3600 Yard (2 Mile) Shot With HCR .375 CheyTac

Last year I posted an article about Bill Carter hitting a target 2.07 miles away with a 375 Cheytac.

Well someone else did it too and they have a video of it. Damn fine shooting.

On September 28th, 2014 a team from Hill Country Rifles joined with expert instructors from FTW Ranch to attempt a 3600 yard shot onto a 36” steel target. At more than 2 miles, it will take the bullet a full 7.2 seconds to reach the target.

New Jersey native Jim Spinella is not a stranger to long distance shooting, but this shot would be a new personal record. One that few would ever consider attempting.

Rifle: Hill Country Rifles Custom 375 CheyTac

Optics: Schmidt & Bender 5-25X56mm PM-2 scope

Distance: 3606.41 Yards (2.049 Miles)

Target: 36” circular steel plate

Altitude: 2000 ft.

Temp: 70 degrees

Elevation: 60.2 mil (26.8 in rail, 22.6 in turret, 10.8 hold over)

Windage: 3.5 mil left

Wind calls by FTW instructor Doug Prichard.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • USMC03Vet

    Clearly an aimbot.

    • Patrick R.



  • Bill

    great shooting, I couldn’t do it, but how many misses do you get before it doesn’t really count, or you call it practice? Did they wait between shots for the bore/barrel to cool to the ambient temperature?

    That’s probably unfair of me, given that the weather 2 miles away may be completely different, but accounting for that is part of the fun.

    • John Yossarian

      2 sighter shots is less than snipers have taken on their “longest confirmed kills”. This was a phenomenal achievement!

      • micmac80

        Guys say they sent couple of dozen shots down range before scoring hits on the gong

      • Bill

        I know you can get away with that when you are tasked with destroying material, but any human target who gives you two “sighter shots” and stays in the same zip code is probably suicidal to begin with. It’s great shooting, and I don’t know a thing about long range competition, but if that’s what this is about, there needs to be a classification for cold-bore, first round hits, particularly on a target that isn’t near the dimensions of a human.

        Again, I don’t know if this is some type of sporting competition, but at work, you dial in your rifle well prior to hitting the field.

      • John1943

        How many sighter shots can one take in combat before the target realizes things right next to him are exploding and takes cover?

        Don’t Marine snipers say “one shot – one kill?”

        • CommonSense23

          You might want to look up all the long range records for combat. Pretty much every one past 1600 yards was multiple shots. The whole one shot one kill is a pretty much one of those things that sounds cool, but not really relevant anymore.

          • John1943

            Not surprised whatsoever, and I am highly impressed with such kills. I guess that at that range the target probably doesn’t notice the gunshot, doesn’t associate the shot with him, maybe the bullet whistles past unnoticed and so on. If the bullet chips the wall right by his head or chest, different circumstances, I imagine. Some people read a small statement, inflate it way beyond what was intended, and then attack the meaning that was not meant.

            All I meant was that I doubt that any sniper, at any range, can rely on potshot after potshot while the target hangs around, though I must admit that I have had long range rabbits wait for my second shot (silenced .22 in England).

          • CommonSense23

            I remember being taught the max range we can guarantee a shot was 600 yards under fair conditions. This was taught at the Sniper School I attended. The head instructor was the one who summed up the one shot one kill is pretty much a fantasy these days.

  • Julio

    Very surprised to see no sign of an anti-cant device. Then again, editing an outing like that down to 3 minutes or so leaves plenty to the imagination.

  • Spidouz

    Somehow I’m even more impressed he only used a 25x scope. I mean, can we even see the target at this distance?

    • Nicks87

      The reticle moves around less with the lower powered scopes, not that I consider 25x a low powered scope but vs 50x there will be less noticeable bounce. Viewing images through high magnification optics can result in a mirage that can obscure the target on a hot day as well.

      • Spidouz

        Thanks for the explication but I know all of that. I’m shooting with 15x, 25x, 32x, 36x and 40x all the time, so yeah I know the difference and how scopes work. You probably just miss my point. Let me rephrase then. Can you shoot a dime at 100 yards with iron sight, regardless how thin your front post could be?

