Aero Precision’s “Ghost Gun” Lower Receiver

Many of us will remember Senator De Leon’s infamous press release about the scourge of what he calls “Ghost Guns”. For those who missed this gem, here is a video.



Aero Precision took this and ran with it. They made a humorous lower receiver dubbed the “ghost gun” special edition.


The lower has unique safety/Selector markings. Safe is “[D]” (for Democrat), Fire is “.30 Caliber Clip”, and full auto is “/half sec”


They are up for sale for a limited time. They are charging $105 shipped to your FFL. Go to their website for more information.

Nicholas C

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Better than yesterday’s novelty AR lower, but is this the type of news to be expected now?

    • MrEllis

      Click throughs rule the world!

      • JumpIf NotZero

        That makes me sad.

        • MrEllis

          If it gets bad enough I’ll just move on. As it stands I usually guide people here that are interest in firearms but not into the politics of it all.

  • Black_Viper

    Sure, the senator made a mockery of himself to those in the gun world, but those who arent are now terrified and want to ban the ghost gun with 30cal bullet magazines. They don’t care about facts, frightening words scare the kids, they must ban them!

  • go4it

    “Aero Precision’s “Ghost Gun” Lower Recevier”

    Really? “Recevier”? The author turned off his spell-check? What an idiot!!!!! It’s “Receiver” you vontz!!!!!

  • An Interested Person

    Much outdated. This was last year`s news. Maybe review some reloading systems instead?

  • Rick

    shoulda made it in white. for extra ghostliness.

    • Mike


  • Andrew Hobby

    I think the irony of producing a serialized “ghost gun” is lost on Aero.

    • law-abiding-citizen

      Yeah. They should have made it in an 80% version.

      • lucusloc


  • MrEllis

    Yeah, we all hate guns.

  • uisconfruzed

    +1, They got me laughing with this one

  • Joel

    This seems to be threading pretty close to politics…..

  • Grindstone50k

    Throw a Pac-man pixel ghost on the side and we’ll talk…

  • camper

    Too bad it doesn’t come in Blue for Democrat. . Cause we all know black and camo makes guns more deadly.

  • abowden

    should have had ghost busters logo (or something similar) and been an 80%

  • Lyle

    I believe the idiot’s phrase was “thirty magazine clip”, not “.30 caliber clip”. I don’t believe the idiot Democrat would have known what “thirty caliber” meant, nor “magazine” nor “clip”. It came out “thirty magazine clip” as a failed attempt to sound knowledgable at something.

    By the way, since “caliber” means the approximate bore diameter in hundredths of an inch, 30 caliber is common, and .30 caliber (with a decimal point inexplicably inserted in front of the 30) would be smaller than any known firearm bore. Just sayin’. We’ve all done it, but it’s dumb. And so the moral to the story is that although a Democrats be fascinatingly ignorant, and Republicans too, even normal people do dumb things on occasion.

    A now disused expression of caliber, used in the 19th century and earlier, was as a fraction; “44/100ths”. See? Putting a decimal in front of the 44 would reduce the bore size by two orders of magnitude. “.44/100ths” is 44/10,000ths (forty four ten thousandths) which is 0.0044″ which is rather small.