It’s Official! The Glock 43 Single Stack 9mm Is Here!

No this is no photoshop!

For a long time now readers has been asking for a single stack Glock 9MM. Well the rumors have been flying especially so in the recent few weeks with the teaser ads from Glock and of course speculation by everyone in the shooting community.

The wait is over! I can officially tell the readers the Glock 43 single stack 9mm is a reality and will be available shortly. Make that soon enough you better check with your local gun store in a few days!

Several weeks ago myself and two other writers were invited to the Glock headquarters in Smyrna, Ga. for a tour of the factory and preview a new product. I’ll be covering the factory tour in a separate article.

G43 Right

After the factory tour we were taken to the main event at the Glock training facility. There we were each handed a compact Glock marked 43, 9MM! Each of the three of us were allowed to shoot as much as we wished and believe me it was a pleasant range session!

The slide is 1" in width

The slide is 1″ in width

If you are familiar with the Glock 42 in .380 you’ll be familiar with the big brother in 9mm. The frame size is the same as the model 42 with the slide being 8mm longer than the 42. Magazine capacity is the same at 6+1 of 9mm.

Shooting the Glock 43 was comfortable and gives the shooter very little recoil over the Glock 42. I found it to be comfortable to shoot and accurate especially so for a subcompact pistol. The Glock Teasers have shown two springs and of course one is the 42 and the other from the 43. Glock did their homework on the recoil spring in order to mitigate recoil and still handle the slide mass through the cycle. I can say this with confidence because while making recoil more than manageable there were no malfunctions of any kind doing all the shooting we did which was a great deal!



If you happen to be a Glock fan and you want a small primary pistol or an officer who carries a Glock in 9mm this will make a great backup pistol. The official Glock Press Release will be posted on Friday.

Watch for the first ever media tour of the Glock factory next week!

MSRP $589.00


Comparison in size between the Glock 42 and 43.

Comparison in size between the Glock 42 and 43.



Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Esh325

    I would say it took far longer for them to make one then it should have. I think Glock needs to make a new handgun design that will revolutionize the handgun market like the original Glock pistol did.

    • but at least they did listen and made it!

      • RBR

        If slowly.

    • Anonymoose

      Nah. It’s “PERFECT” the way it is, always has been, and always will be! So they added new calibers, an accessory rail, finger grooves, and replaceable backstraps…it’s still pretty much the same thing that came out in 1980.

    • Tony

      I feel like they didn’t realize this model sooner due to the success of the 42. Since its selling like hot cakes they wanted to wait on this to maximize initial consumer interest in the 42. They is smart ya ( german accent) this good.

    • RickH

      I think I agree, as I’ve always admired the technological design of their pistols, but have never liked the ergos of them. At this point in time they could come out with a new frame design as an addition to the current configuration.

    • Bolide

      It’s too late; Walther, HK, and Ruger have all already made leapfrog improvements on the GLOCK design with their new pistols.
      GLOCK’s playing catch-up in all the niches.

  • Patrick R.

    Dear Glock,

    Please send me one for T&E.


  • FrenchKiss

    I bet it’ll never get on the California Handgun roster.

    • pdoggeth

      No need to bet, it’s guaranteed it won’t, at least while microstamping is a requirement for any new handguns. We Californians may have to wait several years for a supreme court ruling, and that’s only if it declares the roster is unconstitutional. If it doesn’t… Glock Gen 3 forever, baby.

      • FrenchKiss

        But if one’s hands are too small, and the G43 fits, and the state prohibits ownership, isn’t that a violation of the 2A? Nah, I’m kidding, it is.

        • Cymond

          Funny little trick in the law, it doesn’t prohibit ownership/possession of off-roster handguns. You just can’t buy off-roster handguns from a gun shop. You can buy one from another CA resident, if you can find anyone that has one.

          I took an off-roster 1911 with me when I moved to CA, and traded it after a few years. I’m glad to be back on the east coast again.

  • Plumbiphilious

    Not sure how well this will hold up against the Shield. It has settled quite happily unto the tiny-9 market. Despite Glock’s brand name, is this too little, too late?

    • Anonymoose

      Hopefully they come out with 7 and 8 round extensions, because I’m really not buying this whole 6-round thing. I’m not a fan of the LCP, the regular PPK, G42, or other 6-round .380s, and a 6-round 9mm is not very high on my list when I can have a 7-round 9mm or 6-round .40 for about the same price and same size.

      • Somebody will if Glock doesn’t. Companies always seem to.

      • Adam

        Except they are not the same size. The 1/3 to 1/2 inch difference in height makes a huge difference when carrying on the ankle or in a pocket. Glock will do very well with this offering.

    • JWaits85

      If it’s anywhere near as light as the 42, then they may have an edge. The shield is kind of weighty for a pistol its size and really, to me, doesn’t weigh enough less than the 9c to justify its price vs the 9c. And depending on mode of carry, the 9c may conceal better due to it being slightly shorter.

      • The weight difference between the two is minimal.

      • m

        Despite the use of commas instead of periods, I am reading the specs above as stating that the pistol with magazine is just about 18 oz. empty.

        • Mike Butler

          That is the European typographic style of expressing decimals. I would much rather read through commas than have to translate grams in my head.

    • MR


  • Firocity

    Can you fit the G43 comfortably in your front pocket?

    • Depends on what kind of pants you wear. Jeans would be close using a holster which is the only safe way to do it.

    • MrApple

      Depends on the pants you wear and the size of your junk.

    • tbt10f

      Would depend on the person but I carry a G26 in my front pocket just fine, I just have to make sure the pants I am wearing have pockets of the right kind (I wear slacks/dockers usually) and that they are deep enough.

      • tbt10f

        Oh and I use a DeSantis Super Fly (for a white guy) holster and the side panel that you can velcro to it makes printing a non-issue.

  • Willardwisheswell

    Any reason why the lines on the back plate are crooked in the press shots?

    • A prototype I imagine

    • SM

      You’re just seeing things. It’s perfect, remember?

    • Lines aren’t crooked, the backplate’s just a little crooked. It has a little wiggle, just a part of the Glock’s design.

