This photo shows a cutaway of the Feinwerkbau (FWB) Model P44 receiver. The FWB P44 is a high-end precharged pneumatic Match air pistol. It retails for about $1,800. High end match air pistols are sophisticated. Too much or too little air out of the valve could mean missing an Olympic Gold Medal.

Thanks to Miroslav for the photo.



  • MPWS

    Technology stuff – this what I appreciate the most. Be it powder or air driven. Air is actually so much more interesting. Thanks.

  • Kevin

    Modern match air pistols/air rifles are the most precise firing guns in the world. At ten meters, with the right pellets and clamped on a vice, these guns can consistently produce a five shot group measuring 0.04″ c-t-c!. Besides the unbelievable accuracy, they have superb build quality and the trigger action easily surpasses many custom made guns.

    • Porty1119

      We use a Feinwerkbau in my college marksmanship class. The accuracy has to be seen to be believed- the right guy can put every single pellet in the same hole.

      • Kevin

        I have three FWB air pistols (mod. 80, P34 and 103) and their accuracy amazes me every time if I do my part, when I don’t make a five shot single hole group, I know its my fault.

  • BattleshipGrey

    And I thought the Beretta 92 had a lot of parts.