ETS Group Teases Clear 9mm Glock Magazines

Recently on a teasing spree, ETS Group, known for their smoke magazines with a built-in coupler, has been teasing some new polymer Glock 9mm magazines. Designed to fit in standard Glocks, the magazines are shown to be Generation 4 compatible. Further, ETS is using standard Glock floor plates for easy accessory additions.

tn_3 Mags Profile

Expected MSRP is to be below $20. Count me interested, especially if these are in the translucent smoke color.


Details from their website: 

Coming This April!

Our new mags for the Glock 9mm will be made from the same material as our ground breaking AR15 mags. This material is strong enough to easily hold the rounds in position while being tough enough to handle any abuse you can throw at them. All while being transparent so you can quickly and easily see your round count and type. We have also made the mags compatible with all aftermarket floor plates for Glock mags. There will be more info and pictures coming as we finish up with our testing phase. Expected MSRP under $20.

tn_With Ammo 1

Nathan S

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  • Cheap, reliable 33rd magazines would be a huge win. I’m tired of paying $35 a mag for the Glock factory mags, and Magpul hasn’t announced their own 33rd’ers (yet!).

    • BattleshipGrey

      They also don’t readily advertise that they omitted round count witness holes. I’m thinking these will get me into stocking the 33 round mags since I can never justify the $35+ cost a piece.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Why do you need the witness holes when you can see the rounds?

        • BattleshipGrey

          LOL, I was talking about Magpul’s version.

  • Phillip Cooper

    I’m definitely interested. Just recently bought my first Glock, and will be needing mags.

    I thought Glock mags, though largely plastic, had aluminum backstraps? I’m almost certain I can see aluminum in the round indicator holes…

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      I, too, am curious how robust these magazines will be, because Glock mags are metal with a plastic sleeve.

      I’ve tried similar magazines on my AKs and they do not survive a fully loaded drop on a hard floor from shoulder height.

      I hope that is not why these are cheaper.

      • ETSgroup

        Nope not at all. We will be making these glock mags from the same material as our AR15 mags. Our AR mags can survive a fully loaded drop on the feedlips from 20 feet on concrete. The new glock mags will be able to handle any abuse you can throw at them.

        • Phillip Cooper

          I can break a mallet with a rubber hammer. Care to roll that back a little bit, or should I say “Challenge accepted!”? 😉

        • Hensley Beuron Garlington

          Thank you for responding!
          This kind of communicating tells us that you are aware of our concerns and listening to the market. Kudos!

    • Cymond

      Modern Glock magazines are fully metal lined. The first-gen Glock magazines weren’t, and I’ve read that they tended to swell & not drop free.

      Edit: stupid ‘smart’ phone autocorrect …

      • ETSgroup

        That is absolutely correct. But our cutting edge polymer can handle the stresses of this geometry without trouble. Our polymer has been thoroughly tested and has performed amazingly in our AR mags.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Will these fit any generation of G17?

  • Tiru Maru

    Need em in 40cal too.

  • Dracon1201

    Count me in! These would be great for a Sub2k

  • Cymond

    I’d try one for under $20.
    Sure, untested clear polymer mags might possibly have some issues, but I’d still buy one to test. If nothing else, it would be a cool novelty to have around.

    • ETSgroup

      We are confident that our advanced polymer will exceed your expectations. The polymer has been amazing in our AR mags.

  • Buff Snitt

    I’d buy a stack of these of these…if they came in 10mm.

    • ETSgroup

      As soon as these 9mm mags get off the ground, we will begin working on other calibers.

  • Geodkyt

    Hmmm… And I just bought a G19, and red spare mags…

    • Geodkyt

      “… and *need* spare…”

    • MR

      Weird, for the last few days, I’ve had an image of a gloss red Glock stuck in my head. Thinking I’m gonna have to invest in some Duracoat when I bring my baby home.

  • LoopyDupe

    I wonder how long it’ll be until someone drills windows in their frame to see their rounds remaining in an inserted mag?

  • Mike

    Please can we have a 9mm Glock mag the same dimension as the .40S&W 22 round magazine. I recon it should hold 26 rounds. I enjoy the 33 round mags, but they are too big to be practical .