New Swarovski EL Range Binoculars

Whether you’re hunting or zeroing your optics, Swarovski Optik North America’s new EL Range binoculars are designed to give you crystal clarity at longer ranges. Although the EL Range line itself is not new, it’s been redesigned for more natural ergonomics and an extensive accessory line. New offerings in 8×42 and 10×42 will be out in April of 2015, just in time for spring turkeys in many states.

From Swarovski:

“Improvements to the EL Range start with the development of the FieldPro package. The new easy to use rotating strap connector with a cord adapts perfectly to any movement using a bayonet catch that enables you to fit and switch the carrying strap and accessories quickly and silently. The redefined pressure point of the new, distinctive measurement button, helps measure the range accurately and comfortably even for extremely far away targets. The new Objective lens and eyepiece covers securely attach, while blending into the overall design of the body of the EL Range better. As a result of a more slip resistant design it allows easier use of the focusing wheel and diopter adjusting rings. Maximum stability is now achievable due to the rounded fins and additional thumb depressions, allowing longer observation time with less fatigue to the user.

The EL Range continues to be extremely lightweight and ergonomic, respectively, being the lightest in their class. The EL Range with its integrated electronics has a large field of view and impressive light transmission. The SWAROAIM technology allows measurements of key parameters such as angle and range to target as well as the corrected shooting distance.”

Take a look online:

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  • iksnilol

    Average American using Swarowski optics? That’s a good joke, comrade.

    • Thomas T Hodges

      I know, damn Australian commies, right?!

      • iksnilol

        I was thinking more how the Average Joe thinks that a scope shouldn’t be more expensive than the rifle (“It’s just a Mosin, I don’t want to spend half the rifles value on a scope”). So expecting Average Joes to buy Swarovskis is a bit amusing to me.

        The comrade part is just a tic that I usually remove but sometimes forget.

        • Thomas T Hodges

          Understood. They are seriously expensive. I bought some EL 10x42s back in 2010 or ’11 and the price increases since then are astounding.