  • Grammar nazi

    “…Glock did there homework”


    • GTP

      At least someone did their homework…

      • James

        Someone did *his* homework.

        • GTP

          Nope. My use of the word was proper, given my lack of knowledge regarding the sex of Grammar nazi.

          2. (used after an indefinite singular antecedent in place of the definitemasculine form his or the definite feminine form her)

          • More Smarter Grammer Nazi

            Technically, it would read “…his or her homework.” The use of “their” implies there is more than one person (which there isn’t), and since you didn’t know the sex of the subject… You both are wrong.

          • Anti Grammer Nazi

            Or, “someone did some homework”….
            Between the use of “their” and “his or her”, I’d prefer less words.

          • Andrew Taylor

            singular they

          • Crumbo

            What happens when More Smarter Grammer Nazi collides with Anti Grammer Nazi? An explosion? Typos? English rules exceptions? I’m getting out of here, just to be safe. You’re all taking your lives into your hands by staying. 😉

          • Squirreltakular

            That was true, but probably back in the ’70s. “Their” has been an accepted form for some time for when the sex is unknown.

          • James

            Vernacular English in the U.S. has become extremely coarse and ugly. There is no reason for literate writers (!) to follow such a practice.

          • Squirreltakular

            C’mon. That is the most trite and tired argument in the history of language debates. People have been complaining that new terms are “ruining” their languages for hundreds of years. No one is saying we need to suddenly adopt Ebonics into the Miriam-Webster Dictionary. Go back to solely using Ye Olde English if it bothers you so much. Oh, and no French words or their derivatives, since that was a major complaint back in the day.

          • GTP

            I consulted a dictionary and my usage was proper.

          • Dmember

            ‘his’ sounds just fine to me (female) and ‘their’ sounds too plural and just stupid. The whole mess is just a product of the gender wars and is absurd. But then America is a big mess right now too so…. Anyhow, I’d love to have a Glock 43 but they sure do want a lot of money for it. I hope racking the slide is as easy as on the 42.

          • James

            Good grief. Has English become this bastardized? When the sex of the singular entity is unknown, the appropriate pronoun possessive is masculine. “Someone did his homework.”

          • GTP

            Explain that to a dictionary, then.

        • sam

          Someone did *theys* homework.

        • thebulky1cometh

          His or her*

          • James

            “His or her” is a modern, politically-correct invention. It is also awkward. While it is not as abhorrently incorrect as using the plural “they,” when the sex of the singular person is unknown, the appropriate pronoun is masculine. For example, “Man is by nature a social animal. He is an individual…”

        • Ron Fox

          Someone did ‘its’ homework??? that’s not right!

    • Jg

      That’s not the only typo.

      • Oh please you try it on the third day you have the flu and run a high fever.

        • Motor-T

          We’ll let it slide this time. But don’t let it happen again.

          P.S. Thanks for the timely content. You’re alright.

        • Crumbo

          Get well soon. Fevers suck. Tell your fever I said so. “That’s right, fever, he said you SUCK.”

        • dan citizen

          Blog rule #19

          Always include some minor typos, the readers love finding them, and it drives up post counts when they debate them

          • FourString

            Controversy sells

      • JumpIf NotZero

        “If you happen to be a Glock fan and you want a small primary pistol or an
        officer who carries a Glock in 9mm this will make a great backup pistol.”

        Yes, I either want a small primary pistol or an officer with a glock to carry around. Who makes a holster for a fullsize officer?

        • Arturo Suarez

          I think maxpedition or camelbak might

          • Crumbo

            Be sure to get a holster with retention lever for that officer. You wouldn’t want a criminal grabbing him and using him against you.

          • hydepark

            Sorry to pull a Leonard but I just had to HAHHAHAHHA @Crumbo

    • JumpIf NotZero

      And what homework was that anyhow? The assignment is to copy exactly what everyone else has been making for years – due middle of 2015.

      • He was talking to me about my statement.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Was that not obvious? Thanks. I think we’re all on the same page here. The wrong there/their is just 1/2 of what’s wrong with the statement. Glock didn’t do THEIR homework – they did cloned and created exactly what you already see on the market.

          There has been little homework done on their side.

          • Mark N.

            Glock, being a corporation, is technically an “it” and a singlualr it at that. So it should be “Glock didn’t do its homework.”

          • JumpIf NotZero


          • Leonard Bayard

            Actually, corporations are considered as “persons or personhood” under US law, so technically, it would be “their” homework.

    • J.E.Walker

      Thank you.

    • Duh?


      We KNOW Glock is neither male nor female, but a COMPANY.

      The correct version is:

      Glock did ITS homework.

    • Justice Jack

      Their are many reasons to want a concealable weapon.
      #1: They’re people who like them because there’re shiny.
      Second: Their are people who like to blowed things up.
      C: There are people who like a concise ending to a seemingly never-ending conversation.
      I don’t know why everybody complains about the 6+1 capacity of the Glock 42 and 43. The people in category “C” probably only load 3+1 to satisfy their needs. LOL

  • Vitsaus

    The “meh” is audible from space. Again Glock is late to the party.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Fairly certain sound doesn’t travel in space.

      • Vitsaus

        Fairly certain that exaggeration based sarcasm is not something you’re fond of. I’ll try to keep the jokes in line with hard science henceforth.

      • tbt10f

        Funny, I am in a “space” and sound seems to travel just fine here.

    • sam

      I’m just thinking ‘meh’. I mean, I understand this is important to some and they have practical, sane, possibly high-level-user specific reasons for being concerned. But to me it’s like, yep ‘meh’.

      • sam

        I mean, I get that Glock is conservative about their product line, mostly… except that time they went nuts and made their own 45 caliber cartridge (lol). But they’re mostly conservative about the product line, sticking to pistols, making gradual refinements, and I appreciate that.

        I like how it’s ex Keltec semper alliquid novi too. They both have their styles.

        • michael

          Yeah 45GAP was (is?) pretty much the craziest s$&t they’ve tried since they started making ‘plastic guns’ before it was cool. Pretty hard to find anything dealbreakerish about most of their products, though.

