Teenager Finds 40+ Weapons In UK While Magnet Fishing

A 16-year-old engaging in magnet finishing(?) made quite the haul earlier this week. During his endeavors, he discovered a cache of 40 weapons including some incredible iconic designs.

But while combing Greylake on the Somerset Levels with a rope and a strong magnet tied to the end, he and a friend suddenly came across a 40-strong haul of terrifying weapons.

Among them were parts of a Nazi MG 42 light machine gun, which has a 600m killing range, and a Czech SA23 9mm submachine gun.

Histrionics about “killing range” of the weapons, sources for the Daily Mail have intimated that the cache could have been from the IRA during the Battle for Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately, all the weapons were extremely corroded and are being destroyed. Tis a shame that no one or any of the museums stepped in to restore any. The photo below looks like an original AR-10.

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Nathan S

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  • Kirk Newsted

    Given that its the UK, won’t be surprised if the kid gets arrested and charged with unlicensed possession of firearms.

    • Martin Grønsdal

      and caned

      • HenryV

        Corporal punishment has been illegal here for nearly 23 years.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Well, there’s yer problem!

        • Yellow Devil

          But if it’s “for the children”, then it’s ok.

        • Ryne Kilpatrick

          How long have kitchen utensils been restricted?

          • Roderick Lalley

            Ah go fork yourself !!! Spoon yourself too !!!

          • dan citizen

            And people said that anti gun laws would lead to further erosion of rights… Oh wait, that is what happened.

    • Ko I

      That was my exact reaction to this story.

    • Kurt Akemann

      Thankfully, the police over there had better sense than that. Actually, you’d be more likely to get charged with a crime over a find like that in the US, given the “anything for wins” attitude of some (but not all) federal prosecutors.

  • Roy

    I see a Browning 1919, at least two MP40 frames, and a Browning BAR in there too. Would love to have an SA23, I have parts to the SA26, but the 23 is 9mm and the 26 is 7.62×25. Great haul!

    • pbla4024

      And MG34 as well. And M1 Garand I think.

      • insertjjs

        and half of a M1928 Thompson, in the upper left corner of the 1st picture.
        Doesn’t really seem like much of a story since most of these look to have been demilled before dumping.

  • -X-

    I think I spot the barrel and shroud of a MAB 38A.

    • Rick

      A barrel shroud??

      Ooooh, noooooo!!

      • -X-

        Unless it’s gunk still left within from unearthing (which it also very well could be), no – both the barrel and shroud.

        • Rick

          OMG! OMG! OMG! Cordon off the area and call the bomb squad!

      • That’s the shoulder thing that goes up, for anyone who may not fully versed on the nomenclature.

        Nearly doubles the lethality, apparently.

        • Rick

          It could still be deadly; better call in EOD.

  • morokko

    OMG! Thankfully those horrible objects are so corroded and thus were unable to pounce at the innocent lad and cut his throat with their horrible sheet metal appendages. OMG! Especially this NAZI highpowered fully automatic high caliber machine gun looks mean and dangerous and just radiates with evil mind bending death rays. And it can kill children at 600 meter distance. And little kittens even at twice that range, especially if they are cute orange tabbies that can be easily spotted by the gunner! And to think that these war machines were likely planted there by devious papists! They should perform some kind of non racially offensive secular exorcism on that place of devilry. OMG! Britannia Demands Action! Britons never-never will be slaves! OMG!

    • Phillip Cooper

      Full marks. You have captured the essence of a Briton quite well. Pip-pip and cheery-o!

      • HenryV

        Some Britons. Not all.

        • Phillip Cooper

          My apologies. Surely, I meant to say “British Parliament member”.. 😉

          • HenryV


    • Ko I

      You forgot that, since the serial numbers had probably rusted off, they’re “Ghost Guns” now.

    • dan citizen

      “And it can kill children at 600 meter distance. And little kittens even at twice that range”

      You have to shoot kittens from a distance, if you’re close they will disarm you with their big eyes and playful antics…. Then feast on your unarmed remains.


    Note to ATF: See, you can lose all of your firearms in a boating accident.

  • sianmink

    I can hear the pants-wetting all the way over here.

  • Wetcoaster

    Those look too far corroded to be restorable anyway.

    • Phillip Cooper

      You might be surprised. I’ve been party to taking an old Olds Rocket engine that had set out in the weather for 30 years and literally looked like a lump of rust- no discernible fasteners visible-soaking it in a vinegar bath for a week, and finding perfectly serviceable heads and block with very minor pitting once all was washed away.

      Yes, an engine /= a firearm, but nonetheless, if these were in my possession I’d be throwing them in a soak to see what I had.

