Mike purchased his S&W M&P pistol, chambered in 9mm, a year ago and ended up selling it. He told me he now regrets the sale and is planning on buying another. Here are two more photos of the M&P he sold …



Thanks Mike.




  • BattleshipGrey

    Nice photos. With some of the more mainstream guns, it’s nice to have some focus on their lines and machining rather than a zoomed out photo. Because everyone has seen guns X, Y and Z as a whole, which then has to feature a well staged background instead.

  • Hokum

    What were the reasons behind that?

    • Tony

      I sold mine because of the trigger. I’m a Glock guy and to get a similar trigger would have cost over 200. It didn’t seem like a good investment.

  • claymore

    Great photography work.

  • Steve Martinovich

    I’ve no great love for 9mm but I’ve been thinking more and more about buying a S&W M&P…that carry and range package has been tempting me lately.

  • john

    All the M&P shields I’ve tried have been great. I personally like the 9mm because of the cost factor allowing for more training. The ballistics require a little better shot placement but what’s wrong with training for better shot placement?

  • Squirreltakular

    I love my full size M&P 9mm with Apex trigger.

    Only thing I can see replacing it is an FNX-9 or VP9.

    • Gern Blanston

      Those apex triggers are excellent! I have one on my m&p40c. And you are absolutely correct about the VP9 – only firearm I have ever went and purchased right after trying it…

      • Squirreltakular

        How’s the trigger on the VP9? I feel like I’ve spoiled myself by only using Apex and Geissele and 1911s.

        • Gern Blanston

          so far with 400ish rounds through it I have no plans to replace it – its very easily one of the best stock triggers out there

  • Gern Blanston

    Cool photos, the m&p pistol has some great lines to it – but -if you buy an HK VP9, you wont have any regret/remorse anymore about selling your m&p9… I love my m&p40c, m&p40 c.o.r.e. and other pistols I own but you have to try the VP9… I went and bought mine right after trying my friends. He did the same with his right after trying it at a gun store…. they’re amazing…

  • Dan Atwater

    Nice pictures, I like the shot of the slide serrations.

    It seems most of the time when people tell me they regret having sold a particular gun it’s because it later became collectible and went up in value (like Colt Pythons, HK P7s, etc). For me, the only gun I regret selling was a Taurus Gaucho (I know, a Taurus of all things), wish I could get that one back but they stopped making ’em.

  • Jeff

    WHY did mike sell the gun after almost just buying the gun?