Tristar’s New Viper G2 Shotgun Color

Tristar, a company whose main purpose is importing firearms and whose five-year shotgun warranty bears mentioning, is adding to their Viper G2 line. The semi-auto shotgun line already comes in black, silver, wood, and a variety of camouflage patterns, and with this new addition it’ll include bronze.


From Tristar:

“TriStar Arms has expanded its flagship line of Viper G2 shotguns with the addition of the all-new Viper G2 Bronze. Available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge, the new Viper G2 Bronze is a reliable semi-automatic shotgun that is ideal for target shooters and upland bird hunters.

The fit and finish of the Viper G2 Bronze have a classic feel, with a long-lasting Bronze Cerakote finished receiver and a stock and forearm made of high-grade Turkish walnut with cut checkering and semi-gloss finish.

The Viper G2 Bronze has a 3-inch chamber and a 5-round magazine tube. The barrel has a vent rib with matted sight plane. The Viper G2 Bronze also has a fiber optic front sight for fast and easy target acquisition. It comes with a removable choke system that uses Beretta®/Benelli® Mobile Threads. It includes three choke tubes (IC, M, F), choke box, and wrench. A shot plug is included with the firearm.

The 12 gauge version has a 28-inch barrel and weighs 6.8 pounds, while the 20 gauge version has a 26-inch barrel and weighs 6.2 pounds. Both models of the Viper G2 Bronze shotguns have an MSRP of $759.00 and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Like all TriStar shotguns, the Viper G2 Bronze was put through a 5000-round endurance test to ensure that it is a firearm TriStar customers can depend on.

TriStar Viper G2 Bronze Features:

Manual E-Z Load Magazine Cut-Off

Vent Rib w/ Matted Sight Plane

Fiber Optic Sight

5 Round Magazine- Shot Plug Included

Quick Shot Plug Removal

Chrome-lined Chamber and Barrel

High Grade Turkish Walnut

3 Beretta® Style Choke Tubes (IC, M, F)”

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  • Riot

    This is just an advert

    • AC11

      Agreed and a waste of bandwidth. I hope TFB at least got some $$$ for it. On a side note TriStar needs to get their story straight. I’ve contacted them on a few occasions regarding their shotguns and per their own people not all TriStar models get the 5000 round endurance test.

    • Coctomus

      Pretty much

  • Siu

    These are built on the Winchester SX3 action which is pretty reliable…factory QC is another thing though..

  • newstart2k

    I had literally just finished taking my Viper G2 Bronze 12ga out of the box when I read this article. The walnut is beautiful on my gun. The cerakote finish looks sharp as well. Time will tell how well it holds up.

    • AC11

      Is this your first TriStar shotgun?