Roboink sent us a photo of his beautiful Hawes Western Marshall. He wrote ..

My Hawes Western Marshall in .44 Magnun with trigger work done by Bob Munden just before his passing. Grips by Chris Whisler of Chisel & Plane Workshop and holster by Ricardo of Old West Leather.

Thanks Roboink!



  • Anonymoose

    That is a very handsome revolver.

    • USMC03Vet

      Would give greeting of the day and tip hat.

  • Blake

    Awesome grips. Never met a .44 I didn’t like (well, maybe the Ruger Deerfield we sold as it grouped particularly poorly).

  • Vince


  • USMC03Vet

    Please tell me you open carry that. Too not do so would be a crime against badassness.

  • Marc

    Made by JP Sauer & Sohn, which today is known as SIG Sauer.

    • Ken

      JP Sauer & Sohn still exists. They’re the oldest firearm manufacturer in Germany. SIG Sauer is a collaboration between SIG of Switzerland and JP Sauer & Sohn of Germany in order to manufacture SIG pattern firearms commercially in Germany since Switzerland has laws restricting manufacturing and exporting arms.

      • Marc

        It’s more complicated than that.
        The original JP Sauer&Sohn (Sauer) in Suhl, Eastern Germany was dismantled by the Soviets. It was shortly thereafter revived in Eckernförde, West Germany by a member of the Sauer family. This was the time when the revolvers were made.
        In the 70’s the Swiss SIG acquired Sauer to make SIG service pistols for the German police.
        Later, SIG sold its arms branch to German investors Lüke&Ortmeier. L&O then spun off the traditional hunting rifles into a new company in Isny, southern Germany, which was named JP Sauer&Sohn, while what was formerly JP Sauer&Sohn (Eckernförde) was renamed to SIG Sauer and continued to make service and sporting weapons.

        So while it’s true that there still is a J.P. Sauer&Sohn, that company was actually founded in 2009 as a spin-off to seperate to hunting rifles from the service and sporting weapons. Lüke&Ortmeier are passionate hunters and apparently don’t care so much for the service/sporting weapon part of their family of companies (also including Blaser and a revived Mauser) which is probably one of the reasons why SIG Sauer is in constant trouble.

  • Ken

    Very nice! Are there any German date codes on the proof marks that show what year they were made? I’d love a C&R one to go with my C&R Ruger Blackhawk.

  • “The Stranger”

    I contacted Sig Sauer after I bought it and manufacture date is 1969. After Chris made the grips and I shot it, felt like they weren’t long had him add an extension.This is what the grips look like now. This gun is well made and will handle full magnum loads.