The Pocket AK Pistol Is Here

The NRA Show is just around the corner, and we’ll be seeing some new guns being unveiled at this year’s event. Among them is the Pocket AK from Heizer Defense, the company that brought you the Pocket AR. Full details are not yet available, but Heizer did send out a press release to let us know it’s coming. Would you buy one?

Photos aren’t out yet, but I will be at the NRA Show in a couple weeks covering what’s new for spring in the gun world. To give you an idea of their offerings, this is an image of the Pocket AR:


From Heizer:

At the upcoming NRA Show in Nashville, Tenn., Heizer Defense is debuting the new PAK1 “Pocket AK Pistol” in 7.62×39. Booth #3215. The pistol is the next caliber offering in the Heizer Defense Pocket Pistol Family. The Pocket Pistol Family currently consists of the PS1 “Pocket Shotgun”, chambered in 45LC/410, the PAR1 “Pocket AR”, chambered in .223, and the Hedy Jane Empowered line, geared for women. The pistols are multi-caliber with interchangeable barrels. Accessory barrels will be shipping along with the PAK1 “Pocket AK” very soon. Consumers can purchase any Heizer Defense Pistol and now have 2 additional calibers to choose from, and additional calibers will be offered throughout 2015.

Heizer Defense Pocket Pistols are proudly distributed by its partners AcuSport, AmChar Wholesale, Bangers, Big Rock Sports, Bill Hick’s, Sports South, Williams Shooting Supply and Zanders Sporting Goods.

For more information on the Heizer Defense products, visit

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  • jbgleason

    Heizer, let me be the first to Thank You for giving the gun haters and ATF exactly the useless BS weapon they need to justify their next attempts to ban ammunition. I can’t wait for the dramatic footage when they pull this ridiculous handgun out of a pocket and shoot through both sides of soft body armor with “POLICE” emblazoned across the front and back. Great.

    • Tiru Maru

      My thoughts exactly. You beat me to it…

    • lucusloc

      Yep, this is a brilliant idea. Make the ATF define their stupid laws to the point where a court would have to throw them out. Force them to show the world just how stupid this whole farce of law really is. If we suffer for a year or two, but in the end the ATF has its authority to regulate ammunition removed, is that not a win?

      • Anomanom

        Excepting that this is reality, and such a ruling will happen exactly not never. It might be ruled in a state court, but the fed court would immediately overturn it.

        • lucusloc

          I don’t know about that. The “sporting purposes” clause bassically cannot stand post Heller. (Unless you are the 9th circuit of course, and they are famous for getting struck down if their cases go to SCOTUS. Over 50% usually). I think that is why the ATF backed down from the M855 ban, as there were quite a few groups itching to use that to challenge the sporting purposes language, and most analysts seems to think it would have been an “easy” case as far as that kind of thing goes. That plus the bill that got introduced to legislatively take that authority away. This president obviously would not sight the legislation, but we are awful close to the next election. . . .

          • Guido FL

            The Obama Mafia has till Jan. 16 2017 to impose their brand of change upon America. Plenty of time in light of the spineless GOP leadership.

          • lucusloc

            Honestly I think anything he does from hear on out will just drive our side to attack those institutions even more. Anything he does through executive orders and the bureaucracy can be undone by the next POTUS, and will drive outrage on our side. It is of course not without danger, but I still think the outlook is positive, no matter what he does.

    • sianmink

      I doubt a 125 grain AK bullet coming out at 750fps (and about a 6 foot fireball) would penetrate a IIA vest but go ahead and dream.

    • Cymond

      I’m so sick of this argument, like they completely overlooked the flood of AK-47 pistols in recent years, but a single shot pistol is “exactly the useless BS weapon they need”.

  • Dogthecynic

    Awesome. I never liked having working wrists anyways.

    • dan citizen

      The recoil is going to be extremely mild, too short a barrel to generate much force.

  • np

    I dont think it would be able to get enough velocity with such a small to penetrate body armor

    • np

      lol meant small barrel

    • dan citizen

      They’d be lucky to get enough velocity to puncture both sides of a spiral cut ham…

      OK, I’m exaggerating, it’ll generate roughly the power of .32 auto.

  • Don Ward

    Fools and their money are soon parted.

  • El Duderino

    Dude, TFB, please stop with the Heizer articles! These are the dumbest firearms in history. I know the gun industry is busy chewing its own tail, there aren’t many new ideas out there, but Heizer’s products are just idiotic.

    • Cymond

      The Heizer guns are dumb enough already. We really don’t need multiple articles on the same model.

  • nobody

    How long until the .308 pocket sniper comes out? I want my nose to start bleeding every time I fire the damn thing.

    • Cymond

      What we really need is something with a giant powder charge and a bigger bore. Since it was designed for 45 Colt, 500 S&W is probably too wide for the frame, but 460 S&W should work.

      (I’m joking!)

      • nobody

        So what you’re saying is they should make it slightly larger and make a pocket antimaterial rifle version in .50 BMG or a pocket safari rifle version?

    • Zebra Dun

      I’m waiting for the 45/70 version.

  • Cymond

    They should shorten the barrel a bit, like, to make it more concealable and faster handling. [/sarc]
    They might as well cut it back until the tip hangs out. It would be just about as effective as this.

    (pic from Killing Them Softly)

    • Giolli Joker

      By chopping the barrel a bit more they would make it more effective… as a knuckle duster!

  • Zebra Dun

    In a survival situation it could be used to kill a bunny, bar b que it and set off a signal flare at the same time!
    I bet when you blow through the barrel it whistles too!

  • Dee Yourolla

    I hope they make one in 7.62x54r.

    I’m going to write the ATF to decide if it’s going to be AP or not.

  • Anon. E Maus

    Genius! The flash and kick of a shotgun with the performance of a drunk .38!

    Is there literally any reason to not just get a double-barrel .38 Derringer over this?

    I doubt this short barrel can even stabilize the bullet in any way that matters. a .38 Airweight or LCR outperforms this thing in basically every practical task.

  • Guido FL

    WHY ? Another answer is search of a question. More fodder for the ATF and gun banners, STOP it !