MSM New Velcro Wrap Holster

Kit Up! posted that Milspec Monkey has a new customizable velcro holster for off body carry. Typically you would use this inside a bag that has a loop velcro lining. MSM says that unlike typical velcro holsters, this one works with tall suppressor sights and won’t snag on the draw.

After using many velcro backed holsters that always seemed to snag on the front sight during a draw, we came up with this one to offer clean draws even on full-sized pistols with suppressor sights and or tac-lights

msm-wrap-holster-002 msm-wrap-holster-007


The holster is made out of VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP and are made by Tactical Tailor. They retail for $12.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • rjackparis

    Wonder if it comes with a thumb break.

  • Don Ward

    Aw, he got the Velcros!

    I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twelve dollars in my pocket…

    • 45b20

      that there is one arcane reference!

  • lucusloc

    Repeat after me: there is no such thing as “off body carry”. There is such a thing as bag/purse/pack carry, but if you do that you must maintain 100% control of the bag/purse/pack at all times. That means the bag stays on your body, and you maintain control of the access flaps/slots/whatever. This is a huge safety issue; If you relinquish control of the bag, you relinquish control of the firearm. Once you have lost control the possibility for accidents go up by orders of magnitude. Please do not promote the idea that off body carry is acceptable.

    • billyoblivion

      You have your life, your risks and your choices.

      Others have different lives, different risks and make different choices. Off body carry *certainly* is acceptable in certain environments and for certain reasons. I know people who, because of their work situations, cannot carry on their person, but feel the need to be able to move to and from their house. For them purse/messenger bag carry is fine. When they get to work the bag goes in a locked drawer, sits quietly under the desk. They know and understand the risks and are adult enough to make their own choices.

      • lucusloc

        That is certainly true, but I think that the number of high profile off body carry accidents recently demonstrate the practice should not be encouraged. You can also argue that it is possible to pocket carry safely with no holster, if you know exactly what your are doing and how to be safe about it. That does not mean holsterless pocket carry should be in any way encouraged or recommended by the community at large. I think off body carry is one of those practices that should be strongly discouraged by the general gun toting community. If you have a valid reason for true off body carry, are aware of the risks and how to mitigate them, then it is obviously your choice to do so, but that will not stop me from, again, pointing out the risks and generally accepted best practices.

  • dan citizen

    And you can stick it to your velcro shoe ….Instant ankle holster!

  • Guest

    I like the concept. Fits any weapon with the option of adding suppressor sights, lights, or a micro red dot without needing modifications to the holster. Plus, a pretty attractive price (hopefully with quality construction standard). Off-body carry, though? HAIL NO! Make an IWB version and it would be pretty dang good (I think).

  • AngelT84

    is it machine washable?