New O/U Shotgun From Legacy


Legacy Sports International, the company that carries the Howa, Escort, Citadel, and Yote lines, among others, is coming out with a new O/U shotgun. Many shooters prefer O/U shotguns for their versatility, balance, and simple maintenance (not to mention how easy it is to retrieve spent shells). The new gun was designed with trap and sporting clay shooters in mind and is called The Clays. MSRP $997.00.

From Legacy:

The Clays over/under is made for trap and sporting clays shooters. Available only in 12 gauge, the shotguns are chambered for 3 inch magnum loads in their carbon steel, chrome-moly lined barrels. Barrels on the Pointer Clays come in 28″ or 30″ lengths and are ported to reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil. Barrels also come with five (5) interchangeable chokes (F, M, IM, IC and Sk) and a wide, raised rib great for target acquisition. Sights are fiber optic front and steel mid bead. The Pointer Clays is furnished with a fine grade Turkish walnut stock with fancy checkering and an adjustable comb.


Barrel Length: 28″ or 30″

Barrels: Carbon Steel, Chrome Moly Lined

Chamber: 3″

OAL: 45″ to 47″

LOP: 14″

Weight: 8.9 lbs. to 9.2 lbs.

Stock:Turkish Walnut

Chokes: 5 (F, M, IM, IC and Sk)

Sight: Fiber Optic Front; Steel Mid Bead

For more information, visit or call 1-800-553-4229

Take a look online at:

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  • MountainKelly

    I still need to get my hands on a pointer

  • Don Ward

    *Blinks. Rereads lede paragraph. Blinks again.*

    Yeah. I guess those are some of the reasons why “many shooters prefer O/U shotguns.”

    As for the subject, an over/under that is under a grand is always eye catching. It would be interesting to see a side-by-side (snicker) comparison of the Legacy offering versus the traditional brands.

  • Joshua

    and click bait, oh look, Katie A…

    • Ad Buster

      It’s pronounced “Katie A Queen of Copy and Paste.”

      • Blake

        How is this different from any of the other press-release-based articles posted here?

        • Standard Velocity

          I feel that the authors articles are not balanced with enough additional information above and beyond what is quoted from the manufacturers. It’s the literary equivalent of “Hey, look at this” as the kid pokes the dead possum with a stick. Not really adding anything to the discussion; just pointing stuff out.

          • Blake

            Honestly, would you rather:

            – not know about new stuff that companies are doing,

            – have the editors spend most of their time seeking “additional information” beyond the contents of every press release they receive (delaying the posting of the releases), or

            – continue on current course of posting articles like this one so that we know about new stuff


            I really don’t care about 1911, Glock, or AR15-related stuff (which is arguably the majority of the content here). Everyone in my shooting circle has never owned any of them & likely never will (simply out of personal preference rather than any conscious decision). Rather than complain about it, I simply skip over the articles…

  • Blake

    Shot my best round of skeet ever with my Dad’s Ruger Red Label.

    At this price point Legacy will have a hard time competing with CZ though. Their over/unders start at about half the price of this thing, and you can get a hand-engraved Wingshooter for <$900.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    For it to succeed in the US market, it needs at least 2 feet of rails and a pistol grip.