        • whskee

          I too appreciate that they are conservative but damn. They’ve pushed it a little too far, and now the competition has leaped them. Smith & Wesson M&P and Springfield XD lines seem to have taken a bit of their sales away, but they’ve still got a huge chunk of police sales market.

  • JWaits85

    YES, recessed slide lock! Drove me crazy on the g42, I would actuate at least once every time I shot it until I really trained my thumb to ride lower than usual.

  • Drew


    Now drop make it 7+1, ship it with extended 8+1 capacity mags, stop making the sights out of plastic and drop the MSRP by $100

    Maybe then it’ll be as good a Shield.

    • GTP

      I can’t wait to pick up a Shield for the summer. 😀

      • MrApple

        It’s a great gun. So small and light that it just disappears on your belt.

    • Leonard Bayard

      Well, on top of that it definitely won’t have the 9lb trigger pull that the shield has. bummer….

      • The trigger is actually fine on the 43—–

        • JumpIf NotZero

          You know you don’t need to reply to every post right?

          • Yep I think I figured that one out long before now.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            You sure? Because as I’m writing this you have 10 of the 40 comments here. That’s 25% of the comments where you replying to either sarcastic or obvious statements.

          • Leonard Bayard

            seriously, what’s your problem? You’re the only one allowed to post? You’ve replied to almost every single comment.

          • Ah just ignore him. He’s always in a foul/sarcastic mood. I guess I’m todays object of scorn—-LOL!

          • Robert

            Ignore him. He’s one of those gear freak, gospel types. At this point, I’d say his TFB infamy rivals Lance, which is quite the feat.

          • Agreed——

          • Jack Mahoghof

            You’d probably complain if he DIDN’T answer every question…

          • MrApple

            Can we reply to your’s?

          • As many as you want—-

          • Tired of smarmy douches

            Hey go back to eating Hot Pockets in your Mom’s basement. Start your own blog since you seem to be the highest speed, lowest drag mega operator out there. It’s amazing you have time to comment 9 times on every article, try having a life

        • Leonard Bayard

          was being a bit sarcastic, sorry. The pull on the shield is out of the box is pretty darn stiff.

          I almost got a G42 but had a sneaking feeling this was going to happen (not this soon mind you).

          • No big deal and sure no need to apologize. My M&P
            s all have Apex internals.
            I figured it was coming as well. It was going to be released at SHOT but it wasn’t ready just yet.

          • Leonard Bayard

            It does look intriguing I’ll give it that but how many of these things do you need? I’ve got an old NYPD Kahr K9 castoff that I’m using. I loved the size of the G42 though but hard to justify what’s probably going to be another $570 gun?

            Probably going to sell a ton of these…

        • maodeedee

          The triggers on either the Shield and the Glock can both be improved.
          My gunsmith is both a certified Glock and Smith and Wesson armorer and I had always wanted a Glock 20 but hated the Glock triggers. As soon as I shot HIS Glock 20 with one of his trigger jobs I went out and bought my first Glock. Then after that I bought a 19 and then a 23.
          This Glock 43 would have been my next Glock If they had made it the same size as the 42.

          • RBR

            Who is your ‘smith?

          • burns

            I would also like to know who and where he is? thanks

      • RPK

        My S&W M&P Shield in .40 Caliber has between a 4-5 Lb trigger pull and that is from the factory. My wife has a S&W M&P Shield in .9mm with between a 7-8 pound trigger pull. Would not trade either for a Glock…period! She also has a S&W M&P Bodyguard in .380 ACP. AWESOME handgun!

        • Leonard Bayard

          I would absolutely love to see your video’s of you testing the pull on both guns.

        • send me a link and I’ll post it most likely.

        • Nate

          The Bodyguard is the most useless firearm I’ve ever handled

        • Mitch1

          If you think the Shield is better than any Glock on the market, I wouldn’t trust you with a slingshot. Clearly you’re deranged.

      • Dan

        it’s lighter because it’s less tall and -1 capacity compared to the shield.

    • Sulaco

      Or a P9 Kahr.

      • Michael

        Kahr does make some great 9’s. I’m sure this new Glock will also be good, though. I used to want one of their export market 380’s back in the day, but they waited until everyone else made a locked breach 380. Then I discovered the Kahr CW9 and found I could have a 9 instead.

    • John Paschke

      Don’t do any of that and it’ll outsell the Shield 2 to 1.

      • Ko I

        Glock could shrink wrap dog turds and they’d sell.

        • Sevarian

          What? A shrink wrapped Glock dog turd! Where do I get one?

    • Stephen

      That depends on how you look at it. The Sheild9 has a 4.6″ height vs 4.25″ of the G43 (0.35″ smaller). For those who need the shorter height, the G43 has an advantage, and you can always extend the magazine to regain the lost round if that is important to you.

    • All the Raindrops

      Shields are crap next to an xds. They’re useful guns but they’re not similar quality. I will be interested to try the g43 though.

    • Mitch1

      Have you ever shot a Shield and a Glock side by side? Last time I did it, i immediately took my shield down and sold it. There’s a reason they are a little cheaper than a Glock. It’s because they aren’t as good as a Glock.

      • RBR

        Actually, I have. At least the Shield I have isn’t bad at all, but I got it for occasions when I want to carry something slimmer than a G26 or G19. The trigger is decent, but it was the thin grip is why I bought it.

  • Cute. Now make some 33 round mags, a full auto kit, and give it to Carnik Con.

  • Leonard Bayard

    ahhh Hahahaa! Oh man, all those peeps out there that bought the G42 must be steaming right about now!

    • Probably or gives an excuse to buy another pistol:-)

    • 3fingersalute

      Lol,I just bought the 42 two weeks ago. I’ll still probably get a 43 though, can never have to many…..

  • JumpIf NotZero

    No forward serrations, 6 round shown, not significantly smaller than the S&W, trigger unknown, cheap sights, higher than average MSRP…

    It’s going to have to be knockout for me to consider selling my Shield.

    • Leonard Bayard

      You make it sound like all the other Glock models came with these things. Deal with it, it’s a Glock.

      It’s 3oz lighter than the shield and definitely will have a lighter pull than the 9lbs of the shield.

      It was built because the demand was there, simple as that.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        “will have a lighter pull than the 9lbs of the shield.”

