Hami sent us a nifty photo of his American-made H&K collection. He writes ….

Here is some German engineering with a bit of American execution. A domestically produced copy of the Heckler & Koch HK416, the H&K MR556, an H&K SL8 converted into a G36, an old H&K P30L and a H&K Mark 23.

Thanks Hami!



  • st4

    I forgot how friggn’ huge the Mark 23 was; this photo really puts it into perspective. I still bought one anyways because Rainbow Six/Metal Gear Solid.

    • highhammer

      same here. plus the smile on my face when i see it in movies. usually its the heros gun. (i am legend,terminator:salvation)

  • hami

    The “domestically produced copy of the Heckler & Koch HK416” is
    actually made by a company called Titan Defense, not H&K. Sorry for
    the confusion. It looks like someone added the “H&K MR556” to my quote.

    • Esh325

      What happened to these Titan defense copies? They don’t seem to be sold anymore. I imagine it’s fairly illegal for a company to make a copy without a license from H&K.

      • hami

        I bought mine off Gunbroker in January from Special Weapons; the notorious H&K clone manufacturer of many aliases. I agree that the upper skirts a fine line of infringement, especially considering how many parts directly interchange with 416/MR556 parts.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    Maybe I played too many video games as a kid but my “want” level for a G36 is absurdly high.

  • Cal.Bar

    So….. exactly which AMERICAN MFG is making G36’s? I had to have my (German Made) SL8 chopped and retrofitted to get back to G36 specs. While the conversion was done by an American (with all German Parts) the rifle is far from “American Made”.

    • hami

      Correct, the title is misleading.

  • Jason

    When did HK start making anything in the US and where is the facility?

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Interesting. I thought the Mark23 was among the few H&Ks that were actually imported from Germany. Guess I was wrong…

    • Almost all of them are…

      • hami

        In fact, the two handguns in the picture are marked “DE” indicating that they are German imports. Meaning only one of the four firearms is “Made in the USA.” I wish the title could be edited.