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  • Thatguy96

    These guys appear to be from the Bergspluton (Mountain Platoon), Armen Jagarbataljon (Army Hunter Battalion) of the Swedish Army. The weapons are standard Swedish fare, AK5s (modified FN FNC), Ksp90s (FN Minimi).

    • sigge

      incorrect, it is the sport of biathlon upgraded for the call of duty generation

      • ProdigalSon

        *drops mic*

    • Nicholas Chen

      Thanks. I am not well versed in machine guns. But they looks like fun to shoot.

    • Tobias Kämpe

      Jägare ≈ Ranger

    • DD

      “Jägare” is translated as “Ranger” = Army Ranger Battalion.
      Otherwise correct.

  • Tobias Kämpe

    Swedes. AK 5C (Swedish FN FNC) and Ksp 90B (FN Minimi Para).

  • Riot

    Minimi para – you can tell from the stock and fnc, this can be identified by the angular body and the charging handle.

  • Kevin Harron

    AK5C was a bit tricky due to the nature of the shots, but the Minimi Para is pretty blatantly obvious.

  • tony

    Arnold can take them all out with a Sig P228

  • Casual observation

    Definitely Swedish, but it reminds me of a scene from a James Bond movie.


    and the Aimpoint CS Model….issued to the Swedish Armed Forces.

  • anonymous

    The bad guys from Die Hard 2?

  • sultan of swing

    Brokeback Mountain Militia

  • Squirreltakular

    God, those AK5s are beautiful.

    Anyone know if the Swedes also use the para-240s in addition to the 5.56 ones? I know the Spanish do.

    • fuikshiufs

      They use Mag58 machine guns.
      Some of them are upgraded with para-stocks and issued to specialty troops like these.

      • Squirreltakular


  • Yallan

    Training to fight feminazis.

  • Jib Halyard

    And they’re riding around in Lynx snowmobiles, which have a great reputation for ruggedness. Yet another highly cool thing that is not available in North America.