        Uh huh, so you’ve never shot a Shield then?

        • Leonard Bayard

          yeah, I have and no thanks. S&W should stick at what they’re good at, making wheel guns. And there is plenty evidence of the shield having a 9lb. trigger out of the box.

          • Greg

            You mean like Glock 42 and its 9lb trigger?

          • Leonard Bayard

            1. All .380’s all have notoriously strong trigger pulls
            2. You do realize we’re discussing 9mm?
            3. For all I know you could of recorded that by picking up your cat, post a video link.

        • Joe

          Why are you such a Douche? Did your mother not hug you enough as a child? Or were you just never taught that a small mind and a big mouth go hand in hand?

      • Dukeblue91

        Leonard I don’t know where you got that Shield from or shot it at but mine isn’t anywhere near 9 pounds of trigger pull new or now.
        The Glock may be 3oz lighter but also holds one less round or 2 less with the pinky mag.

        As for me I’m happy with my Shield but more power to anybody that wants the new 43.

        • Leonard Bayard

          As I said, there are plenty of video’s out there of people testing the trigger with various gauges. All that I saw had the shield coming in at over 8.5lbs.

          For some people that and the weight are going to sway them over the shield.

          Some will just want to round out there Glock collection.

          Some will just like how it looks, what do I care?

          I just found the shield to have a very heavy pull, if you like heavy triggers that’s totally fine, a lot of people do.

          • J.T.

            There are also plenty of videos with 5.5 pound Glock triggers coming out at that weight as well.

  • Ted Unlis

    Looking at the specs and comparing the new Glock 43 to the Kahr CM9/PM9, Glock 42, and Glock 26, I can’t help but feel that Glock came up short with what is basically a marginally smaller Glock 26 with a 6 round capacity. What a let down. Here are the numbers:

    Kahr CM9 Glock 42 Glock 43 Glock 26

    Length: 5.3″ 5.94″ 6.26″ 6.49″

    Width 0.91″ 0.94″ 1.02″ 1.18″

    Height 4.0″ 4.13″ 4.25 4.17″

    Unloaded Weight 14.0oz 13.76oz 16.19oz 21.71oz

    Loaded Weight 18.3oz 17.29oz 20.6oz 26.12oz

    • Vitsaus

      Try not to take too much wind out of the hype by using data.

    • Curmudgeon

      Sure, these things might be only two steps better than a Hi-Point to us Gun Snobs, but the Kel-Tec PF9 or whatever single-stack holds 1 more round, is .35 inch shorter, and a tiny inconsequential bit thinner.

      And has an MSRP quite a bit lower, not to mention the real “street price”.

      Yeah, I agree with the “too late” crowd. Glock will sell enough to make it a smart business decision, but it holds no real superiority over other pocket 9s out there. The small rush to buy will be followed by a stable market share smaller, by percentage of the total “XYZ gun” type sub-market, than the double-stack Glocks have.

      To me, the only reason to prefer this Glock over other pocket 9s is the Nitride finish. That be good stuff.

  • J.T.

    Glock is letting you all publish this before they make their own announcement?

    Also, $589 MSRP? It better have a street price WAY lower than that if they want me to buy one. I can get an LC9S Pro, M&P Shield, or an XD-S for $400 or less from my LGS.

    • Street price will probably be a $100 less.
      As far as the greenlight to publish Glock decided to let us go ahead because of those who failed to honor the agreement and leaked the real content. They decided to stick with the Friday press release which we will post. In fact I have it I just can’t do anything with it yet.

      • RBR

        That is still high compared to the competition and there really does not appear to be anything to recommend this over any of the others. Late to market and overpriced is not a particularly good combination.

        • MR

          You don’t think 99% of the market will forgive them, simply because it’s Glock? Others may have produced single stack 9mm pistols before now, but no one else has managed to produce a single stack 9mm GLOCK. Personally, I’m gonna skip the “early adopter” hoopla, and see if I can snag a Model 37 instead.

          • J.T.

            I can’t speak for everyone, but I have been waiting for this gun for years like the rest of the Glock fanboys. Unless they sell for the $400 price they belong at, I will get a Ruger instead.

          • The market will decide. We just have to wait to see where the price settles.

          • Mike Butler

            Let’s just say that it won’t settle in at $400, but at a price point just high enough to make you complain, just like Mercedes-Benz “settles in” at a price point higher than Honda. We can also safely assume that it won’t stop them from selling trainloads of the product.

          • RBR

            I would not say 99% of the market will forgive them, but enough will that Thwe G 42 Should sell well.

        • J.T.

          Ya. I have been eyeballing the LC9S Pro, but since I am a bit of a Glock fan was waiting until Glock released this before making a decision on what to get. I really don’t see myself paying over $100 more for a gun that holds one less round, even if it is a Glock. I can get the Ruger for $350 from my LGS during one of the one of the many sales they run. Glock would have to get down the the $400 price point in order to get me to really consider a 43 seriously.

      • Mike Guthrie

        Why is it that almost everything firearm related has an ” MSRP” and a street price why not price it to sell

        • That’s just the way the system was made and there hasn’t been any incentive to change.

        • FourString

          This is the case with automobiles as well.

    • Ronald Phelps

      Since when has Glock had to match Ruger or S&W on price to sell guns? Assuming the typical $100 less than MSRP, Glock 43’s will sell fast at $489. LEO’s will get a discount that puts it at $450-ish and you won’t be able to find one till 2016 whether your willing to pay or not.

  • Will

    Actually the obverse is true. Everyone has been copying bits and prices es of Glock technology since Smith & Wesson produced the Stigma… Sorry, the Sigma.
    Why Glock has taken this long to make a compact, single stack, 9mm is anyone’s guess.
    Calling my local dealer now to get on the waiting list

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Looks nice, but my Kahr PM9 is still half an inch shorter and a critical .2 inches narrower for back pocket carry, with the same capacity. I’m much more excited about the new long slide Glock 10mm on the other end of the spectrum.

  • Max

    +p rated????

  • James

    I figured be smaller comparing to 26 it’s almost same size just little thinner. Id go with 42 still kinda for a shorts/summer light clothing carry then 43. I don’t know have hold/see one in person

    • It’s identical to the 42 frame wise. The slide and barrel is only 8mm longer than the 42.