        • Nicks87

          A lot of long range work is being done with 5-25x power optics these days. I’m not really sure what point you are trying to make with your comments but you are coming off as ignorant and rude. By the way, yes, I can hit a quarter at 100 yards with open sights, I can put 3 shots on a quarter at 100 yards with open sights but I’m still not sure how that relates to shooting extreme long distance. Many more factors involved than just the thickness of the reticle or the magnification.

    • iksnilol

      Only 25x?

      Can you shoot at 130 meters without magnification? Then with 25x magnification you shouldn’t have a problem with 3300 meters (3600 yards) in regards to magnification.

      • Spidouz

        As much as I love math, it’s not only working like that. Otherwise, just use a 50x scope and shoot at 6600 meters. Also, can you shoot a dime at 130m without magnification?

        • iksnilol

          In regards to what you can see, it is pretty straight forward. In regards to how the bullet flies, then you are right.

          If you can see a car at 100 meters without magnification. With 25x magnification at 2500 meters the same car will be the same size when looking at it through the scope.

          • Spidouz

            Therefor you have few things to learn about scopes my friends. Enough said, have a nice day 😉

          • iksnilol

            Why call it 25x magnification if it doesn’t magnify 25 times?

            Also, would appreciate sources for more info.

          • Spidouz

            You don’t get the point and I have no time to start to explain optics on a blog comment section. Sorry! So I can’t help you if you don’t get it. But there’s plenty of educational information already out there. So, just do some search my friends… or not, I don’t care.

            Also, glass or not, you also missed my point of shooting a 36″ at 3,600 yards is like shooting a 1″ at 100 yards.

            So, remove the glass part of the equation, and let me know if you can see and shoot a quarter coin at 100 yards using iron sight (regardless how thin your front post could be)? Shooting sub-moa is not that hard if you’re a good shooter with proper equipment, but seeing sub-moa target is another story.

            But the best part? You don’t have to believe me. Next time at the range, just put a quarter size (or 1″ sticker) downrange at 100 yards with no other target visual references, and try to shoot it using iron sight only and let me know how it works for you 🙂

            I don’t have time for more internet debate, so I’m done here. Have a nice day, bye 🙂

          • iksnilol

            Yes, I can shoot a quarter. And one day I will prove it, it is just that I won’t be able to shoot in a while due to school and drivers license. Also, you are failing a bit if you are using a front post for your irons. Diopters is where it’s at (though they depend on you being good at visualizing).

            Also, I never said that shooting at 3300 meters is as easy as shooting at 100 meters. I just said that no magnification at 100 meters is the same as 25x magnification at 2500 meters in regards to how well you can see your target. If your eyes aren’t up for it I would recommend glasses.

          • Spidouz

            LOL, yeah, even blindfold I’m sure… God I love internet warriors that can do so much stuff from what they claim on the internet. Too bad I never really met them in real life and real shooting situation… where they always find an excuse why it didn’t go as well. So, make a video and prove it or it never happen… but in the exact conditions I’m describing here.

            But once again, you just proved you didn’t get the point of my comment about front post. Let me know how it works to have a diopter reticle on a scope. (I’m sure you won’t even get this comment, LOL).

            Sir, you might be a good shooter, but you still have plenty to learn; so don’t embarrass yourself and don’t bother to comment any reply. Try first to understand my “front post on a quarter at 100 yards” comment… I’m sure it will help you a lot. Bye now!

          • John1943

            I understand you posts and agree, although I make no claims to be more than an average shooter. It is wonderful though how high school kids think they know everything!

          • Spidouz

            Yeah, arrogance of the youth that know it all. Sometimes it can really gets annoying and we should find a “mute” button like we can on Youtube (I haven’t find it yet on Disqus).

            You know, I’m shooting for 30+ years with 7+ years in the Military (some of them as firearms basics officer/instructor), and I still call myself an “average shooter” 😉

          • Remmy700P

            The only arrogance I see on here is you Spidouz. Talk about an “internet know-it-all”…

          • Spidouz

            So it’s good I’m still young then… LOL

          • stormfriend

            Spidouz, you are obviously very well read. And it is to your credit that you retain so much of what you read; and can apply these lessons through your keyboard. But I caution you, sometimes on the Internet your pretend skilll will be found out by someone who really is what you dream you are. At the distance we are discussing, you know nothing of trajectory and bullet flight. You would have learned that in long range school, but you’ve never been. And your false humility of “average shooter” is insulting. I will not speak of my skill or qualifications, but I am, even retired, not an average shooter. I am a hunter. The Marines trained me and paid me to kill. Be careful, boy. You are swimming with sharks.
            And for the record, you have never made a long distance shot. Period. I call bullshit.

