Gun writer, photographer and Youtuber (FearandLoading Channel), Guy J Sagi sent us this photo of s .22 Umarex MP5. Guy did not realize he was photographing in the midst of poison ivy until it was pointed out by a colleague, fortunately for Guy he is not allergic. I on the other hand feel a rash coming on just looking at that photo.



  • FightFireJay

    I had to get a Prednisone steroid pack (cortico, not anabolic) just from reading the title and now I need a Solu-Medrol injection after reading the article.

    I have been hospitalized for poison oak. It has the same “active ingredient”, urushiol oils. Ironically, I have never broken a bone.

    • RICH

      I worked with a guy who was off work for about two weeks due to the ‘vile weed’. He was with his girlfriend in a state park, got a bit armorous and they later found out that they had their ‘passion’ overcome them in a bunch of poison ivy ! Teri actually spent a couple oo days in the hospital as she got the worst of it ! Just goes to show that you should be familiar with the stuff…….

      • FightFireJay

        My exposure was less fun. I got it as a wildland firefighter. We knew it was there, but had to cut/dig line through it anyway. A LOT less fun than your friends.

  • hikerguy

    I have been told by a doctor that when someone is NOT allergic to poison ivy there is the possibility of a problem in the immunity system. Don’t know if that is true or not, but anyway that pic is some great eye candy!

    • An Interested Person

      Not necessarily. I`m sure that someone out there has failed to show a reaction as a result of a lacking immune system, but saying that the lack of a reaction shows a lacking immune system is like saying that because I`m not allergic to peanuts, therefore my immune system is compromised.

      In actuality, I`m just not allergic to peanuts and my immune system works quite well.

      • Rick

        I heard of some lucky b@stards who aren’t allergic to mosquito bites.

        • King Bee

          I was OVERLY allergic to mosquito bites for the first two summers I worked in Alaska. Almost twenty years later and only a red spot marks where I was bit.

    • Ken

      It just means that the immune system is not going to overreact to exposure, just like how not everyone is allergic to insect stings. It doesn’t mean that the toxins are not affecting them or that their body isn’t actively working breaking them down.

      The more your body comes in contact with urushiol, the more allergic to it you become since your immune system learns to overreacts more and more, just like with bee stings.

  • KestrelBike

    Can we stop talking botany for a sec? Serious question: if someone wants to form 1 an mp5 pistol, who makes them besides TDM which I see go for about $3k on gun broker?. it is it possible to form 4 the SBR, are they at all available? Were those Turkish clones any good?

    • Jeff Smith

      NAT MIL is bringing them in from Pakistani Ordnance Factory (POF). I’ve heard they are decent. They are made on HK tooling under license from HK, so they should be decent. I’ve heard that quality with MP5 clones can be REALLY hit or miss. These seem to be pretty good. They also make a make a K variant that is almost identical to an SP89.

      • RICH

        Would this be in 9mm or .22 ?

        • Cymond
        • Jeff Smith

          As Cymond mentioned, they are 9mm. The price is pretty hard to beat for a reliable MP5 clone. The one downside that I’ve found is the finish. POF uses a pretty cheap finish that’s easily scratched. But the price is cheap enough that you could get the entire gun professionally cerakoted and still be nearly a grand under the next decent option for a MP5 clone with a finish that’s better than the original.

  • Rick

    as a child I was practically immune to this stuff. Now on the wrong side of 40, this stuff makes me itch like mad.

  • Blake

    “Leaves of three, not for me”
    “Leaves of four, eat some more”

  • Pete Sheppard

    Actually, that’s not poison ivy. Besides the three leaflets, poison ivy has opposing notches on the outside leaflets, like your hands do. I spend a good part of each summer locating and spraying the stuff as part of my lawn care business.

  • joethefatman

    I took a former brother in law fishing once and didn’t find out that we had been in the middle of a poison ivy patch until my sister called and said he was in the hospital. He was so swollen he couldn’t breathe. You’d think someone that is that allergic would know what the stuff looks like. I’m, as you can guess, not allergic and still have trouble knowing what it looks like.