      • James

        Well with glock 26 #s compared to what you posted its slightly smaller 26 on single stack frame still till I see playbwith one no real idea

  • Arturo Suarez

    Compared to a P938, what do yall think?

    • Well I do like my P938 and have it in my pocket right now actually.

      • Arturo Suarez

        I have the extreme and keep it either in my pocket in a desantis pocket holster or Stealthgearusa Onyx IWB holster. Not sure if I should get one…love that my 938 has 7 round mags…

      • Ted Unlis

        While ya’ll are on the subject of a Sig pocket pistol, I just can’t get past the lack of a grip safety on the P938, and Sig blew a great opportunity to have a winner with the P290, a true high quality pocket pistol with great factory night sights, but that gawd awful trigger made it difficult at best to hold a tight group at even 7 yards. Even though the size of the new Glock 43 is a deal breaker for me, a Glock trigger is hard to beat.

        • boogers

          Except the p290RS has a good trigger. If you like DAO.

          • Ted Unlis

            I had the P290RS, heavy trigger that feels like you can stage it when you’re drying firing the pistol, but there’s nothing smooth or crisp about the trigger when you’re firing live rounds and the way the trigger group and fire control is designed, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done to remedy the awful trigger. The $#itty trigger is why the P290RS price dropped from $650 to $450 and then south of $350. PSA had them a month or two ago on clearance for $299. It’s a crying shame that Sig engineers couldn’t come up with a decent trigger because other being a tad heavy, everything else on the pistol was Sig quality. Missed opportunity by Sig.

          • goober

            i can’t attest as to why the price dropped although i never saw one for 650. i saw plenty of 500-550 P290rs models a while ago. now it’s 449ish for most. the PSA model was the ‘EDC’ unit (missing night sights and a extra magazine). If you add night sights and a 8rd magazine back to the EDC model, you are close to that 400-449 number again.

            as far as the trigger is concerned, it’s really decent. it’s heavier than a 5lb striker trigger, yes. but that’s not what it is. it’s a DOA gun with no safeties whatsoever. think revolver. you need a longer pull in such a case. yes the trigger does stage nicely. my experience has been the opposite or yours. dry firing reveals it’s very easy to know where the break is in the pull cycle. at the range groups are tiny small. that’s the way guns are though, to each his own preference.

          • Ted Unlis

            Goober you sound like most of your trigger time with the P290RS has been dry firing because when dry firing it feels decent and seems like you can stage the trigger, but once you try it with live rounds it becomes painfully obvious you can’t stage it and just how awful the trigger is There’s a reason the P290 or P290RS vanished from the list of contenders for the top rated pocket small concealable 9mm pistol, the trigger weight or DAO function isn’t what made the 290 trigger $#!tty, a combination of long and heavy with no crisp or clean break. But I will concede that novice shooter unaccustomed to tight groups wouldn’t know the difference. I promise you, after seeing the superior quality machining and finish work on the little Sig from the factory, no one was more disappointed than me with the unwieldy trigger, I wanted it to be good but it simply wasn’t.

          • goober

            Hey, no worries dude. You don’t like the P290RS trigger. Like I said before, to each his own preference. I think it’s decent and have the opposite opinion you do. But that’s what makes firearms awesome. Endless preferences and possibilities.

  • James

    1. Great. I will buy one as soon as the first obligatory phantom recall is conducted (see Glock 42).
    2. I am still not 100% happy. I want a compact (Glock 19) size with single stack grip size.
    3. I will never be happy, because if Glock were to ever make a single stack Glock 19, I would demand a single stack version of the Glock 17. You will never satisfy me, Glock!

    • kipy

      You’ve pretty much listed Kahr’s business model.

    • whskee

      They would make peoples heads explode if they gave their line a single stack treatment. If they made a Glock Carbine or SMG pattern announcement I think we’d have something to talk about. We all saw this coming miles away, and just wondered why the hell they took so long.

    • FourString

      Amen on the single stack Glock 17 idea. Would be beneficial to those in restricted states and Canada.

  • dagray

    Wonder how the Glock 26 will fair sales wise with the 43 coming out, it’s only 4 rounds different between the two, but the 43 would be more comfortable to carry.

  • Jack Mahoghof

    Is it just the pic or is the slide on the 43 taller than the 42?

    • Jack Mahoghof

      P.S. Thanks Phil!!!

      • You bet. To answer that question the reps at the range said the slide was longer but not thicker or taller.

        • Jack Mahoghof

          Copy that. So it was just the pic. Pretty jazzed about this!

          Get well soon!

  • John

    Is this just a slightly thinner G26?

  • shooter2009

    Damn…and, I just bought my wife a Sig P938.

    • Arturo Suarez

      Don’t feel bad, the wife and I love our 938’s. Mine has a threaded barrel with a TiRant 9s…its a Sig…you can never go wrong with a Sig..

      • shooter2009


        The only complaint I had with the 938 was the fact that it bites your hand if you have a solid grip and activate the safety.

        I had to take the grip off and shave down that “shelf” under the safety quite a bit.

    • Mark N.

      I’d take the Sig over any Glock any day. Not that this much matters–neither gun can be sold in California through a dealer.

      • Mike Butler

        So it’s a moot point. Unless you move to a free state.

  • Arturo Suarez

    Now all I need is the availability of a threaded barrel so I can slap on my TiRant 9S so I can be Ultra-Tier 1-SOCOM-Ranger-Green Beret-Seal-007!

  • elmore3399

    I’m sure the Glock 43 will be a good gun but you won’t see one in my safe. I refuse to buy any gun that I have to pay $200 or higher just because of the name.

    • Ted Unlis

      You sound like one of my kinfolks who was as serious as a heart attack when he explained to me that the only difference between a Hi-Point and a Glock is the name and about $350.

      • sometrend


  • Riot

    So this is like the second coming of jesus for glock fans right?

    • MrApple

      Not quite. This is disappointing while Eternal Salvation is going to kick ass.

      • Cymond

        You obviously haven’t drunk enough Glockaid. A true fanboy would educate us all about how every issue is really an advantage.

