Heizer Defense Pocket AK in 7.62x39mm

The .223 Rem. chambered Pocket AR model.

Heizer Defense have announced that their PAK1 “Pocket AK” will debut at the NRA Show. Pricing has not been annoucned, but I think it will probably have the same $450 MRSP as the Pocket AR (.223) model (pictured above). What I can say for sure, is that this no doubt will be another hand-held firecracker!

poket ak

The Pocket AK


From the press release …

At the upcoming NRA Show in Nashville, TN, Heizer Defense is debuting the new PAK1 “Pocket AK Pistol” in 7.62×39. Booth #3215. The pistol is the next caliber offering in the Heizer Defense Pocket Pistol Family. The Pocket Pistol Family currently consists of the PS1 “Pocket Shotgun”, chambered in 45LC/410, the PAR1 “Pocket AR”, chambered in .223, and the Hedy Jane Empowered line, geared for women. The pistols are multi-caliber with interchangeable barrels. Accessory barrels will be shipping along with the PAK1 “Pocket AK” very soon. Consumers can purchase any Heizer Defense Pistol and now have 2 additional calibers to choose from, and additional calibers will be offered throughout 2015.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tim

    Does this mean AP 7.62×39 rounds would now be banned?

  • Steve

    Seriously guys KNOCK IT OFF! With introduction of these pistols you’re only giving the ATF reasons to try and ban more standard rifle ammo! Just because you can make it doesn’t mean you should especially in today’s “phone and pen” climate at the White House.

    • iksnilol

      “AP” 7.62×39 was banned a long time ago because of AK and AR pistols.

    • Dan

      Seriously guys lets just hide in our corner and not do anything to draw attention to us and maybe they will leave us alone.

    • BryanS

      Seriously knock it off with the cowering in the corner BS. they will erode our rights more and more, no matter how much we play their game. Sig is doing great to point out how silly their game is. if anything, it will make the ATF look bad in the long run.

      So no, we should not knock it off, or cower waiting for a magical unicorn of a republicrat president who will come along and make everything OK, magically refill our magazines, and shut down the NFA.

    • mosinman

      seeing this kind of mentality in gun owners is kind of bothersome to me, we seem to forget who’s the boss here (we are)

      • Steve

        We only have the illusion of being the boss because you can’t get enough people to agree on anything to stop them in their tracks. The old adage, “divide and conquer” comes to mind.

        • mosinman

          Yeah, that’s the problem. If we could unite we could exert our authority but like you said we cannot if we are divided

    • ATF *already* banned “armor piercing” 7.62x39mm ammo more than twenty years ago, over 7.62x39mm pistols.

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Steve

        You might want to read the House act that the Dems in Congress proposed concerning their take on “armor piercing” ammo and giving the BATFE exclusive rights to decide, HR 1358, before telling some one to lighten up. It won’t go anywhere now but all it takes is a Dem majority and we lose again.

        Next thing you know some one will want to release to market a a “smart gun” and then…..oh wait…never mind..

        • True. *IF* both houses of Congress passed a new law, and *IF* the President sitting in the White House didn’t veto it (or had his veto overridden), they could make any type of ammunition illegal.

          With or without the existence of any particular pistol. That’s been true all along.

          OTOH, given the current makeup of both houses of Congress, there’s about as high a chance of that happening for at least two years (and, even then, antigunners would have to get the White House, and absolute majority of the House, and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate in 2016) as there is that the current Congress and the White House would repeal the Hughes Amendment.

          Not politics, just reality.

  • Weaver

    Start writing to them not to make it.

    • To prevent the government from double-banning steel core 7.62 x 39?

      • BryanS

        If anything, they should make it, sell it, and offer free flash hiders and bayonet lugs.

        • sianmink

          I want one with a shoulder thing that goes up.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    What is the idea behind it, apart that someone may buy this gun?

    Are they fun to shoot?

    • kipy

      If you like bright lights and loud noises they might be fun. I highly doubt you can group very well with them beyond 15yds

      • mosinman

        So…. basically a WH40k Ork’s dream gun.

        • DaveP.

          One shot? Nowhere near enuff dakka.

