Kalashnikov Concern, Tula, TsNIITochMash at IDEX

TFB’s IDEX 2015 coverage is courtesy of Giorgio, who traveled to Abu Dhabi for the show, and provided all photos and information.

Kalashnikov Concern, whose products are now forbidden fruit in the USA, was also present at IDEX, exhibiting a mix of old products and new. Interestingly, the Tula Arms Factory, as well as military technology research group TsNIITochMash also exhibited weapons there.


Kalashnikov Concern’s new slogan.



Unfortunately, all of the weapons pictured are almost totally unattainable in the United States.



While Kalashnikov Concern was exhibiting an AN-94, reportedly the rifle was just to show what Kalashnikov is capable of – there are no plans to resume production.


The Nikonov “blowback shifted pulse” rifle at IDEX 2015. This photo was the subject of a recent Picture of The Day article.



The Concern’s newest product: A balanced action Saiga based on the AK-107 with several upgrades, this one apparently lacking a safety lever. The company sought to export these to the USA before sanctions eliminated that possibility.



KC is getting into the factory IPSC gun game, starting with practical shooting ready semiautomatic Saiga shotguns.


At a booth combining KBP, Tula TOZ, and NPO High Precision Weapons JSC, there were exhibited numerous prototype and special purpose Russian weapons that have become very popular in Western media, but have remained physically very absent from Western markets.


The 9x21mm family, including silenced SR-1M pistol and SR-2M submachine gun, and their louder counterparts. The Russian 9x21mm round is a round designed to penetrate armor, and is different from the Israeli 9x21mm round. The SR-1M is short-recoil operated, with a locking block similar to a Beretta 92 or Walther P38.



The business end of a Kord .50 caliber man-portable machine gun, and the RGS-50M riot control weapon/grenade launcher in special 50mm caliber.



Very tactical looking KSO-9M 9mm “hunting carbine” mass mockups, with the equally non-functional MMG-PP1 mass mockup, and an air pistol lookalike.



The Big 9: SR-3M 9x39mm silent assault rifle, next to its pistol-caliber cousin.



More conventionally laid out SR-3M rifles. The bottom weapon has been decked out with huge… Tracts of rails.


KBP’s partition had a second helping of obscure Russian small arms, including a very interesting display of the ADS underwater rifle… Underwater:


Just taking a refreshing swim.



Lifting the lid raises the rifle for inspection. One of the most creative displays I’ve seen in some time.



The radical Pecheneg machine gun, combining the full-caliber PKM action with a fixed ram-air cooled barrel.



The OTs-38 silent revolver. It uses the 7.62mm SP-4 cartridge, which contains the pressure of firing inside itself using a piston assembly. Due to this, the rounds are sill under pressure after firing and can rupture with a violent “pop”.



The OTs-38 features a very interesting swing-out cylinder that opens around an axis orthogonal to its rotation.



Tula was displaying a wide variety of AS Val silent assault rifles and VSS Vintorez silent sniper rifles. In the upper right corner is also an AKS-74U, and in the lower left is an SR-3 Vikhr personal defense weapon. For such a specialized weapon, the VSS Vintorez has spawned an extensive family of weapons. The pistol in the lower right is a 7.62mm PSS silent selfloading pistol, firing the same ammunition as the OTs-38 revolver.




The VSS Vintorez and AS Val both come in a wide variety of color schemes.


A closeup of the PSS 7.62mm silent autoloading pistol.


Clockwise from top left: GSh-18 high-pressure capable 9x19mm rotating barrel handgun, OTs-38 7.62mm silent revolver, PP-2000 compact 9x19mm submachine gun, PP-90 9x18mm folding submachine gun.



Finally, specialized sniper weapons. Bottom to top, the OVS-96 12.7x108mm sniper rifle, the VKS 12.7mm silent sniper rifle, the MTs-116M multi-caliber sniper rifle, chambered in .308 Winchester, 7.62x54R, .300 Win Mag, or .338 Lapua Magnum, and the OTs-93 bullpup SVD marksman’s rifle, in 7.62x54R.


The VKS is the original platform for the Russian 12.7x55mm round, for which was recently produced the RSh-12 revolver that lays claim to the title of “most powerful production revolver in the world”. According to the representatives present, the RSh-12 is not just a one-off product, but is actually being produced and trialed by Russian special forces. It apparently uses a less powerful variety of 12.7x55mm, which does throw in doubt its claims about being the most powerful production revolver in the world. One can only speculate that the intended purpose is to breach doors or perhaps just for show. Interestingly, it can reportedly use a special barrel liner and cylinder to fire 9x19mm.


Thanks to Giorgio for the pictures and information.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at nathaniel.f@staff.thefirearmblog.com.


  • Kitsuneki

    So, no ASh-12?

  • Wow, that’s a lot of sexy rifles.

  • iksnilol

    The SR2MP is interesting, it is gas-operated. Together with a couple of other SMGs it is proof that Sig wasn’t the first with a gas-operated SMG (false advertising really annoys me).

    Was there any info regarding civilian VKS? I know I heard something about a civilian model in .338 Lapua.

    Also, interesting muzzle brake on the KSO-9 carbines. The KSO-9 looks interesting but it has too much weight (almost as heavy as a scoped Dragunov, the KSO weighs 4.3 kg).