        • MrApple

          I love Glock pistols and… let’s just say that I own more than one. But the 6+1 capacity of this new pistol doesn’t thrill me. I will probably own one but I’ll wait till the bugs get worked out and one of the aftermarket companies, like Pearce, put out a +1 base plate.

          • MR

            Just wait ’til KCI releases their 50rd drum w/the single stack tower. 😀 (joking)

    • Ted Unlis

      Not for me, bought my first Glock in 1987 and have bought a dozen or more in the interim, but a 43 is not in my plans, don’t see the point in a 6 round pistol that is only marginally smaller than the Glock 26. No reason for me to want a pocket pistol that is significantly larger than the Kahr CM9.

      • Leonard Bayard

        I don’t know if I would say “marginally smaller”

    • sam

      Not for me, I like their long slides. For me the it would be if they release one with a 9-inch long slide in 30 Luger, preferably with a simple tangent sight: the Artillery Glock.

    • Justice Jack

      Unless this Jesus model you’re talking about comes in a 7+1 capacity, this is better! LOL

  • GQ

    Austria, huh. The grip, from blackstrap to the front looks longer.

  • MrApple

    I’m NOT happy about 6+1.

    • mig1nc

      I assume they’ll eventually offer longer mags. Much like the Walther PPS, which you can get with 6, 7, or 8 rd mags. Which BTW is only 4mm taller than the G43 while still being 3mm thinner according to manufacturer specs. Still a viable option.

  • Madcap_Magician

    I am as much a grammar Nazi as any other copy editing journalism major, but come on… The gun Glock fans have been begging for pathetically for years arrives, and most of the comments in the thread are moaning about Phil’s pronoun use?

    • Normally all post are proofed mine included but I wanted this posted ASAP so I decided to post quickly rather than wait until later this evening to have it proofed.

    • Justice Jack

      LMAO. I just had this conversation with a friend. Man, there are more grammar hounds in an internet gun review site than .edu sites. What really gets me is that the author could have said, “Glk 43 is da schizzel fo sho!” and he would have received 823 thumbs up and 100 interesting comments as to why gun “X” is a better option. Go figure…

  • the_duck

    How many rounds until you have to replace the recoil spring? I have a dual recoil spring system for a subcompact and it suggests changing one of them out every 500 rounds (I think it’s the outer spring).

    Just curious since there’s no mention of this.

  • Jim Bobble

    Fascinating how virtually the same gun in .45 was a flop, but everyone is all excited in this 9mm.

    • floppyscience

      Why is that fascinating? 9x19mm is the most popular handgun cartridge in the world.

      • Jim Bobble

        So take a turd, sprinkle 9mm on it and it becomes awesome. That IS fascinating.

  • floppyscience

    So is this going to be an unreliable mess at launch like Glock’s last two single-stacks, or have they finally learned through all the quiet revisions of the 36 and 42?

    • David Vilt

      I definitely wouldn’t get one until it’s been out in the wild for a year at least. Time for Glock to perfect it’s enviable issues. Although I agree with other comments in that it will be hard for me to switch from my Shield.

  • sometrend

    it`s a new gun…course I`ve got to have 1!

  • Darryl

    After wanting Glock to make one for so long I’m kinda disappointed. I wish the grip was a quarter of an inch longer to accommodate one more round and my pinky. And I wish it was as efficient as Kahr is with the OAL and barrel length

    • JQPub

      + 1. I was kinda hoping for a slim, single stack G19 type deal – something I could at least get all 3 fingers on, with an 8 round capacity. It’s still a little thick too. Oh well…

  • SteveK

    OH no! Just when my Wish List was starting to get manageable!

  • Allan Segal

    Would be nice to see nicer sights, melted contours, but there has to be something for the aftermarket to sell. (um, Lenny M. are you there?) A small rail for a light would be nice, too, but Herr Gaston eschews them on the smaller models, even in the .45.
    Some positives: No safety, no loaded chamber thingie*…(just to add some incentive for Kalifornicators /NewYawkahs/ Bahstonians to get things staightened out in their (un)commonwealths.

    *unless there is an alternative compliant model available.

  • Robert Berecz

    Mr White you prefer the 1911.
    Wich model if you don’t mind me asking?
    I try to study types of guns carried by law enforcement routinely. Glock seem to be the most popular. I bought a Kimber Ultra Carry 2 as a e.d.c.

    • The Glock is far and away the most widely used handgun in law enforcement. At the start it was because of cost and I imagine that’s still the case to a large degree. In 1987 when I was issued my Glock 17 gen 1 we were buying them for $289.00 including three mags. Currently Glocks occupy 65% of the LEO market.
      The S&W M&P has made some headway in the LEO market. For those departments with the money SIGs are often seen as well as some H&Ks. Of course some departments still retain the M9.
      I used to know every department that issued or allowed 1911s but it’s been some time since I collected those figures and department names.
      I prefer a full size 1911 and a Commander size 1911 off duty. I would carry the SIG 938 as a backup since it’s operation is so close to a 1911.
      As far as brands of 1911 it just depends on what you can afford. The Colt Gunsite Pistol is a good choice. It’s hand made and fitted with the emphasis on reliability and good accuracy. Cost on these currently runs about $1400 and can be purchased directly from the Gunsite Pro Shop to you personal specs.
      Currently I have a SIG C3 compact 1911 for summer carry and a Remington R1 Carry full size that’s had a small amount of work done on it.
      Just email me if you have any other questions I’m always glad to help Robert.

      • Robert Berecz

        Thanks for the reply.It seems that constant training with any weapon makes it partly reliable or it’s an avenue to find faults and correct it.L.E.O.’s put a lot of trust in their side arm so it peaks my interest to see what some detectives and such carry.My next purchase will be the Glock 41 simply to increase the capacity of my night stand gun.


    “Fascinating how virtually the same gun in .45 was a flop, but everyone is

    all excited in this 9mm.”

    In my case at least, because I had already invested $$ and training into

    the Glock 30. Yes it s a little more chubby but I like the feel….and utter
    reliability I was seeing. Also…priced a box of 45 ACP lately ?