          • mosinman

            Dis shoota iz fer a smaller runtier Ork who don’t hav enuf teef fer a bigga shoota

    • M.M.D.C.

      I think the idea has more to do with getting people to talk about their guns than it does with anything practical. Seems to be working.

      Whether anyone is buying any of these little palm punishers, regardless of chambering, is another question. With all the tiny nineys out there i don’t see the point.

      • Martin Grønsdal

        If people pay, then any product is justified, unless we talk about school books, that must meet certain standards. If this gun was a school book, I would not want my children to have to study it.

        • M.M.D.C.

          If this gun were a school book I’d put a padded dust jacket on it.

          …and I’d ask for a magazine. nyuck nyuck nyuck

          • Mystick

            I see what you did there…. 0_0

      • YS

        I thought the purpose of a business is to make money, not just generate traffic…

        • M.M.D.C.

          It’s not just traffic, it’s brand recognition. It’s the same reason product names are repeated ad nauseam in advertisements. Look at race cars plastered with product decals. This is not difficult.

          • YS

            I agree with you, but in the end, isn’t the purpose of the brand recognition to make money? AFAIK, Heizer only makes these novelty pocket guns. Even if they are able to gain brand recognition, don’t they need something more people would want to buy in order to make money?

            Unless Heizer just wants to make some extra beer money selling niche guns, I can’t understand their long term goals.

          • M.M.D.C.

            Oh good grief! I’ve been thinking of Double Tap, which once was affiliated somehow with Heizer Defense. My bad. THEY are the guys selling the little two shot pocket pistols chambered in 45 and 9mm.

            Okay, I completely agree with you now. The whole enterprise is entirely stupid.

    • Steve

      I think they are secretly an arm of the BATF and the Obama Administration. Come out with an impractical pistol in a common rifle caliber so you can ban the ammo. Smiply brillant on the BATF’s part.

      • Cymond

        Yeah, of course. AK & AR pistols were much too politically correct to take any action against, but this tiny single-shot derringer is the perfect justification they’ve been looking for.

        Never mind that “AP” 7.62×39 was banned in the 90’s thanks to Olympic Arms.

  • Tim U


    The “AP” 7.62×39 was shut down long long ago. It’s wrong, but it’s been that way since before the awb expired.

    This little thing isn’t going to do any further harm in that sense.

    • nadnerbus

      This calls for a letter writing campaign to the BATFE to clarify whether these are OK to shoot bi-metal cartridges. /sarc

    • Pete Sheppard

      And the ban was due to an AK ‘pistol’… <_<

      • BryanS

        No, the ban was due to them not liking mass importation of cheap ammo. the fact that there were 4 prototype pistol config Kirnkovs at the time as a “maybe we could do this” was something that they could point to and make excuses.

        • Guest

          I think you’re thinking of 5.45×39.

          From what I’ve read, “AP” *7.62×39* was banned back in the 90’s because of an Olympic Arms AR-15 pistol (but chambered in 7.62×39, obviously).

          • No, it was prototype AK “pistols” that were announced as being offered for sale, despite the manufacturer having been told by the rest of the manufacturing community AND ATF that as soon as they did so, ATF was banning steel core M43. The Gun Zone has a good write up on it, IIRC.

  • Blake

    There are already plenty of AK “pistols” out there; this won’t change anything from an ATF standpoint.

  • Muzzle velocity is measured in lumens.

    • M.M.D.C.

      And muzzle energy in singed hair.

    • MrEllis

      Is it akin to holding a cartridge in hand and whacking the primer with a finishing hammer? I can’t imagine that’s not snappy.

      • Leigh Rich

        Ever shoot a 45 Downsizer..i have one…ouch…

        • MrEllis

          That one of those pocket pistol things? NO THANKS! That looks painful, heh. My XDs is about as small as I want to go with .45.

  • Jason

    Does anyone even want a single-shot pocket gun with all of the good compact semi-auto’s there are for sale? Do these things sell at all?

    • WojtekimbieR

      Not every gun you buy has to be the most modern and effective self-defense weapon. Some people have fun with black powder pistols.

      • Kelly Jackson

        While I agree with you that some guns are just for fun, I don’t see the point in a large, kind of expensive, “pistol” that fires a single round of 7.62×39

        If you were in the market for such a thing I’d look at one of those break action Thompson pistols, you’d at least have a chance at hitting a target with it.