    • I

      KSO-9 is based on “Kedr”, that was constructed by same person who constructed SVD — Evgeny Dragunov. So, it’s not weird, that it has same weight)

      • iksnilol

        It is weird. The Kedr weighs about 1.5 kg. The KSO-9 weighs 4.3, almost triple the weight. Did they install a bull barrel and double the bolt weight? I thought the point of pistol caliber carbines is that they are lightweight?

        • noguncontrol

          it looks like the Russians took a page from Masterpiece Arms, making rifle versions of their Kedr. it is like the Russian version of the Mac 10.

          • iksnilol

            I know, but it is so weird that it weighs almost 3 times as much. I mean, 28 cm (11 inch) of extra barrel can’t possibly weigh almost 3 kg. They must have made the receiver much heavier than it needs to be.

            If they could make a hunting version that doesn’t look scary at about 2.5 kg or less then they would have something nice. Would be especially nice in countries like Norway where .22 LR has arbitrary restrictions (can’t use .22 LR to hunt anything bigger than hare, but you can’t hunt hare with it). that restriction has made the Marlin Camp Carbine popular but they aren’t being made anymore.

    • Giolli Joker

      Civilian VKS?
      Probably you refer to the MTs-558, and most of the info I’ve read about it are actually in the comments of the article regarding the RSh-12 revolver (linked in this article).
      It wasn’t there and sadly a defense exhibition is not the best place to look for civilian products.

      • iksnilol

        You have a good point there, kinda silly to look for civilian weapons at a defense exhibiton.

        Yes, it is the MTs-558 I am interested in. Seems really interesting to me. I just hope it isn’t too heavy (or that I can shave off a lot of weight).

  • Riot

    ohh how I wish to be there, this huge selection of russian arms and the croatians are there too…..heaven

  • ManBear

    Wonder if they accept debit cards …

  • USMC03Vet

    This gave me the vapors.

  • mechamaster

    What I feel..

    • Giolli Joker

      Tell me about it… when I reached that area (bigger than in 2013) I was like a kid in Disney Land… when the rep spontaneously decided to let me handle the OTs-38 I was drooling on, I could barely contain the excitement.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Protecting Peace, haha.

    • noguncontrol

      from the jihadists.

  • Rich Guy

    I want that double stack poly framed makarov. Any info on it?

  • Plumbiphilious

    You used the word “orthagonal” in this article, and I’m mildly impressed. Kudos.

  • Dylan

    I never knew they stopped producing the AN-94, but that doesn’t supreme me that they did. Just too dang expensive to make and no one was really interested in it.

  • Axel

    I want a VSS Vintorez or AS VAL sooo bad.

  • Andrew Hobby

    Wow… the russians seem light-years ahead of us in suppressed small arms.

  • guest

    VSS/AS VAL with a S&B 1-8×24 on top and man… that would be one mean rifle.

  • ColaBox

    VSS Vintorez, AK12, Dragunov…Kalashnikov do you not want my money?

    • noguncontrol

      they do, but obama and the democruds dont.

  • Southpaw89

    I like that silent revolver, in theory it could be a way to have silent shooting without requiring a tax stamp, after all your not attaching a device to the gun that reduces its sound signature, its just a very quiet gun.

    • noguncontrol

      with the BATF, they will just make more evil decisions. pretty soon they will ban all civilian owned guns.

    • Giolli Joker

      I can’t really quote from an official source, but the rumors are that silent cartridges would each be considered NFA suppressor… so a full OTs-38 cylinder would carry a 1000$ in tax stamps.

  • noguncontrol

    one of the best articles on TFB ever!!! that said, if i were as rich as warren buffet i would own all of those guns and ammo!! and not just one of each!! Russian guns are some of the best in the world!!!!! those silenced guns are perfect for civilian use. no need for hearing protection during self defense scenarios.

    • noguncontrol

      and i love that light brown camo!!!! btw , what is that owl logo?

  • Esh325

    I wonder why KK isn’t marketing a select fire military version of their saiga mk 107? And where’s the ak12?

    • Giolli Joker

      AK-12 is being tested by their Army. I guess their focus now is in that direction.
      It might be that they expect the Army to require modifications so they’re waiting for the finalized, adopted version before marketing it.

  • Darren Hruska

    There still seems to be quite lot of confusing among the 12.7x55mm cartridge. There’s the subsonic “sniper” loadings (using bullets weighing almost 1,200 grains), and these are meant to be used in the VKS and the MTs-558. Then there’s the supersonic loadings that are used with the ASh-12 (bullets weighing as little as 108 grains). All of these loadings can be used with the RSh-12, but I’m sure it performs best with the shorter, supersonic variety (due to rifling likely). The supersonic loadings very likely produce higher muzzle energies than the subsonic ones, but the subsonic ones do have a very nifty sectional density (better energy retention over range likely). From the sounds of it, a supersonic load (not exactly sure what loading though) from the RSh-12 is almost 50% more powerful than the .500 S&W Magnum cartridge. That’s perhaps close to 4,500 foot-pounds of energy right there. Although, no official ballistic data have been given to the supersonic loads to my knowledge, and that’s just going from what I read via rough Google translations.