Hecho En Connecticut – ‘Colt Comando’ SMG

It doesn’t help that a large number of submachine guns churned out in the garages of Mexican drug cartel ‘engineering departments’ point the finger at the USA as their country of origin.

You’d think that these people would know that there are laws against that kind of thing…?

mexicansubmachinegun3 improguns

mexicansubmachinegun2 improguns

homemadesmgmexico improguns


  • Chris

    Easy to pick as not an actual Colt, their manufacturing has never been known to be that rough………..sarc.

    • MrEllis

      Polish the ramp, it’ll be fine!

    • nadnerbus

      This particular gunsmith has just been hired by Remington to clean up their quality control.

      • MR

        When they bust him, it won’t be on arms dealing or drug charges. It’ll be copyright infringement.

      • Cleophus


  • MR

    Open the registry, I want one!

    • MR

      Nevermind, I found his website, for an extra fifty bucks he’ll toss in a taxstamp! No waiting! Better deal than the ATF.

  • echelon

    “You’d think that these people would know that there are laws against that kind of thing…?”

    Pretty much goes to show you what most people think of these types of feel good “laws”.

    Easy solution: All citizens are free to build any type of sub machine gun or any other weapon and drugs are legalized. Win/Win. “Good” guys are able to better defend themselves and drug dealers will not have the need to create homemade weapons for protection.

    • Vitsaus

      I’m sure people will stop being addicted to meth if its legal. Chemical addiction is only caused by lack of legality. The brain can only get hooked on things it knows are illegal. Then at 3am when you’re breaking into houses to steal blue ray players, that only happens because its illegal to get drugs.

      • echelon

        So what you’re saying is that it’s “illegal” to break into houses at 3AM to steal blu ray players and that it’s “illegaler” to do so while high on meth? Is it “triple illegaler” to attempt burglary while high with a firearm?

        If someone is or isn’t addicted to meth, beer, cigarettes, coca cola, porn, etc. is irrelevant to me as it doesn’t victimize me in any way either way.

        The “war on drugs” is more ridiculous and destructive than if these things were just legal. You’d have thought that we would’ve learned our lesson with alcohol prohibition but…oh wait the .gov did learn…it’s more profitable for them to prohibit things rather than have them freely available…

        • Vitsaus

          What I was saying is that its more likely to happen BECAUSE some one is addicted to, for example, meth. And my point is that locking up those types keeps them out of my house, and keeps me out of court if I have to blast one of them for being there in the first place. In other words, making meth, for example, legal would not stop the crime associated with it. Drug addiction causes drug crime, gun ownership does not cause gun violence. See the difference?

          • Kivaari

            There sure is no way to get people to stop being attracted to addictive substances. Whether legal or not. Alcohol being the most common drug in use, since it is acceptable to use alcohol. I see no way mankind will not become addicted to something. Alcohol simply destroys lives and cost society billions. There is no cure. We do not have an effective treatment for any substance abuse. We spend billions TRYING to fix the substance abuse problem. Other nations have legalized drugs, in an attempt to fix the problem, and it just gets worse. Decriminalizing substances has failed, treatment fails, forced treatment fails, jails fail and we all suffer one way or another. Any ideas that will work, since nothing has so far.

          • David BB

            There’s always the Singapore Cure: the gallows, for every user, every dealer, every smuggler. They don’t have a drug problem in Singapore.

          • echelon

            No, I do not see the difference.

            And it still doesn’t make much logical sense…if the person is addicted to meth, regardless of if meth is legal or not, and they break into your house to steal cash or whatever to pay for the meth habit, burglary is still already illegal and they would be locked up anyway.

            Just doing meth is not a crime – it’s not hurting anyone but the person doing it. You wanting to bust people who do meth “because they might break into my house” is pre-crime and it’s no different than anti-gun people wanting to confiscate guns for people who had previous “mental illness” because they ‘might’ use that gun in the future to harm someone or their self. That’s tyrannical and wrong.

          • A Critic

            “Drug addiction causes drug crime”

            No, it is prohibition that causes crime. Prohibition makes things “prohibitively expensive”. That means people have to commit crimes rather than working or begging for pocket change to support their habit.

  • sianmink

    It’s one of those .9 m/ms we keep hearing about! I bet it has a 30 magazine clip too!

    • jared

      And the barrel shroud with the shoulder thing that goes up.

  • LCON

    el pase Kyber, So you think the Markings will have Politicians up in arms showing this as more proof of Gringo gun sales?

    • joeyskylynx

      Nasheed Mariachi. My god, it sounds so weird, yet amazing.

  • Jake Barnes

    Colt QC is really going out the window….

  • Kivaari

    I wonder how well it works.

  • Cytoxan

    Does anyone know when a Sig Brace adapter will be available for this model, I believe Kimber is making a copy, with many upgrades, and about 2-300$ cheaper!