BREAKING: Remington Defense Products Now Available Commercially

Big news for Remington fans: They have just announced that, effective immediately, certain Remington Defense products are being made available to the commercial market. From the press release:

Madison, N.C. –Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) today announced that it is making available, effective immediately, certain Remington Defense products for the civilian consumer market.

Remington’s Defense Division is comprised of a highly-specialized team of former U.S. Special Operations personnel whose mission is to design and build the best firearm-based weapon systems in the world, and to sell those weapon systems to the U.S. Military, law enforcement agencies in the United States, and allied nations around the world. The Division has its own dedicated team of research and development engineers as well as its own dedicated unit of manufacturing personnel who do not perform any work at Remington except for work in support of the Division. This means that the firearms manufactured by the Division embody the utmost level of quality as well as the most advanced technology available today. Never before have firearms manufactured by the Division been sold on the consumer market.

Initial offerings from Remington Defense available to consumers will include the following models – R4GP (Remington Gas Piston) Carbine, R4 Carbine, PSR/MSR (Modular Sniper Rifles) and M2010 (US ARMY replacement for the M24 Sniper Rifle).

For information on how to order Remington Defense commercial products, please contact your local firearms retailer or visit us at .

Remington Defense Initial Offerings – Specifications

R4 RGP (Remington Gas Piston) Carbine


Order # Description Caliber
86550 RGP SA 16in MBUS s BOFN 2-PMAGS-Plano Case 5.56

R4 Enhanced Carbine


Order # Description Caliber
86572 R4 Enhanced SA 16in AMBI MOE RAHG MBUS-Plano Case 5.56

PSR/MSR Modular Sniper Rifles


Order # Description Caliber
86279 MSR-RH LW SYSTEM COMPLETE 3X BARRELS TITAN QD338/27in, 300/24in, 308/20in Flat Dark Earth w/Black Receiver, Leupold MK4 M5 Reticle, Hardigg Case, Dkit, Cleaning Kit, Wrench, Operator’s Manual Multi
86282 MSR-RH System 308/20, 300/24, 338/27 NO SUPPRESSOR338/27in, 300/24in, 308/20in Flat Dark Earth w Black Receiver, Leupold MK4 M5 Reticle, Hardigg Case, Dkit, Cleaning Kit, Wrench, Operator’s Manual Multi
86642 PSR MULTI CALIBER SYSTEM NO SCOPE NO SUPPRESSOR338/27in, 308/24in, 7.62/20in ECS, Dkit, Cleaning Kit, Operator’s Manual Multi



Order # Description Caliber
86438 M2010 NGFM 300 WIN 24” OPTICwTDQ-CCLeupold Mark 4, Hardigg Hard Case, Soft Case 300 Win Mag
86439 M2010 NGFM 300 WIN 24” OPTIC NO SUPPRESSORLeupold Mark 4, Hardigg Hard Case, Soft Case 300 Win Mag


I have mentioned outside of this website before that I would like to see a high round count test done between various piston AR-15s, including the Remington RGP, and including one low-end DI gun (e.g., Colt 6920) and one high-end DI gun (e.g., Knight’s SR-15). Now that Remington has released the RGP to the civilian market, maybe we will see a test like that.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Tony

    Colt is low end now? I mean the 6920 isn’t the fanciest thing around but I’ve always thought of it as the benchmark for a DI gun, it’s not like it’s a CORE15 or something.

    • It’s pretty low-end for a military type rifle; certainly much cheaper than the other weapons I would consider for the test.

      • Will

        Are you basing that assessment on price point or on quality of product? I can see how one would consider a 6920 on the low end in terms of price. If you’re talking about quality there are certainly many other makes or AR-15 that fall lower than the Colt in terms of quality control and durability.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Agreed. Most ridiculous thing I have seen written on here in a while! The 6920 is as close to an M4 as you can get. There is NOTHING low end about it compared to other military guns and 90% of commercially available guns.

          • By writers or some readers–LOL! I couldn’t help it.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Why not both?

          • Find me an LWRC or other top end piston gun for $900, and I’ll admit I shouldn’t have called the 6920 “low end”.

          • HKGuns

            Speaking of ridiculous things being written.

            “There is” not “theirs is” it is also bad form to start sentences with the word “And”

        • Price.

        • Alex Pei

          On price/quality alone in the consumer market, Colt is more along the line of intermediate. Low end = $500 complete rifles, even though some are actually well made.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Colts are low end huh?

        Thanks for letting us know you have no idea about Colts or even ARs I suppose.

        I guess you surely know best though. Actual development of the platform for 60 years, TDP, highest QC of any mass mfg, standard which others are judged… It doesn’t come in midlength or have ambi controls, that means it’s low end 😀 good one.

        • No they aren’t low end—–

          • In terms of price they are. $900 or so at the LGS.

        • Jeeze, dude, are you Jim Schatz’s alt account or something?

