Universal Picatinny Phone Mount From Targetvision

phone mount

TargetVision is now selling something they call the Universal Picatinny Phone Mount. This aluminum device allows a shooter to mount an iPhone or similar device to a gun for the purposes of recording photos and/or video.

The unit allows a great deal of flexibility in the size of device it holds. Additionally, a ball head allows for nearly infinite adjustments to get the angle you want.

phone mount

The unit weighs 0.3 pounds and sticks out about 4.75 inches from the side of the firearm.

The MSRP is $150.

TargetVision also sells a portable target changer and wireless target camera.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Justin Low

    Throw on a seek thermal device and night hog hunting just became very affordable (might take a bit of practice though)

  • smart devices for dumb people

    ahahaha your obsolescence planned “smart device” is not suited to withstand a 3ft fall on a rug and you think it will absorb the recoil of anything stronger than a 30-30 with ease…

  • M

    You know, a gopro hero is ~130 and a pictatinny mount for it is about 10$…. might as well have a discrete video camera you can use for things other than shooting than a mount.

    • Phil Ossiferz Stone

      Or around corners. Annie Oakley, eat yer heart out!

    • Badwolf

      ….but…but…this is universal

    • Nope

      Video camera that is better suited for shock absorbsion but is usually fitted with a wide FOV fisheye lens and no zoom.
      Still better than an I’maphoney or a Sag sing, wich as stated before aren’t excactly fit for the job, I’ve seen broken touchscreen because of roadbumps on a motorcycle dashboard (I used to work in a phone shop).
      Have fun shooting your 30-06 with your new 600+USD micro laptop googling device straped on it, the shockwawe wil do nothing good usually your cpu will starts to have microfreezes until its death one month later…
      Hell I’ve seen a cracked screen because one customer kept its phone against his keys while driving his tractor… those think are made for you to pay up, get a blackberr or any non touchscreen smartphone…

  • Full Name

    $150? I’ll stay with the stick-and-duct-tape method. Lifelong battle with cheapbastardism, you know.

    • Ethan

      The struggle is real…

  • Ethan

    So China can make a universal dashboard mount for a phone for $13, but it takes $150 to make one that clips on a PIC rail? Sorry, but I’m calling BS on that.

  • Don Ward

    Can I get one to hold mount my selfie stick as well? Cuz everyone needs updates of how awesome I look shooting.

    • SilverState

      It’s a rifle-mounted selfie stick.

      • Riot

        its a selfie boomstick

  • jeff k

    150? wtf i can buy a gopro for that

  • USMC03Vet

    I’d use it to check TFB at the range instead.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I know that’s a RAM Mount X-Grip because I sell them for motorcycles at work. TargetVision does state that the part is the X-Grip. I’ve been hoping RAM would come out with a rail clamp because their stuff is actually very good, especially considering it’s not overpriced. The X-Grip alone (you can buy each part by itself from them) is $25, the handlebar mount I’m always selling is $55. If they could put a RAM ball on a rail I’d go for it.