        • wa.

          I think the atf will look at this as another reason for banning m88 ball ammo do you think?

        • Zaza Pensive

          It might teach you to reload quickly

      • sean

        yeah…They’re called Felons

    • desert

      TWO shot…..!

  • Alex Nicolin

    Eardrums – blown

  • Cal S.

    I’m just surprised they could pack a firing pin in this thing strong enough to whack military primers with.

    And I really did think that flamethrowers were illegal?

    • dan citizen

      Flamethrowers are unregulated.

      • Sulaco

        Not in all states, maybe at the Fed level their not…

  • Giolli Joker

    A good platform… if you have boxes of 7.62 SP3 rounds…

  • sianmink

    Can we just have a ‘pocket 12-ga’ already? ‘Pocket .338 Lapua’ maybe? There’s a reason we don’t make rifles with barrels this short. It doesn’t work.
    I can’t imagine an AK round through a 3″ barrel will have as much punch as a .32 auto. According to BBTI, .223 out of one of these should go about 1100 feet per second. 7.62×39 123 grain is going to be substantially more subsonic. So you’re firing what is essentially .32 S&W, (which was never regarded as a particularly effective round) only with way more recoil and muzzle blast.

    • Ko I

      Psh. Wuss. Why not be a real man and go for a pocket 20mm cannon? 😉

    • Giolli Joker

      Recoil is directly proportional to the velocity of the bullet, if masses are the same. Muzzle blast on the other hand is definitely in another league.

      • Sarig

        No, recoil is also affected by the gases, otherwise muzzle breaks wouldnt work

        • Science B*tch!

          this guy wins a cookie.

          same reason maneuvering thrusters work in space, the ejected gasses also push back on the handgun. the recoil is going to be enormous

          • Giolli Joker

            I guess you both forget that those gasses are coming from gunpowder that has properly burnt inside the barrel and those are the ones speeding up the bullet… in this case you have a small amount of burnt powder that expands pushing out bullet+unburnt powder, this remaining powder burns out of the barrel, with no effect on the motion of bullet and/or gun.
            So, unless the weight of the unburnt powder is very high, recoil won’t be “enormous” at all.
            There are a few videos online of one handed shooting of Obrez pistols (basically sawed off Mosins), plenty of blast, manageable recoil.

          • dan citizen

            News flash!

            Heizer defense pistols adopted as new emergency thruster system for next space launch

      • sianmink

        Muzzle blast can and does contribute to recoil if uncompensated. It’s basically like holding onto a rocket motor. XD

        • Giolli Joker

          No, it’s not.

          • dan citizen

            Ever fire a ballistic blank?

          • Giolli Joker

            Let’s rephrase: gasses coming from highly focused combustion inside the barrel DO contribute to backward motion of the gun, the intensity of which is higher with the increase if the weight of the bullet, if any.
            Gasses coming from unrestrained combustion of powder OUTSIDE the barrel, DO make a great blast and spectacular flash, but DO NOT contribute to recoil as much as they don’t add muzzle velocity.
            Plenty of powder here gets ejected from the barrel before developing expanding gasses.

          • sianmink

            Are you a professional ballistician? No? Cause I am.

            You’re ejecting a large volume of gas and unburnt powder from the barrel, especially with such a short barrel. As is simple physics, ejecting a mass at velocity produces thrust.

            This is the same reason rounds like 10mm and .38 super compensate so well, because of the huge amount of gas (compared to more sedate rounds like .45, , 38 spl and 9mm) they produce. Additionally the more weight in powder you use, generally the more effective such compensators (and for that matter gas operated firearms) are, simply because that’s more mass to work the system.

            Here you’re blowing 20 grains of powder out the muzzle instead of having it consumed by the reaction and yeah, that’s going to increase the recoil because physics.

          • Giolli Joker

            The more recoil given by the mass of the unburnt powder was implied in one of my posts as well, yet, given the mass difference between bullet and powder and the low muzzle velocity achieved, I doubt it is perceivable.
            It is a contribution, undeniable.
            On the other hand I fail to see how this can relate to a rocket motor, where combustion (with its focused expanding gasses) lasts much longer.
            Do we both agree that the gasses generated outside of the barrel by powder ejected as still unburnt aren’t going to affect neither bullet nor gun?