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          There are guns that exceed the TDP, which is based on materials and finishes designed 50-100 years ago.

          There’s nothing wrong with a Colt, and I’d put them above most clones, but there are guns that run even better.

          It’s true they don’t use catchphrases–they don’t need to.

    • Kivaari

      My Colt M4 6920 is a nice rifle. Even so I changed almost every part on the rifle except the receiver. Adding a Bravo Company upper and Magpul furniture. Not that anything was wrong with the Colt upper, it just can’t be bought with a mid-length gas system. The 6920 is certainly a fine rifle. I do like the high end models from other makers, just not the prices.

  • Rogier Velting

    Aw, no R12. That’s the only Remington Defense firearm I’d genuinely want.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I agree, really the only thing I wanted to see. It’s pretty much available now that they are doing “tactical” models of the VersaMax. I have an m1 and an SBS 870, but if I ever needed an SBS auto it would be an R-12/VersaMax as the m4 is just too damn heavy and expensive.

      • Rogier Velting

        Still a pretty big difference between the VersaMax tactical models and the R12, though. I can’t say I’d dislike an Entry model R12 (14.5″ barrel version with 4 shot tube), for example (especially since that’d be legal in Canada, whereas the full sized versions wouldn’t be, since they go over the 5 round capacity limit for semi auto long guns).

        • pdxing

          Also very disappointed the R12 is not on the list. There is no 18″ Versa Max.

          • Rogier Velting

            Maybe we’ll eventually get aftermarket support… but it’s just a shotgun, nothing special about it. Except for the 14.5″ model, none of the R-12 versions seem like they’d be NFA items.

          • pdxing

            Maybe they will eventually make their new V3 available in an 18″ which would be fine.

          • Rogier Velting

            That’d also be nice, yes. The lack of buffer tube would really help with stock choices, I bet.

  • Andrew

    No Remington ACR or Honey Badger? Boo. At least release the Remington exclusive accessories for the ACR. The aluminum lower that accepts AR-15 grips…or the magnesium modular handguards…or even just the fancy folding charging handle???

    • Honey Badger, not such a surprise. I thought that project died on the vine.

      The ACR, though… that’s a bit of a shock, given how many people were demanding the RD version. Makes me wonder if that’s not on its last legs, too.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Most people still have no idea it was a triple tax stamp gun.

        The things people think they want vs actually want.

        • iksnilol

          Triple tax stamp?

          I thought it was a SBR + suppressor?

          • ColaBox

            Its an SBR with double suppressor system. One standard and one pinned secondary. Three stamps.

          • iksnilol

            So the suppressor on it is actually two suppressors?

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Does it really matter? It’s not coming out for us, and certainly not for you.

            It was a mini-tube/can thing to assist in having the proper backpressure for the 6″ barrel. ATF ruled it was a silencer, so three stamps. The gun would work without the can this way. For it to come to market, the can would almost certainly have to be part of the system where it would not work unsuppressed OR it would come with a longer barrel – at that point you have an 8″ AR-15 in 300blk which is available all day every day.

            The SIG should come with as short as a 6″ barrel and actually work.

          • iksnilol

            Doesn’t matter, was just curious.

            How are ballistics of 300 BLK out of a 15 cm barrel compared to a 20 cm barrel? I thought it had to have 23 cm barrel for complete powder burn?

            Seems like an interesting rifle is all.

      • It didn’t die on the vine. I’ve shot the updated version a few months ago.

    • echelon

      This shouldn’t surprise you in the least. The ACR is obviously dead at worst or exiled red-headed stepchild at best to ROC so this to be expected.

      Call up Bushy customer support for me and ask when the different calibers and barrel kits will be available? LOL

  • Bal256

    “Big news for Remington fans.” What Remington fans? They’re QC has been a joke for years now, and I think they chased everyone else away with their r51 disaster. I hope Remington Defense has a different QC division from their commercial counterpart.

    • M.M.D.C.

      I don’t own anything made by Remington, so no dog in the fight, but I wonder how bad the problem is. I hear some say it’s terrible and some say Rem QC is roughly on par with other manufacturers.

      • Sam Schifo

        The other day I was in my local gun shop and I saw a brand new Remington 1100 that had it’s cantilever bolted on off center and at an angle from the barrel. It is something that NEVER should have made it past QC.

        • Kivaari

          Try H&R/NEF. I wanted a simple single shot .357 carbine. Gun one out of three I ordered, had no rifling in the bore and an extra-length firing pin that pierced primers. Gun two had rifling, a broken off front sight, cross threaded fore end screw and over length firing pin. Gun three was all together with an primer piercing firing pin. At that point I lost interest. Big American gun makers have all gone down hill.

    • AC11

      Yes, Remington fans, aka Remington employees and their families who can get an inside price.

