The 5th Marine Regiment in Afghanistan

Actor Keith David narrates this National Geographic documentary of the 5th Marine Regiment in Afghanistan. Lots of talk about tactics. Gratuitous video of M4s, machine guns, and other weapons used.



Here is a shot from a helicopter. The bright lines are IR lasers used to aim their machine gun.

Marines laser NODs



This Marine uses his Trijicon to check out a possible threat.Marines m4 Marines m249

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  • ManBear

    Great series – really interesting look into what these guys endure on a day-to-day basis. It is also available on Netflix

  • USMC03Vet

    “Yes it’s worth it every f***** time”

    Oorah, 03!

  • Simon Spero

    Is this from 2012? (have a friend who was in 2/5 who was out there then)

    • Joe

      Yes it is.

  • When they got to the briefing I was thinking if he going to watch his mouth due to the presence of the cameras?

    After the first F-bomb I smiled since it was obvious he wasn’t.

  • Lance

    Your forgetting the M-240s and A4 rifles.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Watched the whole series on Netflix and was entertained. It’s unreal how much weight they make those boys schlep around in 130 degree weather. One of them had to be air-lifted out for heat stroke. The profanity censoring was annoying, as well as the fact that a bad guy was never even once caught on camera. The narration was clearly written for people who know nothing about guns or the military, and definitions and terms were constantly repeated.

    Basically these guys just shot in the general direction of anything that made a popping noise until one of the tanks or a javelin actually finished the job. Never did anyone actually have eyes on and kills were never confirmed at the infantry level. Can’t imagine how frustrating that would be.

    • Core

      It’s destroying their backs too. They carry more weight than ever. Lots of soldiers and Marines coming home with ruined discs. I have at least two discs that are trashed, and you’re left with an invisible wound/disability. As a former labor professional, I can say there are lots of vets that will need desk jobs and the education and training to go along with it.

      • sultan of swing

        let me call you a wahhh-mbulance

        • buzzman1

          Is that you Berry Obama! I just love it when the sissies that hide behind us where its safe try to insult us. Just go back to your mamas basement so she can protect you.

        • desert

          You are a pathetic, draft dodging piece of shyt!

    • buzzman1

      You are right about the weight. I don’t know about the marines medical problems but the number one reason for medical evacuations from theater for the army was orthopedic injuries.

      AND its really hard to carry a 130 pounds of gear and chase down a guy wearing a sheet and carrying an AK.

  • sultan of swing

    the most technologically advanced army ever VS goat herders w/AKs- yawn

    • buzzman1

      The will to conquer is the first condition to victory!

      Sad to say a Frenchman said that because our military has the will and the ability to win whoever our countries leadership doesnt.

    • desert

      Screw you!!!

  • buzzman1

    Go find a Vietnam era flack jacket and then you will think the new stuff is light weight.

  • desert

    Sometime in the past, maybe a year or two, I read about Marines protecting Poppy fields because it was the Afghani’s only money crop! Who gives a shyt? Now that money crop is used to fight the U.S…..burn those damned fields, everyone of them…DO IT NOW!