          • sianmink

            The rocket motor was a quick and dirty comparison, since they don’t eject large masses at once, but gases and particles at high velocity. Kind of like a blank round, if you don’t mind much about the duration.
            And obviously yeah, the fireball itself doesn’t contribute.

          • Giolli Joker

            Ok, I had interpreted your “way more recoil” as “32S&W ballistics with 7.62×39 recoil” as somebody seemed to believe.
            Regarding the rocket comparison, I’d rather see this Heizer monster as a two stage rocket where stage 2 ignites before stage 1, forcefully ejecting it but losing its contribution to thrust.

  • Jon

    Buuuuu!!! If you wan’t to build a big bang Ruskie gun, barrel it in 14.5x114mm

    • MR

      Think we can convince the ATF that it deserves a “Sporting Use” exemption?

  • Andrew

    Needs more Sig brace.

  • David

    Can I attach a Sig Brace?

  • Sam Deeley-Crane

    I think a 7.62×51 or a .338 version would be great

    • kbroughton77

      Why stop there? Let’s see a pocket pistol in .458 SOCOM!

      • Sam Deeley-Crane

        lets get it in a nice big game round .600 nitro express

        • Nah….still needs more dakka. How about .700 Nitro? Then it would be perfect!

          • Sam Deeley-Crane

            nahh im thinking .950 jdj would be better

  • Cknarf

    Meh. 54R or nothing.

    • lol

      Obrez is cheaper comrade!

      • Yellow Devil

        It doubles as a flamethrower too…

    • MR

      When is the 338 Lapua Magnum version coming out? Or just skip all of this sub-caliber nonsense and head straight to 50 BMG.

  • Mystick

    There’s a reason that pistol cartridges generally use a fines-grained gunpowder… it increases the surface area therefore the burn rate, enabling the given amount of powder to release it’s peak energy while the bullet is still in the barrel…

    That heavy rifle bullet will have mush less energy than a comparable pistol bullet fired from a gun appropriately designed for the cartridge… These rifle-cartridge pistols are just novelty items, IMO.

    • lol

      I suppose you could work up a cartridge loading from a similar weight/diameter pistol cartridge, and just put it in the 7.62×39 brass…. but oh wait they don’t really make common reloadable brass in that caliber.

      eh. if i could load for it, might be fun, but nah.

      • iksnilol

        You can just buy brass case ammo, shoot it, then reload it. If you are having trouble finding 7.62×39 cases.

      • You can buy virgin 7.62x39mm brass, set up for Boxer primers. It’s not uncommon at all.

  • Jackie Mina

    It will never be legalized in MA. 🙂

  • Lance

    Just great give Obama a reason to ban all 7.62×39 caliber now.

    • Cymond

      Yeah, they were totally fine with Draco AK pistols, but THIS has gone too far!


    • Oh my freaking God.

      Look, steel core 7.62x39mm is *already* treated as “handgun” ammunition for the purposes of the Armor Piercing Ammo Ban, and has been for about twenty years. Any 7.62x39mm ammo that *can* be banned legally has already been banned.

      There is *no* pretext to ban any additional types of 7.62x39mm ammo even if this thing became the hottest selling handgun since the Colt percussion revolvers. They would need a new law, passed through both houses of Congress and signed by the President.

    • AlDeLarge

      The ATF has been ignoring single-shot handguns for the “may be used in a handgun” part of the law. Now, if only they could comprehend what “constructed entirely from” means.

  • Bill

    More panicking: this will generate no more ATF interest than a TC Contender chambered in rifle calibers, which have existed forever.

    As for any utility, other than “hey, watch this,” no. And part of me thinks that there is no way something that small can have a receiver/chamber strong enough to handle whatever small amount of energy that isn’t converted to muzzle blast and flame.

  • Sid Collins

    Maybe. I am still waiting on the pocket phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

  • USMC03Vet

    Somewhere out there an ATF agent is shooting blood out of his eyeballs because of this.