          • John1943

            So, bullet flight, trajectory and wind make it easier at a distance? I think Spidoux is saying that the shot would be hard enough scaled down to 100 yards without the extra complications caused by those factors.

            I bow to your considerably greater experience and thank you for your service, but think your arrogance is misplaced.

          • stormfriend

            I’m not sure who said it, but it is only arrogance if you can’t back it up. It isn’t arrogance, son, I’m simply trying to teach. It is not “optics” or caliber, or whatever. If the man can’t make the shot, then all the rest is window dressing. And it isn’t about scale, either. You are reducing it to the lowest common denominator – and if that was the case, everyone with the proper equipment couple make the shot. And we know that isn’t true.
            We’re done here.. stormfriend

          • John1943

            It is arrogance, unless you can back up calling me “son.” Unless you are pushing 100 years old, that’s unlikely.

          • Spidouz

            Never claimed to be a long range shooter and surely not at this kind of distance (I’m not even sure I could easily find a range that long where I live). I think there’s only one that is 6 or 7 hours away.

            However, where I’m shooting there’s few precision shooters (including a Benchrest world champion shooter) and I’m doing some myself, therefor I know quite a bit about high precision, even at shorter distances, but I also know how much I still have to learn after all those years.

            And since I’m learning for long range shooting now, yeah, I do consider myself as an “average shooters”… mainly when compare to those top shooters (like in this video here and probably yourself in this regard). And this is not false humility, it’s just being quite honest to myself.

            Now if you ask me if I’m an “average shooter” regarding short to mid distance shooting and CQB distances, I’d tell you: No! I’m above than average. Once again, it’s just being honest and knowing what I know and capable of doing (and surely not to brag).

            As said, I was an officer that taught and instructed people that was paid to do that (short to mid distances). So I guess I should better know a little bit about it, right? But I never dream to be a (military) long range shooter or instructor (as wrote above “firearms basics”, and not “advanced long range”). Otherwise, you read me pretty wrong!

            And to be honest, my interest for long range shooting only came after I left the military, and from a sporting point of view, searching for something more exciting than Benchrest. So you got that part wrong. So, you can call me bullshit on anything you want, but not on that.

            Anyway, this whole thread is more time consuming that I like. I don’t have time for that kind of stuff. Let me find a way to mute/unsubscribe to the whole thread. Don’t get it wrong, but I have way better things to do.

            Have a nice day, bye!

          • Guest

            PS: The “Guest” thing is not to be anonymous, I’m plenty assuming my comments, I just don’t find a way to remove any notification for this specific thread (In Disqus it seems to be all or nothing). I’m out now…

          • Nicks87

            Why do you keep saying “bye” but you continue to return with your snarky comments? Grow up please.

          • iksnilol

            Not blindfolded, I need my eyes. I am not a keyboard or internet warrior. Not a warrior at all. Crazy and capable of hurting people? Sure. A warrior? No.

            I just shoot “old-school”. That is with a heavy bolt action rifle with quality ammo and diopter sights. Closest thing to it in your language would be what you call smallbore competition. It isn’t easy but it isn’t particularily hard. Just practice and make every shot count. The shots that go wrong, learn from them and don’t repeat the mistakes.

            Regarding front post: I don’t care how wide or thin the front post is since I don’t use one. I use a front and rear aperture kind of deal (hard to explain in this language). Just like you wouldn’t care about reliability of drum magazines if you use regular box mags. And you wouldn’t care about magazines at all if you use a belt fed gun.

            From your condenscending attitude I believe you are just one of those people who needs to feel superior to everyone else. So good day and all.

          • Spidouz

            I’m using a condescending attitude and tone when some kids over the internet keep commenting poop even after I told them two or three times in the row they don’t get the point. When someone wiser than me told me I don’t get the point, I tend to read again and try to understand what the other person try to explain me. But again, it’s probably something that just comes with maturity.

            The fact you keep insisting about using Diopters just show how little you understood on the whole thread so far. And yes, I know pretty well what diopters are; I own few of them and I can also easily have sub-moa result (from my old Carl Gustaf M63 or K31… but surely not with my current build, a Mosin-Nagant with Diopter, we’ll see). So no need to explain.