    • They do—

    • kagami

      Remington Defense and Remington are completely different entities. Although its unsure who will be mass producing the rifles, the development, production, and QC of the RGP, RACS and handguards has been in house by Remington Defense for a while now.

      • lifetimearearesident

        That may be true but if both products carry the Remington name and one division has quality issues their bad reputation will spill over to the other division. In my view the owners must make sure that all their products in every division are of good quality for me to trust their name.

    • Kivaari

      I’d sure agree with the quality control issue. Remington, once a standard others were compared to, has gone way down. It is sad that crude workmanship is so common today. Volume v. quality leaves the public looking elsewhere.

  • USMC03Vet

    Yay more AR15.

    Oh wait.

    • Cobra Commander

      But I like overpriced low quality AR15s

  • Kindly Brewing Poop

    I worked with the XM2010 in A’stan and it was one bad ass rifle (nearly blew my ear drums out), keep in mind these are for the defense department not for commercial market so “hopefully” when they hit the market they are held to the same standard

    • A very fine rifle and it’s a favorite of mine in .338 Lapua with suppressor. Last December we shot them at Gunsite. I fired two rounds at 1410 yards and hit the center plate on the target both times. The center plate was 8″. Katie also loves that rifle and hit that 1410 yard target also.

  • KestrelBike

    you a**h***s, where’s our ACR2?

  • Weaver

    And no msrp listed with any of these

    • Most people aren’t privy to that information. The MSR/PSR will run approx. $6000. You supply the scope.
      The 2010 is similarly priced. The R4 will be in the range of $1200—$1600 depending on which variation and extras.

  • john huscio

    Weather they work as intended is another story…….

  • Joshua

    Wonder if these have better QC than the R51 did.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Every single offering is Heavy and will be more Expensive than you would guess. Handled all the Rem Def stuff, only significant take away was that everything was heavy without fail.

    And seriously Plano cases… If I’m about to drop 8k-10k on a bolt gun it had better come in an actual peli/storm case.

  • An Interested Person

    No R11? No MCS? No ACR?

    Then I guess they want no dollars.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      The R11 is just a rebranded JP-07, but not having the MCS and especially the Defense ACR is really disappointing.

  • Stephen

    Let’s get the MCS and R12 on this list.

  • Komrad

    I always gets me when Plano cases are mentioned since they’re made right in my home town.

    Also, fun fact, Plano was the town that the latest Superman film was shot in. Plano is Smallville, and it’s pretty accurate. No more boring or average town I know of.

  • i1776

    Too late we already replaced you Remington, it’s called a “Larue”.

  • Holy smokes. Any sign of that ACR?

    • There is supposed to be one. Maybe they plan on posting it later?

      • It would be a huge deal for Canada if that was the case. Our regular ACRs have a dedicated following. Get a proper defense grade unit and people would be slinging money into custom conversion kits and extended barrels.

  • Shayne

    Cerberus (3 Headed Dog from Hell) Holding just milking what used to be a good firearms name into the ground. It is so easy to see when bankers are running a firearms business and when said bankers are treating a company like their personal piggy bank (siphoning money off the company to lower profits). R.I.P. Remington, Bushmaster, etc… hopefully when the bankers are done with your husk of a body and they sale off the assets someone who shots will buy you (name is so trashed now I doubt it).

  • They are still moving south so I expect some rough spots but they have gotten better since last year.

    • AC11

      Phil, the “rough spots” appeared before last year. Some say once they were purchased by the Freedom Group.

  • kagami

    Just looking at the website, the standard non piston/non monolithic upper comes with a melonite barrel, Geissele trigger, H2 buffer, and a lower with ambi bolt/mag catch and some other nice things. Sure it’s another AR15 but to say that its the same as any mil-spec stock AR15 you can get off the shelf is a bit off. Of course the actual street price will determine whether or not it’s worth it.

    And no, Remington Defense and Remington’s Commercial line are completely different in terms of development, production, and QC.

  • greasyjohn

    I.E. the contracts didn’t come in.

  • hkguns

    In before the recall…………

  • lifetimearearesident

    Yawn. Remington is a bit late to the party – No?

  • sometrend

    cerberus has completely destroyed the remington name…along with the rest of the once good names now in their holding. i`m all set, I won`t be buying anything else from them. the 1895 I bought a couple years ago pretty much cured me

  • Leigh Rich

    Aint a 50BMG

  • It wasn’t me

    Some butt hurt Colt fans in here I see.

  • marcus johannes

    I would agree with that assesment , The civilian version of the Colt M4 the 6920 is not the best AR for the price , Not as good as the Colt Name used to be , Same with Bushmaster , The new Bushmaster made in Illion ,NY is far too expensive and the quality is bad , I payed $260 less for my Windham Weaponry SRC and it is much better made and top shelf in every respect , The Windham will eat , Digest and Deficate hundreds of rounds of Russian Steel Case without cleaning or a single jam , The Colt or Bushmaster will not