Arid Products Shotgun Quick Detach Carrier (Q-DC)

Arid Products is working on a new style of shotgun side saddle. Rather than use a permanently installed side saddle or the nylon webbing made shotgun shell cards with velcro, they are making metal detachable side saddles with a quick detach base mounted to the receiver of a Reminington 870 shotgun. They do have plans to make them for Mossberg 500/590s as well.

ARid shell cards


They do not have a website yet and no projected MSRP. However you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.


Nicholas C

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  • Nolan

    Depending on the price I might want one… For my mossberg, that is.

    • Nicholas Chen

      This was on their facebook page.

      We currently cannot comment on what the MSRP will be for the Q-DC, there
      are too many variables associated with production costs at this time.
      Our plan is to have the Q-DC available in 12 gauge for the Remington 870
      and Mossberg 500/590. While we aren’t ruling out other calibers and
      models in the future, that’s where we are going to start.

  • anon

    What’s the point?

    • Nicholas Chen

      Variety. This is a more robust system that looks overly built solid. Compared to nylon gear shell cards with velcro, this system offers shooters another option. This can be said for any alternative product.

  • Chuck Haggard

    I have gotten to handle this kit during the development stages, it’s a VERY solid idea, one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” things. I will be buying at least two of these when they become available for the Mossberg 590s.

    • patrickiv

      Do you think it would work as well if it were made from a polymer, like the kind found in PMAGs?

      • Nicholas Chen

        I have yet to try it out in person. But i think it could be done. The problem with polymer is the high investment cost of making a mold. Compared to machining there is a much lower setup cost.

        • Machinegunnertim

          Once you get into high prodiction rates injection molding a polymer part is the way to go. Machining is the cheaper way to go for a shorter number of units.

  • Steve

    “…or the nylon webbing made shotgun shell cards with velcro…”

    Which works fantastic and is likely a fraction of the price of this beast…

    Vang Comp’s system can be built for around $25 if you don’t want to flat out buy it (buy a cheap Chinese side saddle and cannibalize the mounting plate then add as many Esstac-style shell cards as you want); having tried a number of different side saddle options, I haven’t really found any that compare.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      This. There is a far superior system that does not drop shells like rigidly mounted systems, let’s ignore that!

      • Nicholas Chen

        Not everyone wants a cheaper solution.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Yea, the velcro cards are only cheaper, lighter, more reliable, more versatile. Maybe you’re right and heavier proprietary rigid plates with a sharp bulking locking system are more desirable.