Emtan MZ-15

emtan jungle

Emtan Karmiel Manufacturing Company showed their new line of MZ-15 rifles at the IWA Outdoor Classics exposition in Nuremberg.

The rifles appear to be similar with the wide range of commercially available AR-15 rifles in the US market. Emtan offers various barrel lengths from 11.5″ – 20″ plus a variety of finishes and other options. Additionally, customers can pick between upper/lower receivers that are machined (MZ-15B), forged (MZ-15F) or plastic (MZ-15P).

emtan ar15

All rifles appear to have 5.56 NATO chambers and 1:7″ twist barrels.

In this video, you see an Emtan representative put 300 rounds through one of their rifles:

Richard Johnson

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  • Mark

    Cool, just what I needed. Another AR15.

    • Chris22lr

      If You’d read and understood this article, You’d know that this is aimed at European market, where ARs are not available in US quantities – IWA is kind of German SHOT Show.
      Though it’s weird that they’re offering them with 1:7 barrel twist. 1:9 seems to be more popular in Old Continent. It also amazes me how similiar these guns are to Astra’s Guernica rifles. Before the Guernica series they were assembling guns from Vietnamese parts, so maybe now they’re working with Emtan?

      • AR-15s are actually available in Europe in at least the same quantities than in the United States, nowadays. We have our own manufacturers (we were forced to, after the Bush Administration imposed DSP-83 End-User Certificates for the export of US-made ARs to Europe and prices skyrocketed), and we have ARs made in China that have very little, if anything, to envy to the American ARs in terms of quality, only… they go for pennies.

  • sianmink

    What’s the deal with mounting the rear sight forward over the trigger instead of on the last rail notch? Or do their rails only go back that far?

    • anon

      Decrease in rear aperture size?

    • dan citizen

      more tactical

      This way if an enemy shoots off your rear sight you can put your spare on the rearmost notch.

    • Roe

      Faster acquisition.

  • dan citizen

    So it took them ten years to do what I have done a dozen times?

    Go to any gun shows and you could find a hundred different ARs and could exceed these specs in any category you choose, in any color you wanted from hello-kitty-pink to rhino-liner.

    I. am. not. impressed.

    • Joe Schmoe

      I think what they are selling is a complete part kit. In other words, there is no outside supplier for any part of the rifle, so everything is covered under their QA, which I guess you can’t get in most places.

      • dan citizen

        this is still decidedly unimpressive.

        • Joe Schmoe

          It doesn’t have to be, it just has to work. That’s what gets bought by militaries, not the latest gizmo.

          • dan citizen

            I am the last person who is entranced by “the latest gizmo”

            What I am not getting here is all the hype over what is a distinctly garden variety rifle. ARs are as common as ducks on water.

            This entire article could have been “AR completely built in Israel”

          • Joe Schmoe

            Again, it is a completely plain M-16, but one that every single part (according to the press release) is built in-house and undergoes the QA of said company.

            To be honest, I’m not sure how common this is, but I don’t assume it’s very widespread.

          • dan citizen

            Meh, not that important. QA of some flash in the pan startup does not impress me. It’s a solution to a problem that does not exist,

            I’m guessing this is designed as an embargo buster, in case the manufacturers country finds themselves unable to import weapons anymore.