  • toms

    absolutely no interest in this, sorry glock

  • HKGuns

    …..and just when you thought they couldn’t get UgLier, gLoCk steps up their game.

  • Dnozzle

    Jesus Christ, all you morons can talk about is grammar? Stfu

    • Justice Jack

      One month later and nobody has answered your question. I think it’s because you started the sentence with “Jesus Christ” and nobody wants to open up that can of worms. How ’bout those cowboys? LOL

  • maodeedee

    I’m disappointed.
    But I knew better than to get my hopes up. The 42 was little large for a .380 and so for 9mm the model 43 only needed to be a tiny bit larger. But as it is, it’s significantly larger, especially the slide, and too big for a true hide-out gun or pocket pistol.

    Obviously Glock considers shoot-ability more important than conceal-ability. Oh well now I guess I’ll have to get a S&W shield without the slide safety. Same size gun but with more mag capacity. actually the Shield is slightly flatter with a frame width of .95 compared to the 43’s frame of 1.02. The Glock’s slide is actually narrower than the shield but shield’s slide is thinner at the top.

    I might also consider a model 42 if Lone Wolf ever makes a barrel for it in 9mm Mak. Underwood makes a nice `115 grain plus P+ load for the 9mm Makarov. Does anyone want to take my place in line to buy one of these? I like Glocks but I’ll pass on this one.

  • Bill

    With the shield it’s possible (with small hands) to get your pinky on the gun with the flush mag… Is that possible at all with the 43?

    • Danny Gonzalez

      I think the G43 is slightly larger than the Shield in every aspect except the grip length. That is the one place where the G43 is more compact compared to Shield, so I am thinking probably not.

      • Bill

        Dang, I don’t get that, they should have dropped it down just enough you could get your hand on it like the shield and then they maybe could have squeezed another round in there too!

        • Danny Gonzalez

          yah, one would think. but on the other hand you gotta expect that extended mags will not be too far behind. curious though that while they have mags with pinky extension for the g42, they don’t add capacity. maybe for g43 they will

          • Bill

            No idea, I will most likely (if I get it) just carry it flush. However, if it’s the same size as a shield but with one less round and a smaller grip I’ll stick with the shield… I want to like this gun though! I just want a 1/4″ more on the grip maybe. I had extended mags idk why. I carry all pocket pistols etc flush. I shoot baby blocks without a pinky though so it’s not a huge deal, but the shield is fantastic with that little extra you get!

  • abandonallhope

    I could care less for the single 9mm, I’ve got my sig 2022 that carries like a dream with 15+1. I want to see the g40 and hope that the snow is actually machined for a reflex to cowitness or at least let me use the irons without removal.

  • hydepark

    Best. TFB. Post. Ever.

  • Kivaari

    I like it. I’d like a full sized model, with length and height of the 17 and 19. Thin would be good. The tiny pistol are just too tiny. I’ve had M26 and M27, and I always sell them, since they are just too small. The M42 is cute, but too small and weak.

  • Rex Krom

    Is it me or is the lines on the back plate crooked?

  • Doom

    I like it, ill probably get it to compliment my 17 that I carry. I would also like a full size single stack, and I bet that would sell well in commie states (lol) that wont allow normal capacity mags and make people use reduced capacity magazines. why carry a fat pistol with half the normal capacity when you can carry a thin ground up designed pistol with 10~ rounds and a nice thin grip?

  • Conrad Gabbard

    I’ve been a Glock fan for a long time, and just can’t help upgrading them. Tru-Glo, Ghost Tactical and Crimson Trace enable terrific modifications for performance and looks. Robar and the Glock Store can make more extreme upgrades. My Kimber SOLO with C/T grips seems to have retired my carry Glocks, but I’ll have a G43 when one becomes available. Never did understand the attraction to the S&W Shield, as my SOLO frequently embarrasses Shield shooters at the range, but our differences often help keep the conversations going.

    • Leonard Bayard

      You had me until you said “Kimber Solo”

  • Squirreltakular

    I was considering this over the Shield, but that mag capacity is a bummer.

  • Cal S.

    I’m wondering if this will have the same slide problems that Glock will refuse to own up to again?

  • Worm

    Wow instead of a large block of wood, you get a small thin block! Even behind on the market, Glockians can claim there first and best.

    • MR

      “They’re”? “Their”, maybe, depending on what you’re (your? yore?) trying to say.

  • Johnny Nightrider

    I would just buy a glock 26 9mm with 10 rounds of firepower.My go to handgun is a Glock19 with 15 round magazines.A stainless steel storm lake barrel and a USA sprinco stainless steel recoil rod and heavy duty spring.Very accurate with very little recoil.I use Corbon 115 jhp or Corbon 100 grain powerball ammo.Sometimes 124 jhp ammo from different manufacturers.

  • At that price, and round capacity the Glock 36 looks like a good idea now

  • fifty1

    I reckon they will make a 45 single stack some day too. My Glock30 ain’t going no where.

    • tazman66gt

      Glock 36

  • HM

    This actually makes me want to buy a Glock now.

  • Thomas Bennett

    So, it’s got a slightly shorter grip than an LC9, and a slightly longer barrel…

    SOLD! (helps that Blue-Label prices aren’t so awful)

  • Jeff

    Is it just me, or do the grooves on the slide cover plate look misaligned? For a photo provided to the press, I would expect things like that to line up. Makes the overall build quality look cheap.

  • Crystal Moore

    Too expensive not enough rounds I will buy a 26 1st it’s $50 cheaper and it’s 10 plus 1 not that much bigger glock got famous for having large capacity pistols like the 17 which holds 17 rounds just saying

  • 6urban_green9

    Too late Glock! You should have released it at the 2015 SHOT Show…I’m quite happy with my new Kahr CM9

  • Reg Dunlop

    Price is $589.00 ? A little steep…..

    • Ted Unlis

      I checked the LE Dealer I use regularly earlier today, they’re taking orders on the new G43 for $449 commercial (civilian) price and $358 law enforcement (individual officer) price. $579 is full retail price, only dummies who buy their guns from places like Gander Mountain pay full retail.

  • fifty1

    Oh yeah…….duh i don’t like the36 I’ve shot it.

