Agencija Alan Croatian Pistols

Many of us have come across a particular Croatian pistol, the Springfield XD. After doing some research on Giorgio’s pictures from IDEX, I learned that Agencija Alan is also a manufacturer of the HS pistol.

You can see how similar they are to the Springfield XD pistols.



I can’t tell if these are manufactured by Alan Agencjia and then re-branded for Springfield a the XD pistol, but it is interesting to see the similarities.

Here is the website for the HS pistol.

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  • Menger40

    I did some googling, and my understanding is that Agencija Alan is an arm of the Croatian government that handles the import and export of military and police equipment. From what I’ve been reading, it doesn’t sound like they manufacture anything.

    • Nicholas Chen

      That would explain their website’s lack of information.

  • guest 340

    xd line by springfield started as the HS2000 imported by Hi-points MK Supply. No mystery as to why they look similar.

  • Raul

    Just to be clear; HS product is manufacturer of both HS series and XD.
    “Agencija Alan RH” is government owned company that deals with exports.

    So long story short: XD=HS

    • Savage


  • micmac80

    RH Alan is an intermediary goverment agency that handles military sales from a host of Croatian Companies anything from tank ,licence built Patria AMVs to HS pistols .

    Many countries have similar agencys that handle military sales and conected bussines related to offsets. Russian example Rosoboronexport

  • FightFireJay

    Does the top of the slide say “HS Produkt” just like every other XD/m/s ever made?

  • It always blew my mind people pay 500 for a Croatian pistol.

    • JLR84

      As opposed to Austrian, German, Swiss, or Italian?

      • All countries with wonderful industrial reputations for quality and precision compared to Croatia’s reputation for, idk being invaded.

        • Dan

          And Germany and Italy have not? You know what? Ah nevermind not worth it to continue this..

        • Darko

          Did you mean “occupied” instead of “invaded”? If yes, then the last time was in WWII along with, idk, the rest of Europe.
          If no, then it would be 15 years ago and we (more or less) succesfully dealt with it.
          As far as industrial reputation goes, croatian companies did work all over the world. Unfortunately, the war and politicians after the war ruined the succesful companies.

        • javierjuanmanuel

          Well they were a bit behind much of western europe but it was politics, not the skill of the people.

          You can take nice CNC machines anywhere these days. Nice machines, half way decent training, good materials, and doing this based on establishef design principals that are 40-100 years old, well you could make top quality guns anywhere that has friendly laws and fair export laws.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      People pay thousands for plastic chinese stuff. Whats your point. Its not a state run armory, being in say italy does not impart magic qualities on a firearm.

      $500 is basically the going rate for poly frame, high quality steel, nicely finished double stack handgun.

      People pay full price for mexican made cars.

      Same thing

  • toms

    what ever happened to the rumor of HS rifles being imported?

  • USMC03Vet

    Where is the grip zone?

  • gunslinger

    looks like a glock…