            However, what YOU don’t seem to understand is that people use Diopters because they’re definitely more accurate than regular front post sight. Why? One of the reason is that because they’re not blocking the target (just like some open crosshair scope). However open crosshair would induce way too much error for very long range shooting, therefor there’s a 99.99% of chance of the Schmidt & Bender scope this shooter was using here use a reticle with a central crosshair (even if it’s a more evolved reticle such the Mil-dot, P3L or P4L Fein, etc…).

            So, unless they’re now building new reticle that are 0.01 MOA thin (last time I use a Schmidt & Bender scope it wasn’t the case), at a VERY long range distance, your reticle lines can easily cover your target (or a part of it depending its size), just like a regular front post sight will cover your quarter coin at 100 yards.

            Shooting sub-moa (or even a target bull-eye) is easy when you have the whole target as aiming references. But if the only thing you have is a tiny quarter size target at 100 yards, you might have very hard time to shoot it with a regular front post iron sight…. just like it will be very difficult to see a 36″ target in the middle of nowhere 3,600 yards away, even with a 25x scope… even if it’s a real good scope with a very minimal visual aberrations due to the glass design and manufacturing.

            So yes sir, I might use a condescending attitude and tone when I read some poop comment over and over. So now, just try to digest what I wrote and try to understand it before you comment any further.

        • iksnilol

          As a matter of fact, pretty close. I shoot sub moa groups with an unscoped .22 LR at 100 meters.

  • Drapetomanius

    Low center of gravity on Jim, eh?

    This makes me want to get back into long range shooting but alas, W. Washington seems to have a dearth of long range facilities. It’s hard to find 100 yards of open ground here that aren’t being misused by golfers.

  • guest

    This is impressive, but not fair IMHO because as long as one keeps shooting after a miss, in virtually unchanged conditions, the target will be hit sooner or later. Here – assuming the editing was fair – it was 3 shots. I mean how many tries, from same position, in short time can qualify the “hit” being successful? How much of a “support group” around the shooter can be called fair? Looks to me this was more than a simple sniper spotter duo.
    Because even if one is no Jerry Mickulek, one can probably get a snub nose to hit a steel plate at 1000 yards sooner or later accident, and the sum total of such an “achievment” would not mean anything at all.
    That’s why there is a good reason for strict sniper qualifications where there are no unlimited tries and no limit on how much support one can get.
    Or how about this example: you shoot an IPSC stage. Then you get to shoot it as many times as you like and get to score the best time. This would waste the whole point of a competition.

    BTW for such ridiculously long shots one does not have to have a permanent canted mount setup with some half-a**ed custom rings. Era-Tac sells both fixed 20 moa mounts which are rock solid, and also adjustable moa mounts that are much more universal as far as range goes.

    • Aaron E

      Hitting a target that size at 2 miles is phenomenal! Even if these guys are professional or highly trained long distance shooters – which I’m sure they are. There are just an incredible number of variables at that range. Having a trained spotter help with wind, mirage, and actual bullet hits is very understandable. Trying to claim “virtually unchanged conditions” is what is “not fair”.
      Wind changes all the time, but not always in the same places along the trajectory, or in the same amounts, which makes a big difference over longer ranges. In addition, heat rise (mirage), can be more prevalent at different points along the trajector for the same reasons above. Each has an impact on the bullet in flight.
      If this was a 1000 yard shot I could see the yawn and “oh hum”, even though that is still an impressive distance to hit a target. To hit a 36″ target at over 2 miles is just plain impressive, especially since the longest confirmed military sniper kill is just 2707 yards by British Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison.

  • Some guy

    It’s a Schmidt Bender, their 25X is like a 40X of other brands, hell their 4-16 is good to a mile or better

  • CharlesKaye

    I’d be more impressed if he followed that hit up with a second hit. Otherwise, it could very well have just been luck.

  • John1943

    Whatever I appear to have said, let me be clear that I have the greatest respect for snipers trained to the USMC standards or beyond. An incredibly difficult job in most respects, one that very few can attain, and some of the most effective people on the battlefield.

    Thank you all for making our country safer.

  • Aaron E

    Sweet shot!