TFB writer and adventurer Claymore sent us this photo taken of him in the late 1970s …

This was taking during my try out for our SWAT team way back in early 1979. It was a Colt SP-1 very early AR-15 as you can see from the open prong flash hider.

If you look closely you can see the sling had a worn out slipping keeper so adapt, improvise, and overcome became the motto of the day and the result is the sling excess knotted around so the sling doesn’t slip.

Obviously I passed.

After training guerrillas in the mountains and jungles, I am sure a broken sling is nothing. Read about Claymore’s adventures here.



  • BattleshipGrey

    What else was required to pass besides shooting? Also, what city (or state if you’d rather not be too specific)?

    • claymore

      Physical, physical condition tests, psych tests, color blindness, job performance.

      • sultan of swing

        donut consumption, low IQ( see: Robert Jordan vs City of New London CT), incapacity to feel compassion for other humans.

        • Holy tolls Batman!!!

        • claymore

          Right your application got trash canned correct.

  • Hummina hummina, dat slab-sided retro look!

    • Vitsaus

      Indeed, to me, the most aesthetically satisfying variant of the M16.

  • I am a sucker for early AR-15s and seeing that thing is an SP1, before the era of rails, rounded handguards, birdcage flash hiders or even forward assists, makes me giddy and excited because, damn, I want one!

    • claymore

      I still have a new in the box one just like this put away for a rainy day LOL.

  • David

    Notice the lack of the forward assist. I own one of these as well.

    • claymore

      We must have fired ours several thousands of rounds each and never had a part fail and never used the forward assist.

  • Fruitbat44

    Funny but back then the M16/AR-15 looked pretty darn futuristic, these days those clean lines look, well, almost old-fashioned.

    Basically it’s almost strange to see a rifle not covered in rails and what-nots.

  • WFDT

    Nice SP1. I have one.

  • Bill

    I don’t know that they are SP1s, but some of the ARs that police departments are getting from the DOD to sarcasmon/militarize/sarcasmoff us are of the triangular hand guard Nam era ilk. The understanding I get from guys who get them is that you need three to build one that works, a lot like the HUMVEES and MRAPs we are getting

    • grunion

      Funny, nobody ever offered me any of those military tools. I mean if enforcement is offered the opportunity to acquire these items, shouldn’t I be afforded the same. At least if we acknowledge the Constitution of these United States. Does not look rosy for your average, hard working, family guy. Something very wrong is afoot and with a very uncertain outcome. The regular guy is just trying to pay his bills, feed his family and carry 4 deadbeats on top of all of it. The hell with it, dissolve the DHS, the Fed, the ATF and the IRS. We will be better off without ’em as they are costly, unnecessary, and do not even consider the pressure they put on the average citizen. The actuarial tables read like a horoscope. We are truly *#!!&%.

      • Bill

        Post your address and as an employee of a county government I will personally mail you, at my own cost, a square foot of aluminum foil that you can fold into the stylish hat of your choice.

        If you would like your own obsolete M16 which is likely older than your average officer, apply to your local police department, pass the written, psychological, medical, fitness, drug and polygraph tests, pass two oral board interviews, a background investigation, 500 to 1200 hours of training, a FTO sign-off, and then wait your turn. You can use that time to prepare complaints about what rough shape it is in. You may even get to ride in a surplus HUMVEE or MRAP, with an electrical system that’s incompatible with your agency’s electronics, and in the case of the MRAPs, if you are in a crash, you may be stuck, because your fire department may not have the equipment to extricate you. You also need your roads department to mark off which bridges don’t have the capacity for it to cross because it weighs so much. Don’t forget that the paint on the HUMVEES is toxic, so if your body and paint guy doesn’t know that and starts sanding, you have to have his shop decontaminated. And insist on the hardtop, the soft-tops are usually leaky and missing those straps that pass for doors, along with the seatbelts.

        Yeah, you’re truly ^&*%$#@$

      • MR

        Hate taxes? Hate regulations? Hate government?

        It’s Better In Somolia*
        (Paid for by the Somoli Economic Development Council and Pirates Looking for New Targets)

  • Bill

    And the SWAT try-out for the shield guy consists of two questions: how much can you benchpress, and, you aren’t very smart are you, for wanting to be the first one shot at or attacked by the drug lab guard mutt or hit the booby-trap initiator.

  • onthedew

    Must be a long time ago, no eye protection shooting lefty with no case deflector!

    • Bill

      There are a lot of deaf former firearms instructors who are now over the age of 70. The “smarter” ones would put empty cases in their ears, which given the lead, heavy metals and mercury content of cartridges, may have done more harm than good. And eye protection? Maybe Ray Ban aviators if it was sunny.

    • claymore

      Being lefty caused no problems other than a few cases bouncing off large mickey mouse type ear protectors.

      • errrrr

        Claymore, I too am a lefty for shooting a rifle only. I have shot 1,000’s of round threw a M16 with out a deflector. (was offered one) while I was in the Army and never had a casing hit me. In the sixties we trained on a M1 then on to the M14 and then we got theM16. I was afraid that the deflector would be a hindrance.

  • nadnerbus

    Man, how was anybody able to hit stuff without using the c-clamp grip? what a barbaric age.

    • Bill

      And no VFG! Inconceivable!

  • KestrelBike

    I love listening to music. I’m so glad I live in the age where hearing-protection is considered a must at this point.

    • claymore

      There are foam ear plugs in my ears.

      • KestrelBike

        Ohhhh ok I could not see those, thanks! Regardless, it was in no way a dig at you. I just feel bad for the troops/police/duty-types that were in before hearing-protection was to the point it is today.

        • claymore

          No problem they are very hard to see. I lost more of my hearing to working around running jet engines than gunfire so I know what you mean.

  • Don Ward

    Time to bring back ugly sweaters while firing ARs as the latest tacticool fashion!

    • KestrelBike

      CF can’t make anything ugly.

    • mrdakka

      I want that sweater; retrotacticool

  • That’s hard core…

    Shooting an AR left handed without a brass deflector?