Cut-Away M16 – Where Machines & Nail Polish Meet

Not content to showcase only the insides of an M2, Range Hot has posted pictures of a cut-away M-16, showcasing the entire internals of a short-barrel XM177 carbine. The rifle is fully cut-away showing all internal workings and is accentuated by a plethora of nail polish to showcase the individual components of the rifle.

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Nathan S.

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  • I have a thing for cutaways. It would be very cool to have a few around the shop as art/mechanical porn but they are often so expensive and very difficult and time consuming to make.

    • MR

      Likely still considered a “machine gun”, as well. Unless you’re an SOT, I can’t see cutting up an irreplaceable registered receiver.

      • I am.

        • MR

          I thought that might be the case. For the vast majority of us “Conventional Occupation Taxpayers”, even a Mac10 cut-away is out of reach.

  • Riot

    Not as exciting as the fifty cal but the highlighting is nice.

  • mosinman

    I wonder if it would fire if you change the barrel

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      I think if you fixed the barrel and front sight/gas block it would fire. PWS did a video on their website of a cutaway being fired.

  • Vitsaus

    BATFE considers this to be a 125% lower receiver

  • Joshua

    If I had the money I would have a wall of cutaways.

  • Noakes

    A little while ago, I would have thought this the coolest thing. Now I think “that poor gun.”

  • BattleshipGrey

    You weren’t kidding when you said a “plethora” of nail polish. If I were to take the time to make a cutaway though, I’d wipe away the excess polish and make sure it has a cleaner look to it.

  • Jonathan Ferguson

    That’s a Colt Model 733, not an XM177. Different muzzle device, & 1980s rather than 1960s.