Lyman Ammo Tracker Chronograph

Lyman Chronograph

Lyman Products will introduce a new chronograph in May. The new Ammo Tracker chronograph will offer a user-friendly remote interface that (I hope) will set a new standard.

The remote has a large LCD screen that displays shot data including a running velocity average, high shots, low shots, extreme spread and standard deviation. Not only can you glance down and get up to the shot information, when you are done, you can copy all of the information to your notebook without having to page through multiple screens. The interface is attached to the screens by a wire.

Lyman Chronograph

The unit operates on a single 9v battery. The base of the unit has standard 1/4×20 threads for mounting on any tripod. The MSRP is $159.95.

Richard Johnson

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  • Julio

    Caldwell have one already that links to your mobile phone and uses a free app to display and store the info. There is also a big (if basic) display on the rear of the chrono unit. What does the Lyman unit do better?

    • TFB Reader


  • gunslinger

    when i see chronograph i think stopwatches.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Does anyone still want shade/shadow chronos!?! Compared to the magneto speed and eventually the Labradar (saw a demo and was impressed) who would want one of these, too many issues with variable conditions.

    The magnetospeed3 seems superior in every way, oh price, I forgot people are super cheap.

    • Special Ed

      Dude, you need to buy an umbrella for your Cheerios.

      …And maybe switch to decaf.

    • Julio

      Price. But it’s not worth being cheap. The Magnetospeed is more than worth the extra.