Savage A17 Semi Auto .17HMR

Savage is coming out with a semi-auto 17 HMR rifle called the A17.

A17 pic 1

According to Savage’s video, the problem with an auto loader rimfire is timing when dealing with higher pressure magnum loads like the 17HMR. Savage solved this by using a delayed blowback bolt to handle the pressure of the 17HMR and reliably cycling the action.

A17 lug 2 A17 lug


I hope they offer one with a threaded barrel and hoping they expand to other rimfire calibers like 22WMR and 17WSM in semi-auto.

Nicholas C

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  • Ahil925

    With the drought of .22lr still being a thing for many and the glut of .17hmr on store shelves I’m a bit interested in this.

    • Cymond

      Last time I checked, my local gun store was selling 17HMR for $13 per box of 50 rounds. That works out to $130 per 500, which is far more expensive than ordering 22lr online, even if you by high-end ammo.

      • Roy

        While that is true, there is enough of a performance upgrade by going to 17 hmr over 22 lr that I think that’s a fair increase in cost. I can’t think of any set of circumstances where 4 cents or more per shot for 22 lr is acceptable to me without gaining either a significant increase in accuracy, range or energy, or preferably a combination of all three.

        • iksnilol

          Roughly 4 cents is what I pay for CCI, which is okay ammo. Not good but okay. Almost 3 times that for the good stuff.

          Then again I do the whole precision/smallbore thing.

      • That’s still cheaper than 9mm FMJ ammo where I live, making it pretty viable for casual target shooting and furry pest control.

      • Grubbernson

        I just checked, and your local ammo source does not price their .17 HMR ammo competitively.

        • Cymond

          I’m not sure is you mean that local prices are too high or too low. I just checked, and $13 for $50 rounds is the best price online right now according to ammoseek.

  • nova3930

    I’m totally in if they make one with a threaded barrel.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    When the first .17hmr semi-auti guns started getting recalled my immediate thought was “Why not a delayed blowback, oprod, or DI system instead??”.

    Glad that the firearms manufacturers are finally catching up to a relatively no-brainer.

  • lucusloc

    If this works I will help expand the line by getting one, but it must have good reviews.

  • J.T.

    How did you miss this at SHOT show? Did none of you visit the Savage booth?

    • Lol at “news

      I came here to post this.

  • Wetcoaster

    What kind of delaying mechanism is that? Hesitation locked?

    Also, I guess that if you manage to use the gun enough to wear down the interruptor lug, the A17 will start to experience the same timing issues as a straight blowback (no different than wearing down the delaying mechanism of any other delayed blowback, I suppose)

    • Russian Roulette

      if you can shoot enough to wear it out I salute you sir!

      • O_W

        The specific geometry is new, but this is basically a lever delayed blowback. The key to understanding this is realizing that the video is not accurate to what is (probably) actually happening. The video shows the charging handle moving back before the bolt does, but I believe the bolt actually moves back at a much slower, mechanically disadvantaged rate until the interrupter disengages.

        Of course I could be wrong. This might be some new inertia/blowback hybrid never before seen.

        • noguncontrol

          that interrupter system looks like it can be modified to become gas operated

          • iksnilol

            Isn’t rimfire ammo usually dirty.

  • the_duck

    Looks like they’re pretty committed to that goofy charging handle. Hope it doesn’t melt

  • noguncontrol

    Would this work for .30 mauser or .30 carbine? how about .22 hornet or .22 spitfire? or 5.7×28 and 4.6×30?

  • Blake

    This is really fantastic news. For a long time, if you wanted a semi-auto 17hmr, your options were:

    – build it yourself
    – Volquartsen

    Hope this is a success for Savage.

    With a shred of luck this may mean that .17hm2 will experience a renassance. That was my favorite rimfire caliber (almost as cheap as 22lr, almost as hot as 17hmr, and theoretically any 22LR rifle could be rechambered for it).

  • Fred Johnson

    Does this mean a .22 Magnum is close behind? Or am I behind and the .22 Magnum is already out there?

  • Jay Tabor

    I just received my A17 this past week. It’s a neat little rifle and has performed well with absolutely no feeding issues. I tried some of the new A17 ammo and was very disappointed. Hornady V-Max .17 grain performs much better at 5 cents less per round. Winchester also outperformed the A17 ammo. My CZ 452 varmint bolt rifle also likes Hornady ammo better. My CZ holds tighter groups than the Savage. My only other complaint about the A17 is that the bolt doesn’t stay open after the last round is fired.

  • Jacob

    Just bought the A17 and preferred ammo it does not have enough blow back to cycle tried cleaning it it didn’t help sending it to savage