Southerner can hit a quarter at 100 yards or any target out to 500 yards to over 1000 yards makes you seem even more arrogant.

        Grow some brains or balls you surely will need something to break from your hampered mode of thought and into the 21st Century.

        • FrenchKiss

          Says the redneck with the stupid moniker “biggus dickus”!

          • Benji40

            You are not familiar with Monty Python are you? You uneducated simpleton from the white flag waving grape eaters.

    • KestrelBike

      The 3-letter agencies were super pissed when California activated the microstamp law because that law’s so foolproof it totally defeats clandestine methods!!

  • Graham2

    The truth is far more interesting.

    When the FBI start using their super secret, time travelling agents to track down and kill the ancestors of current day bad guys, they will need to be armed with pristine weapons from the appropriate era. They’d look out of place in the 1930s if they turned up carrying Glocks and M4A1+ carbines!

  • MR

    Almost as cool as my gun safe. Okay, maybe a little cooler. 😉

  • Riot

    Look at all those assault rifles


  • Sittinduck21

    People, it’s a trophy room. Even gun-grabby agencies like cool stuff, and anyone of those mobster guns would be worth a mint if it were in the hands of a private collector, but it isn’t, it’s in their collection, and they can take it out and shoot it whenever they want, for science! In addition, by saying that they want to preserve the firearms for forensic testing they are saving them from being destroyed. They’d never release all of these functional crime guns to a museum somewhere (though some of them really should be), so if they ever outlived their usefulness some Washington legislature or bureaucrat would have them destroyed. Imagine if the Brits had their hands on this collection. They’d deem them all too dangerous to keep and destroy all of them, and a piece of history would be gone forever.

    • Graham2

      That’s right, there are no guns in Britain!

      We have a thriving shooting scene over here, despite what some Americans think. Yes, we have some stupid laws and restrictions but with the right paperwork (which isn’t too hard to get if you’ve not got a criminal past) we can shoot all sorts of stuff on some amazing ranges.

      The Leeds Armoury museum has over 70,000 firearms etc, so your opinions on what goes on over here have no relation to the real situation

    • Mark Bruscke

      I share your skepticism. It strikes me as implausible that they can find either a crime-scene gun or a bullet in a victim and then match it to a gun in their inventory in such a way that the match advances their case to a successful conclusion. If they have the crime-scene gun then that is the lead; a matching make and model in inventory isn’t of much use. If they only have a bullet then it’s far-fetched to imagine that they could find a gun in their inventory that would match the bullet in such a was as to identify the probable make and model of the crime gun.
      I am willing to believe that a rare and really important case (king or ambassador) comes up where this collection turns out to be really useful; and, the cost might be justified by just a few such cases.
      I’d have to see a report that suggests that this collection serves any useful purpose on a large number of investigations.
      No objection if they want to warehouse these guns for historical or statistical purposes (e.g., how many murders by snub-nosed revolvers; how many by 1911s).
      I do object if lots of manpower is spent on foolish attempts that produce few results.

  • skeptic

    wonder if “oswald’s” rifle is in there?