  • Allan Segal

    Hey look, the new G44…….it’s a ….REVOLVER!!

  • tbt10f


    I see in all the pictures that these are made in Austria. My understanding was that the G42 had to be USA made because the same gun could not be imported under the sporting features test. Did they find a way around that for the G43 or were you just shown the Austrian ones as prototypes and production will be in the USA?

    • They will be made in the US facility we toured. In fact they were turning out guns while we were there.
      We just had the Austrian guns on hand. The factory tour article will be very informative and show you how Glock operates. Very interesting actually.

  • jeff k

    $589.00….wtf why are they asking full size pistol price?

    • Ted Unlis

      FYI, I checked with a major LE Supply that is one of the largest Glock Dealers in the U.S., they’re taking orders for the Glock 43 and showing a commercial (civilian) price of $449 and a law enforcement (individual officer) price of $358.

      • jeff k

        awesome thanks

  • Ted Unlis

    Well now, if an 8 year old NBC News story said it than it must be true. I got a news flash for you Einstein, many Departments that jumped on the Smith & Wesson M&P band wagon 8 years ago have since jumped back off once the reliability and maintenance issues from $#!tty quality control began to pile up with the M&P pistol line. But you’re right, Glock doesn’t have 65%, it’s more like 70% today.

  • Ted Unlis

    I tried to post a link with a graphic that provided a useful visual comparison of size with the Glock 43 and other 9mm single stack competitors, but apparently TFB nixed it. So, google “Glock 43 compared to other pistols” then go to the site to view the graphic. When you do, you will see that Glock engineers missed the mark by quite a bit as far as competition with the Kahr CM9 when it comes to size, it’s not even close.

  • Jim Hoyle

    Join these comments at your own risk. It seems the posters have forgotten the topic of discussion!

  • Rick Z

    There’s a reason why different manufactures make different handguns. Not everyone likes the same design, recoil, size, caliber, etc. let’s not get to personal about which one is best. Just be glad we still have a choice and work together to keep the right. I’m Looking forward to trying the G43 for a spin! God bless the USA.

  • SATM3D1C

    I just bought the Sig Sauer P938 Extreme which I really like a lot. I will be looking at getting the Glock 43 later this year. It does look really nice and the price is not too bad.

  • ^^ike

    I’d like to compare this side by side a Shield, my current favorite single stack 9mm.

    At least Glock doesn’t think we’re stupid and feel the need to inform us where to “grip” the gun.

  • TechnoTriticale

    Did Glock say why there is no rail? Given that competing models have it, leaving it off had to be a deliberate decision, unless they had no choice due to being dimensionally too small.

  • iGottaPee

    If they were smart in developing this, the frame will also support a 40 cal slim. Otherwise this is nothing special.

  • apgx2

    I have the .40 in model 23. I own 2 Shields in 9 and .40. I will get another Glock when they chamber the model 43 in .40.

  • russeh

    Glock: about 6 years late to the party.

    I’m sure it’s a fine pistol (that should’ve been introduced a decade ago). For now, I think I’ll stick with my CM9, CW9, and Shield 9. At this point, Glock is just adding another rollmark and a higher MSRP to the single stack 9mm gun case.

  • RBR

    The G26 can take the 15 or 17 (or even 33) round magazines which many people carry as spare mags. The is also a +2 mag extender/grip extension that can give you 12 +1. I keep a 10 round and 12 round mag handy depending upon how I am dressed.

  • Glock 42

    Can we just say, haters are going to hate hate hate and breakers going to break break break. Glock is well known and respected for being reliable, so go ahead and hate hate hate. Now shake it off shake it off. Glocks been taking over and break it off break it off to you haters. Love it and stop hating. It’s okay to like other guns and manufacture but don’t hate when “EVERONE” has been asking for this gun in 9mm.

  • maodeedee

    I’m very disappointed but not surprised that It’s significantly larger than the Glock 42 which is larger than many 380’s. As such, this single stack 9mm only needed to be just slightly larger than the 42 but Glock just couldn’t bring themselves to produce a true pocket pistol in 9mm. As it is, though, this new wondernine is essentially the same size as a S&W shield which Is actually thinner than the Glock 43, yet holds more ammo with a flush fitting mag.

    Anyone who want’s to take my place in line to buy one of these can have it. I’ll be getting a Shield with the optional no slide lock safety. or possibly a Ruger LC9s Pro also with slide safety and mag safety delete.

    Here are the dimensional comparisons:

    Glock 43: S&W Shield: Glock 42 (.380)
    Weight: 16.19 oz Weight: 19.0 oz Weight: 13.76 oz
    Length: 6.3″ Length: 6.1″ Length: 5.94 in.
    Height: 4.3″ Height: 4.6″ Height: 4.13 in
    Width: 1.2″ Width: 0.94″ Width: 0.94 in.

    Keltec PF9
    Weight: 12.7 oz.
    Length: 5.85″
    Height: 4.3″
    Width: 0.88″

  • Mack Bolan

    Glock will sell a bazillion of these.

  • leadsled

    I’d like to see a comparison to the Walther PPS…

  • charlie ‘o’

    luv my 19 but the ole kel tec works just fine at 1/2 the cost. 11 oz(empty), thank you.

  • William M Butler MSG USA ret

    Welcome to “English Comp and Lit 101.”. What a bunch of crap. It appears that most of you dildos need medicine to help you stay on track. Please take whatever meds you have been prescribed for your ADD, and talk about the subject of guns. thanks

  • cujo

    Preordered my 2 glock 43’s today. 469.00 at H and H gun range OKC. Guaranteed by end of april

  • Tit4tat

    I want something a bit more stronger like 44 or or 45

  • Dmember

    You are absolutely right. Although I agree that a person should be free to have his own opinion, this micro-management of every single thing in America related to gender and race is psychotic. America is just not the fun place it used to be. As a female I realize that I could probably be sued by the feminists for taking up for the masculine ‘his’ in this discussion. But it’s worth the risk. And I dare them to do it. 🙂

  • Obamasucks69

    Love my LCP .380 to conceal carry very nice gun….when I want something bigger I switch to my Sr40c .40