  • niko

    the should take a cue from the Balkans, they are way better at hiding thier weapons. probably just a myth but I have read/heard about oldtimers burying their arms and watering their lawn with motoroil (:

    • M

      Speaking of hiding weapons, I recall something happening in Northern Virginia with buried arms. Some guy tried to bury a huge amount of guns and ammo, including SBRs and machine guns in PVC pipes. The cache must have been massive because I recall they said they recovered like 60 pipes

      • Phillip Cooper

        You dropped this…


  • phuzz

    Given the eclectic collection, the IRA does sound like the most likely source of these weapons, although I’m not sure why they’d just dump them in a lake.
    My only other guess is maybe someone had a large illegal collection and this seemed like the best way to get rid of them (despite the sea being pretty close).

  • ghost

    Yep, those are terrifying.

  • Longrange Bob

    I see remnants of an AR-10, Mp-40’s, a Browning 19191A1, M1 Garand, MG-42. 1 of 2 things, either an IRA cache, or a collector who destroyed his collection rather than turning it over.

  • Fruitbat44

    Weird. I doubt if they were a collectors lot, unless they were all deactivated, since they would have had to have been licenced to someone, and full auto-weapons have been illegal to own in the UK long before the advent of the AR-10.
    I guess we’ll never know who dumped then, but speculation would for me lean towards someone who found them too hot to hang on to.

  • MountainKelly

    Yay let’s destroy more history! TERRIFYING WEAPONSSSS

  • Rick

    … a 40-strong haul of terrifying weapons.

    Limey, please. It hardly qualifies as scrap metal.

    (Are THESE the sons of the “Empire on which the sun never sets”??)

    • UCSPanther

      Unfortunately, yes.

      • Ren

        The Daily Mail (heck, most UK media) are pretty much tabloid trash that should be disregarded. The average random blog from anywhere is going to be more factual and contain less obvious spin than our mainstream media.

        Not sure how bad it is in the US, apparently not quite as terrible judging by the responses so far.

        • dan citizen

          The Firearm Blog is among the best, expect quality to drop the further from here you go.

          • Ren

            TFB is a pretty mixed bag to me, mostly since I can’t get all these new/reviewed shinies it teases me with.

            The analysis and anecdotal articles make up for it. Most of the time. 😀

    • Panzercat

      [b]600m KILLING RANGE[/b]

      • dan citizen

        I would dare to say that many allied troops found that out the hard way.

  • jamezb

    Ok, it the thing on the near right with the cylindrical receiver a .50 spotting rifle for a recoiless rifle?

  • kcb38

    Ooooh, terrifying

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Couldn’t that original AR10 receiver be restored? How stupid that they’d just destroy the stuff, it can’t even function. I can’t stand when people turn in cool stuff they find. It’s like a guy finds a shitload of gold and silver coins and his first thought is “hey, let’s jeopardize keeping any of this by alerting everyone.”

  • Echo5Charlie

    From the looks of it, most of these have already been cut in a way that they are not useable and the cutting was done “pre-dunk”.

  • Ezra Bristow

    Daily Mail is the worst… well no actually there are a lot more but they’re pretty bad. No museum would want any weapons on display that don’t conform with the “jolly hockeysticks, red telephone booths and happy golden villages fighting the Hun with Blitz spirit” image that they want to project. Know a builder who found a mint condition lend-lease Garand hidden in a grandfather clock with four clips of .30-06, he had to leave the house and wait for the police outside so he couldn’t be charged with posession.

  • ColaBox

    I wonder how long it took for one of the Brits to get the courage and touch one of them. Constable constable! I think that one looked at me angrily!

  • JJTX

    OH screwww you clowns and your ‘terrifying’ nonsense.

  • Joseph Ragsdale

    “…he and a friend suddenly came across a 40-strong haul of terrifying weapons…”

    I’m sure, after pulling each rusty hulk out of the water, the boys screamed in terror from those “terrifying weapons.” How can someone be terrified by an inanimate object?

    • FarmerB

      Well, sadly quite easily. Many Brits would be when fed a diet of this sort of coverage all their life. I know a couple of them that would basically faint if they saw any sort of firearm – to imagine the response would be compare it to you pulling a fresh human liver out of your refrigerator.

      • Joseph Ragsdale

        I may be repulsed, but not terrified. I may be terrified of the person who put the liver in my refrigerator, but not terrified of the liver itself. Being terrified of an inanimate object is not healthy human behavior.

  • The only thing terrifying here is the condition those guns are in.

  • Tom Currie

    The only really surprising thing is that the kid hasn’t been locked up for possession of unregistered weapons (yet!)

  • FarmerB

    Some of these comments are quite amusing. But, there’s a lesson here: a hint of the mainstream media theology on all matters relating to firearms in the UK.

    • Ren

      It’s the sensationalism sells approach. If there was a murder or a scandal on that day they would have applied the same type of rhetoric to that article.

      Not a firearm specific hatred per se, though they go heavy since very few people would complain about the articles tone. Guns are not embedded in our culture in the intense way the US has, making them a particulary easy target for hacks and polticos when they can’t find a real issue to make noise about. There’s a scattering of legal firearms around.

      The kid probably had a good time dredging them up and was sensible enough to turn them in. The penalty for illegal firearms is steep here.

  • An AR-10, neat!