Brian, a photographer and graphic artist, sent us this nifty photo of his AK47 Yugo Zastava N-PAP. He is using a Midwest Industries optics mount with a Vortex Strikefire scope. Thanks Brian.



  • Jolly

    Nice pic. I have the same rifle and red dot, my wood isn’t nearly as nice though.

  • Riot

    Nice looking grip.

  • toms

    The wood on these rifles looks nice. Something appealing about a clean wood stock on an AK. I’ve always wanted a burled walnut AAA claro AK for some sick reason.


    I find the MI siderail mount a tad sexy for 30mm setups. Anyone having issues with it holding zero or flexing (out of zero) during hard use?
    I’m still not trusting the various dustcover setups (although the Zenit Railed Dust Cover B33 looks promising). Any haters?

    • M

      IIRC the lowest and most ideal mount for the PAP series is the RSRegulate 310 mount

  • USMC03Vet

    *AK47 in space*

  • MrDakka

    Can anyone ID the siderail mount and optic?

    • Anonymous

      Article lists it as a Midwest Industries.

      • MrDakka

        Oh god that was stupid of me; I didn’t even the caption. Now off to spend my tax return 🙂

  • Sn SM

    Have one of the Russian side mount red dots on my N-PAP. A little
    heavy ? Yeah…but…VERY rugged and reliable. I understand a
    Kalashnikov is like that 😎

  • nam palou

    I have the same gun and scope mount but my mount wont slide that far forward, has a stop that catches the top edge of the at the rear of the mount. Makes using the optic impossible. Did he do some kind of mod?