  • Don Ward

    Dear God! All of this splerg over a novelty handgun which isn’t even very good?

  • When it comes out with two barrels in 410 then we’ll talk.

    • Leigh Rich

      Already exists in the Double Tap…another company.

  • Zebra Dun

    I visualize the same effect on the shooter as touching off an old napoleon cannon.

  • dan citizen

    Correct me if I’m wrong here…. I see two uses for this:

    1) Range toy.

    2) an emergency backup for your main rifle caliber, in case you needed to …I don’t know… euthanize a squirrel?

    Considering ME is going to be on par with .32 auto, it seems hard to figure what the target market is. Also, why aren’t they coming out with all the different calibers they intend at once? At least those with a similar case head diameter. It’s not like there is much engineering involved in swapping a different barrel.

  • Paul Swaffer

    I want one! I would really like one in 300 Blackout with a threaded barrel:) I don’t get all these folks who have to ask, “what’s it good for?”, or ” is it effective?”. If your a true gun lover, your first thought would be, “I want one!!!”. I get all warm and fuzzy about any gun I see regardless if it’s a tricked out tacti-cool AR or a classic bolt action. Imagine where we would be if innovation and risk taking stopped with the matchlock. I don’t care what it looks like, if it has sporting purpose or not, or if it’s even effective. If it goes bang and sends lead down range, I like it! Just saying.

  • DaveP.

    1-Amazing the number of people who don’t read prior comments before posting themselves.
    “Dude, they’ll ban 7.62 steel core over this!”
    “They already did, in the ’90s.”
    “Dude, they’ll ban 7.62 steel core over this!”
    “They already did, in the ’90s.”
    2- I’d be the last one to say that someone “shouldn’t” buy whatever kind of gun they want… but in practical terms, I can think of a LOT of alternatives for the same or less price and package size. If this is what floats your boat, by all means start saving your pennies. I’ll just point out that a gently used S&W 442 would probably cost about as much, be about the same size and weight, and be a lot more useful.

  • Paul White

    ….my range would ban this. Not because we’re all wussies but because the flash would catch the dividers between lanes on fire

  • Kelly Moncus

    That’s all OBAMA and the ATFE need to Ban more Ammo and turn firearms into nothing more than bats so His Brown Shirt Goons can come break our doors down in the middle of the night.

    • Read the article. That ship sailed years ago with regard to 7.62x39mm ammo. That’s why you can’t get the cheap Chinese steel core milsurp anymore.

      This pistol changes nothing.

  • Gaston Moses Browning

    All you’d need is to buy 30 of these babies, a chest rig with 30 pockets, a bulky coat, and voila, you’re a walking concealed AK-47.

  • rambo jones

    Been around guns for 45 years, even had my own shop for many years…… this has to be the stupidest gun idea I have ever seen.

  • thomas

    I am waiting for the pocket mosin nagant

  • Leigh Rich

    This is just a novelty noise maker fun gun. I will get the 229 however unless they have exchangeable bbl that is it for my collection. 223 is out now.

  • Steve

    Replace muzzle velocity with WTMF???

  • MrApple

    Gimicky junk.

  • mosinman

    The only semi- Legit use I could see for this is owning a receiver and a bunch of barrels in various calibers as a scavenger pistol for an apocalypse type scenario so you can try and utilize whatever ammo you can find and have some form of concealable pistol to defend with.

  • Jamie Clemons

    But are you just setting up for another go at an ammo ban by making pistols in this rifle caliber?

  • Anon. E Maus

    There’s literally no reason to not get a .38 Special double-barrel over this thing.
    Or any pocket-sized .38 revolver, like a Featherweight or Airframe or whatever.

  • Cknarf

    Come on, man. Like this company hasn’t already thought about it already.

    I fart in your general direction.

  • desert

    Why not a .223? or maybe a .22 magnum?

  • Carlos Velazquez

    This mjght be a bug hit with KGB spies, not so much for American shooters with some sense between their ears.

  • Leigh Rich

    I just ordered the Pocket AR in 223 for my Derringer collection. i have most every one ever made so had to get this one. Supposedly I can get extra barrels when them come out..maybe 308.. Got my base one on its way. Why. I don’t know. I am just addicted to guns.