IMI Defense MTR-16 Modular Training Rifle

IMI Training Rifle

IMI Defense showed the MTR-16 Modular Training Rifle at the recent IWA Outdoor Classics show held in Germany.

The MTR-16 is a training replica based on the M-16 rifle. It uses solid polymer blocks to form the barrel and receivers to both achieve M-16 details and prevent the chambering of any live ammunition. Various AR-15/M-16 furniture can be attached to the MTR-16 for an accurate reproduction of the gun the shooter is intended to use.

Various barrel lengths and polymer colors are available.

From IMI Defense:

The IMI Defense Modular Training Rifle is a highly detailed replica of the M16 platform. It is the first of its kind to allow almost complete modularity while staying 100% inert.

Made of changeable high impact metal reinforced solid polymer blocks that allow the user to configure to their specification and requirements, change barrel lengths, mount and operate their own furniture and accessories like they would on the real rifle and simulate magazine change.

Available in different colors for safety, simulation and easy identification.

Whether it’s for tactical training, technical drills, exhibition, engineering needs or any other purpose – the IMI Defense MTR16 is a firearm simulator that does it safe and does it smart!

•    Safer than a toy – 100% completely inert – will not fire a round
•    Made of high impact polymer compound
•    Metal insert in Receiver block and barrels for weight simulation
and additional structural reinforcement
•    Different changeable barrel lengths and profiles – Carbine, Mid-size, Rifle length,
10.5’’ commando
•    Simulation magazine included
•    Available in different colors – Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
•    Interfaces with all AR accessories – stocks, grips, sights,
handguards, magazines etc.
•    Patent Pending.

Richard Johnson

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    So… Blue gun that you can swap parts around. These fire nothing right, not UTM or airsoft? I’m not sure who had the idea to use red instead of blue, but OK.

    • Joe Schmoe

      In the IDF, the chamber clear safety equipment is all bright orange, so this may be from that.

  • noob

    hmm so you can do stoppage drills, manipulate any of the controls or dry fire it.

    I guess it is for practicing things like movement inside buildings?

    • dan citizen

      “you can do stoppage drills, manipulate any of the controls or dry fire it”

      I don’t think it can do any of those things, may have read it wrong.

      • noob

        whoops! I meant to say “cannot” not can.

        the whole inside is solid it seems, and the charging handle doesn’t move.

        • dan citizen

          That makes sense, I thought I misread something.

          I guess moving around and such would be a niche for it, stuff where you wouldn’t want to break a more expensive tool.

  • dan citizen

    Soon to be banned in california…

  • Vitsaus

    Some fly by night McTactical “training” schools will buy them I’m sure and let balding middle aged overweight guys jump out of 4x4s with them.